Theres no old coffee on our virtual shelves. We recommend using Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari for a better experience. 1. 1. This is a natural process coffee, dried with the fruit on the coffee seed. Might even like it more at medium. Enter your email address below to receive our free e-mail newsletter. For the final drying phase, the coffee is exposed to alternate warm and cold air every 12 hours until it reaches the desired moisture level. They are doing an amazing work! Andrew and Juca work with 35 year-round employees, many of whom grew up near the farm, choosing to return to Fazenda do Salto after finishing school. At Fazenda da Lagoa, coffee cultivation is much more than a business its a lifestyle. Only Arabica varieties such as Catua, Mundo Novo, Acay and Catuca have been selected and are grown in the plantation nursery according to strict sustainable principles. Recently, we have seen more quality-focused growers returning to the natural process and applying a new focus on quality to produce consistent and tasty results, like this Yellow Bourbon from the Dias Pereira family's award-winning Fazenda Serto in Carmo de Minas. Total brewing time is ~2:10-2:155. For the final drying phase, the coffee is exposed to intermittent warm and cold air every 12 hours until it reaches 11 percent moisture. In addition, the farm sponsors a primary school to worker's children and rural community which surrounds the farm. This is our secondyear working with our favorite Brazilian farm, Fazenda Esperanca, which is the perfect introduction to the most popular coffee in the world. Even with my rookie status, this made some good coffee! With its magnificent ecosystem and exceptional beauty, Fazenda da Lagoa heavily contributes to Brazils coffee history and reputation. One of my go to coffees. Its classic, mellow flavors are the result of a natural drying process, giving a unique depth to its quintessential Brazilian flavor profile. If you enjoy your coffee with a bit of milk or creamer, we suggest choosing a darker roast or a coffee with a heavier body. Once this Yellow Bourbon is harvested it is then placed in static boxes where the coffee is dried with for 12 hours using an anaerobic process as a pre-fermentation, after which cold air is then blown through the cherries for 4 days. This is one of my new favorites. Dried papaya, gardenia, bakers chocolate, fine musk, almond in aroma and cup. Now, to this bean. This Brazilian coffee rests 1,100 meters above sea level near Santo Antonio do Amparo, which is 170 kilometers southeast of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais province. The roots of Fazenda da Lagoa can be traced to the second half of the 18th century, when Portuguese settlers built a little chapel on the bank of the Amparo River and put up fences around an area that is todays farm. Very nutty and very good for the price!!! tiong stirling Customer was happy and I was happy duplicating the roast with a spare 1 lbs. Tasting Notes: Spanish peanuts, orange rind, chocolate, Region Minas Gerias- Nepomuceno Town, Brazil, Process Pulped natural and dried in the sun and mechanical driers, Mercantile / Roasting HQ217 N. Main Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104Wholesale (734)546-5558Mercantile (734)222-4514, Nebilyer Valley - Papua New Guinea Peaberry Green. Now you can try Fazenda Esperanca with Bean Bros from the 2019 harvest, and taste the magic of Brazilian coffee yourself. 7 coffee on Coffee Reviews list of the Top 30 Coffees of 2016. The luxury of receiving wonderful new tastes every month is priceless! Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais This coffee is wonderful for the price. $40 I'll definitely purchase this again. I roast it to a lighter side of medium. This coffee tied for the top rating in a test of natural-processed Brazil coffees conducted for Coffee Review's May 2016 tasting report. Fazenda Esperanca is a farm located in 1200 masl, making the harvest time late summer and the natural processing giving this variety its characteristic fruity flavour. In addition to fostering relationships between coffee buyers and smallholder farmers, the auction of the competition coffees supports a local community organization called Casa de Criana through premiums on the price of green coffee. Today, Carneiros direct descendant, Joaqum Paiva, is one of two managing directors on the farm. Try before you stock up with a 1/2lb sample!! Brazil's hot, humid climate lends itself to be the perfect place to grow coffee. The green beans are clean with very few rejects. All Rights Reserved. VARIETY Juicy, balanced acidity; creamy, nectar-like mouthfeel. Always excellent coffee and great service. I roast it just past first crack. Coffee from regions like Bahia or Minas Geras is slightly more heavy-bodied, with higher acidity, which makes them a great choice for espresso blends. I never tried it before, but now I have, as a medium roast, and found it to be a flavorful cup of coffee. PROCESS This is one of my favorite love the taste thank you CBC. Amongst the settlers was Manouel Ferreira Carneiro. I always buy on sale and this one was excellent. Fruity, Full Flavored, Low Acidity, Easy to Drink Light BodiedBrew. In 2019, Interamerican Coffee, with their parent company Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and Brazilian company HRNS started an annual competition to help the excellent smallholder farmers at Minas Gerais connect directly with coffee buyers abroad. Fazenda Vassouro comes to us from Camacho in Minas Gerais, in south central Brazil. I have the hardest time timing the cut off after / during second crack. Cherry and Orange, with a smooth praline and milk chocolate finish. I loved my Bean Bros package. I love the Ethiopian naturals, and this is really not anything like them but so good and a nice break as I continue chasing the blueberry. We ship freshly roasted speciality coffee worldwide. Good light roast. Price is per LB (16oz) None of that funky 12 oz bag stuff from us! Would buy again. I then dial it in to make a smooth and sweet Americano with an excellent long finish. With a staff of 35 employees, many of whom live, have grown up and work on Fazenda Salto, the Fazenda has a dedicated group with a rich knowledge of the land and plants. Decrease quantity for Brazil Fazenda Do Salto, Increase quantity for Brazil Fazenda Do Salto. Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout. Quick Facts. It starts off sweet with notes of tart fruit and finishes with a bittersweet, dark cocoa notes. The coffee is harvested mechanically, with the farm equipped with large drying patios, as well as 8 rotational and 8 static boxes for drying. I like dark roasts, so I take it into second crack before I start the cool cycle--about 18 or 19 minutes for these beans. I started at the source and based cost this coffee based on CBC and its cowboy community, as well as my own roasting research, roasting began. Smooth, low acidity and makes a great, consistent cup of coffee. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Our professional team carefully curates the very best coffees and, using years of experience to bring the most complex tasting profiles. I like to roast each type of bean separately and then blend the roasted beans. Natural and pulped-natural process coffees are standard in Brazil. I placed an order just as the ice was hitting them, UPS and all other shippers pulled their vehicles from the road, CBC's customer service has been amazing, you guys ROCK! Considering the large amounts of production, the price for Brazilian coffee is fair to the quality of the beans. Cupping notes: Well-rounded acidity, good body, pleasant sweetness, good complexity, soft nutty characteristics, chocolate notes. Be the first to review Brazil Fazenda Salto: Natural. It's smooth and light but has a nice medium- full body that doesn't take away from coffee for the sake of coffee mentality. Learn to brew a Chemex with our detailed Brew Guides! We are proud to partner again with Bean Belt Coffees and Jos Hiroiti Okuyama to offer another delicious Brazilian coffee for your enjoyment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is very clean and consistent. The coffee arrived safely and timely all the way in Maryland, USA. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call 212 206 0707 for assistance. Couldn't pass it up. In roasting with a Behmor it does great. After this it is the boxes are swapped over to be dried with warm air for a further 3 days. Roasting Schedule: All coffee orders placed online are roasted at the beginning of every month. FLAVOR NOTESSalted chocolate pretzel, trail mix, roasted pecan, COUNTRY The freshness of the coffee beans is what gives your coffee the specific delicious flavour. Region: So PauloProducer: Fazenda SaltoProcess: NaturalCupping Notes: Cherries, Orange, Praline and Milk ChocolateVariety: Yellow BourbonAltitude: 1,080 1,140m, Suitable for: Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press Great on its own, even better with milk. Your email address will not be published. Produced in a region of Minas Gerais, this coffee is typical for its rich, full-bodied citric flavours and fruity aromas. We deliver worldwide - we have coffee lovers from more than 50 countries! Usually, we are shipping out the day after roasting. Here, coffee is harvested mechanically, dried on 8 rotational machines and 8 static layer dryers, which maintain constant airflow with a combination of cold and warm air. I was in Brazil in October and was only able to purchase one bag of beans (already roasted) at the airport. Natural (Although the Behmor claims a capacity of 16 oz, I find that the beans roast unevenly; 12 works better for me.) Fazenda da Lagoa is situated 1,100 meters above sea level near the town of Santo Antonio do Amparo, about 170 kilometers southeast of Belo Horizonte in the province of Minas Gerais. 2nd final pour using controlled high flow rate circular pours keeping the brew bed high and brewer almost full until hitting weight 288g4. Typically, lighter roasts will not be able to handle milk. While Fazenda da Lagoa honors its 200-year-old coffee tradition, it is also known for its innovative farming approaches, which include modern agricultural techniques that are based on scientific research that's carried out on the farm and shared with the wider community. I'd order it again, but not yet, because I've got a lot of coffee to roast before I need more. Price is always right and my friends and family always ask for this roast! Adjust grind and water temp depending on coffee, roast and desired taste. By protecting healthy soils and rivers and producing sustainable coffee, Fazenda da Lagoa aims to be an inspiring partner to its neighboring rural communities. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Nope! Three days is even better. But, the coffee I tasted while in Brazil was decent every day, every place. I have tried other Brazilian beans from other suppliers but keep coming back to this one as my stand alone, go to bean. Fazenda Vassouro is produced by Waldir Batista Borges and his family in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Produced from trees of the Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo and Acaia varieties of Arabica. This ensures us of getting a superior product and being able to deliver this to you, the consumer at a very good price. The seemingly infinitely long cocoa-toned finish is resonant and deep, with lingering hints of dried papaya, gardenia and almond. Coffee is super complex and can be affected by alot of different things. away from free shipping! PRODUCER I like to let the beans rest for at least 2 days. You are WOW! This coffee is a consistently good cup of coffee. I've only roasted 30 or 40 small roasts in my short time as I try to find my "gotta have bean" this one makes the list of buy more. It appears your shopping cart is empty, but it doesnt have to be. We recommend starting with a 1:18 coffee-to-water ratio, which provides an excellent total extraction level and maximizes flavor pulled out of the ground coffee. Read More Your email address will not be published. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days. Visit or call 800-388-8400 for more information. I used a longer roast, raising the temp slower and the beans balanced. Bloom using 1:3 ratio or ~56g for 35s3. Jos Hiroiti Okuyama has a long history with coffee, developed from childhood when his parents immigrated to Brazil from Japan and developed a small coffee plot. Learn more about our coffee subscriptions. The purchase of this coffee supports the youth enrichment organization, "Casa de Criana. A quarter-century of obsession with quality, more than 15 years of sourcing great coffee the right way, and an authoritative point of view on how to elevate coffee make Intelligentsia a trusted partner on your coffee journey. Its a familiar and traditional farm that has introduced many updated farming techniques. Great for a morning brew through a drip or an aeropress. | Sitemap | About Us, Milk chocolate, nutty, grape, citrus; medium body, cools sweet. A balanced flavor profile creates a rich and sweet character that goes well for filter or espresso brewing. I highly recommend using Bean Bros! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This coffee was off the charts. You can try our Guest Roaster Subscription or browse our seasonal specialty coffee selection. Fazenda Salto has been a family of coffee producers for many generations, with Dr Fabio, a now retired Doctor as head of the family. Home / Coffee Bios / Brazil Fazenda da Lagoa. CBC ran a great sale on this bean. Tasting notes refer to the subtle reference to flavors that deviate from your standard idea of coffee.

There is a large amount of chaff produced during roasting, just a fair warning. We import this coffee from Interamerican Coffee. Great coffee and service take this to just before the 2 crack about 410 degrees I have yet to find anybody that dosen't like it. Cold air is utilized to dry the cherries for 4 days before switching to warm air for 3 additional days until the moisture content reaches 15 percent. Im fairly new at roasting and this is the best Ive roasted so far. I roasted these pretty dark, well into the second crack, using a drum based outdoor converted grille type roaster. First crack roast produces a very well balanced medium body coffee with good depth, low acidity an no lingering after tasted. Delicious cup! Get a weekly caffeine jolt from Coffee Bean Corral. That being said, Brazil is one of the highest coffee producing countries in the world. Jos acquired his first property in 1974, and since then has grown many award-winning coffees. We came to this coffee through that competition in 2020 and chose this coffee from the finalists.

The espresso is very smooth with a nice medium body and some sweetish, cinnamon nut flavors. Blind Assessment: Deeply sweet, layered complexity. That means that crops can change from season to season. There was a great variation of size, shape, and color (more than I had seen before) but they first roast came out well. To us, we would rather retire "McJoeJoe's Roast" if the beans have reached the end of their life. As of this date every state except Florida and both Carolinas have snow on the ground, CBC was hit hard with ice and cold. Despite the large amount of coffee that is produced in Brazil, more than 70% of the coffee farms in Brazil are less than 10 acres. Five stars for this one! Initially, the coffee dries in static boxes for 12 hours during pre-fermentation. Streams from 40 natural springs provide water to the land and gradually converge into two small rivers that mark the borders of the grounds and are the water source for the closest large town. I love it.

A bit too acidic this morning, but still a great coffee! I blend it with African or Indonesian beans and some Robusta for espresso. First time I've tried this Bean and as always is delicious! In this specific Rubi variety, you can notice the flavour notes of yellow plums, milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, flavours typical for Brazilian produce. I have really enjoyed roasting this coffee. Produced under best agricultural practices with full traceability and certified by Utz Good Inside. The Bela Vista farm is located in South of Minas, under a special micro region which produces top quality coffee from high lands. The knowledge of how to produce one of Brazils most outstanding coffees has been passed down from generation to generation. For example, you may taste a slight sweetness- a bit like strawberry. My family enjoys the characteristics of the bean as well. Probably my only suggestion would be a shipping adjustment, if possible. Waldir's grandparents grew a type of grass on the farm that was used to make brooms. We regularly sample and roast new coffees to make sure we have the highest quality bean for your cup! Smooth and reliably tasty at a light to medium roast. JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST & RECEIVE 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER! Great coffee. Great coffee from great places!! Rinse filter and preheat brewer and server, throw away rinse water2. This is November 2018. My first reaction was I tasted chocolate, low acidity with no after taste. Rinse filter and preheat brewer and server, throw away rinse water, 3. Its so fun to feel connected to multiple parts of the world! Thanks to the low altitudes and flat to gently sloping terrain, Brazil has ideal conditions for mass coffee production. Smaller farms have unique processing practices, and each farm adds its own special touch to the coffee beans; Serafina deals only direct to farms without a dealer or middleman. Well balanced acidity and a delicate medium body. Our coffee is delivered fresh from harvest and roasting. This review originally appeared in the May, 2016 tasting report: Brazil Naturals: Tradition Meets Trend. Pour Over. I did it at a medium roast, I play with different roasts and the best to me was right at second crack. Highly recommended. Brazil A natural or dry-processed coffee, which means the beans or seeds were dried encased in the entire fruit. Join the group of coffee lovers enjoying our roast every month. I use for a single origin espresso and my wife uses for drip. Its 2,850 hectares include a natural reserve, woodlands, pastures and 1,500 hectares of coffees. I don't excel at cupping notes, but I do know what I enjoy and this bean roasted to full city is tasty. Yes, some coffees taste better at certain times regarding the time from roast to your pot, but we believe in getting you the most fresh bean available and letting you decide when you would like to brew it up.

Several generations have been dedicated to creating excellent coffees for the pleasure of people all over the globe. Required fields are marked *. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. First time roaster. Great in espresso or pour over. For our single origin coffees we recommend a pour over method either on a Chemex, V60 or Kalita Wave on a 5 or 6 grind setting if you are ordering from More smoke and chaff in the roasting process than other beans, but the finished product is always good. Okay, once, it seemed they were a little off their game, but most days it was good coffee. The coffee trees and other plant life are nourished by the springs streams, and two small rivers are formed that provide water to nearby towns. Notes: This exceptional coffee was selected as the No. Coffee is a plant! Full mouthfeel, front notes of hazelnut chocolate, super tangy on the back (almost hay-like). Never purchased a coffee I didnt like from CBC. I would advise anyone reading this not to buy it, then there will be an overstock of it, they will put it on sale, and I'll get it at a reduced price. It's a coffee farm now, but the name pays tribute to its history. ALTITUDE Receive free shipping on all subscription orders! Butwith this bea, we actually dont mind the extra dark roast. Intelligentsia coffee buyers travel year-round working with a network of farmers. His two sons Andre & Juca oversee the running of the farm, with his daughter running their on-site roastery. Perfect for all coffee lovers or as a gift! Low acid. Ill definitely be back! Chocolattes16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD,FORT MYERS, FL 33908(239) 331-4443. According to strict sustainable laws, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Acaya, and Catuai are the only Arabica varieties selected to grow in Fazenda da Lagoa, a farm with 200 years of coffee tradition and tactical agricultural techniques backed by science. A man of simple means, he built the first house on the farm, which prospered to become one of the largest coffee estates in the region. Brazilian coffee beans are characterized by low acidity and nutty flavours. Sustainable principles guide all cultivation and processing practices on the farm. Intelligentsia Direct Trade means partnering with people who obsess about quality as much as we do, and building meaningful relationships with farmers. Today, the Intelligentsia Direct Trade community includes more than 50 partners in 14 countries. This has been my go to for flavored coffees for customers. Using my Behmor on P5 and normal drum speed, I drop it at 1:40 past 1C. This was a great buy on a great coffee. Love their coffee and their packaging.
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