Thanks for sharing your sighting. Lol, Ive been stung twice by these stinking things. Please share your sighting with a comment.

I have one at my back door window took pictures my name is Marco live in NJ time 10AM on May 9. I have never seen this bug before and was scared to death of it. Since it cant seem to find its way out, I will capture it and put it out the backyard. My mother in law did some searching and determined it to be a giant ichneumon. very strange bug . We are in MN. There is a maple bush abt 20 feet away. Ive read there are many different kinds of ichneumon wasps so I cant be sure if the prey was some type of insect inside your apple trees or not, but its quite possible. Im happy I came across this page to learn that theyre pretty dossile so maybe in my next encounter Ill be able to examine it further instead of fleeing. We gingerly removed the wasp from my pant leg (strong grip) and placed it in plants. Im not really sure why it would ram its tail in my foot, but thats what has appeared to have happened. I saw one of these giant wasps in my yard, it was trying to climb a garbage bin with no success. In central Wisconsin wo. Megarhyssa macrurus (common name giant ichneumon wasp), is a species of large ichneumon wasp.

Im originally a city girl, born and raised. She said the pain kept coming back. According to Lloyd Eighme, retired entomologist on the Washington State University Skagit County website, the wasps probably can sting but are not known to do so.

thanks for sharing your sighting! Theyre very helpful. At the end of the abdomen it forms a bulb 2 wings yellow antenna total length is probably 6 also rather frail looking. Total body length is about 1 1/2. The tail must have been 5-6 long.

Im always looking before I go into my backyard because I have some at times unusual visitors that Im not familiar with. Thanks to your pics for a positive id and interesting post. Thanks for sharing your sighting! I think Id give them a bit of space on my bench too! I swatted it off but couldnt really see where it went. You must have had great views! it has three whips coming from its rear end. Thanks for sharing your sighting! It looked as if it was ripping its bottom half of its body open while standing on its front leggs doing a hand stand pulsating its butt in and out from where its tore open. I have lived in Colorado 40 years and I have never seen one until today. I just rescued one from inside my studio. Im wondering if its possible that some of the people who report receiving a type of sting from a long-bodied wasp, especially at/near dusk, have encountered a Pelecinid Wasp? Im glad you let it fly freefor all they look startling they arent dangerous.

There was debate about whether or not to do it in, but I found your site, made a case for letting it go, and good sense prevailed! The tail was about 3 long. Ive never seen one before so I googled a discription which that led me to your site. Thanks for sharing your sighting!

Thanks for sharing your sighting! Megarhyssa macrurus macrurus (Linnaeus) is similar in size to M. m. lunator, but the body and wings are dark brown. It didnt land, so I didnt get a chance for a picture, but it flew behind my rocking chair and was within a couple of feet of me. Thanks for sharing. Ill hope something works out, and thanks for sharing your sighting, even though Im sure you wish it had landed on the OUTside of the screen. Im sure it wants back out too. One of these has been flying around my bedroom for a few days. Hi! Just had one flying around the window in my building, trying to get out. I was able to run into the house and grab the cam and go back out to find her still resting on the leaf. Sounds like you got a chance to really watch (and film!) I think it may be a Giant Ichneumons or a relative. Check out Im sorry it frightened your sisterI hope shell be happier knowing it would never hurt her. This morning, out on the porch, I was able to spot the culprit very clearly. Id recommend you either take down the chimes at night when there is no activity and move them some where far away from traffic or spray them. Ive not been lucky enough to watch that part of the activities. Had I not been waiting I might never have seen this Ichneumon when it wobbled into view. Never seen or heard of this before; lived here for 30 years. In the larval stage, one wasp feeds externally on one Pigeon Horntail larvae, eventually killing it. She was so still! I washing something in the sink and when I looked up I saw her eye level on the cabinet door about 10 from my face! I found this response looking up the one I found flying by me and landed on a tree.

The wasps body is otherwise mostly still. Looked like something I would have on that cabinet door! The one I saw was having trouble flying too. I think they hate me because I killed one of the ones that stung me years ago haha.

Possibly a more common ichneumon is Ophion nigrovarius Provancher, which is reddish or dark yellow-brown, 1-inch long, with brown-tinted wings. Like a woodpecker, this wasp drills through dead tree trunks to reach the grub-like larvae living deep inside. They are very startling to see up close and personal.. Just saw one of these on the screen of the gazebo on my deck in Burnt Hills, NY. Please tell us then what other type of wasp that looks just like this one with a very long tail that really doesnt fly well would be called? I saw one in my friends garage it is trapped in the garage door opener we all freeked out my friends 5 year old sister started crying we were having fun playing floor is lava and saw it We live in South Caralina. And thanks for sharing your sighting! Got a 30-second clip of it flopping around. She approached our bamboo wind-chime and went down inside one of the reedsdragging that long tail behind. Im unsure what to do with her. Many sizes, same bug. She also complained of a small pinch, sting like feeling and then a red mark and around the site went numb, about the size of a half dollar bill. ?, Yes one of those crazy things flew in my garage wow never seen anything like it.Lincoln, IL, At 2:30 in Harrison Michigan in my garage this one has more of a yellowish orange head and legs, more like a yellow jacket. Thanks for sharingit is interesting to hear how many people meet these strange wasps! No, she wont drill into wood unless shes aiming for an insect already inside that wood. The tail/stinger was at least 1.5-2 inches long. Looks scary, but from reading up, sounds like its not that bad.

I just filmed one flying around my garage here in Eastern PA. Scared the bejesus out of me when it flew past the metal I was fixing to tack weld. Either way, it doesnt seem fair you got hurt trying to be kind! A smaller version was interested in it and seemed to be touching it with its feelers. We have had a few of these at our work (Alliston, ON) in the last week or so. They are bizarre to look at but they are helping control other insect populations so they have a valuable role to play. This happened to several of them. We just seen one in northern iowa!

When I first saw it flying, I thought it might be two or more insects together, but then it headed right into the bamboo hollow & stayed there. Last I saw it was headed east. I encountered one this morning, I live in New Albany Indiana this morning was sitting out back in our gazebo and I saw something fly into our folded lawn chair, I saw a long tail so I googled flying insects with a tail and read about the Giant Ichneumon Wasps. Thanks for sharing and for helping it escape! I have watched it for days now. Was very scared of it so I killed it cuz I thought it would for sure be a very painful sting & didnt want to chance it with kids running around. There are some videos and an interesting written summary of how the Giant Ichneumon Wasp drills down through a dead tree trunk to reach an insect larvae and lay an egg on it at the Nature Documentaries website. I saw one in my garden this morning.

Theyre quite strange to watch. Sorry for my slow reply. That was very kind of you! I think somewhere in your neighbourhood there is a dead or dying tree that has the type of insect larvae inside it that these wasps need for their young to eat. Trees they live in include beeches, elms, maples, oaks, poplars and apples, according to Just had one in my house tonight. I saw one of them today 10/02/16 laying its egg at the base of a dead tree stump. While one of them was working, another seemed especially interested in it and landed to circle it a number of times, antenna dancing. Thanks for sharing your sighting! Then this occurred to another one. When we looked it up, we came across this site. Thanks for growing milkweed--not only does it help Monarchs but it helps all these other native insects too! I did not read any comments on any websites from someone claiming to have been stung by one. Order: Hymenoptera. Ive checked again on several government sites and it sounds like there must be a look-alike insect that attacked you. Yes, the really long ovipositor does look like a twig or straw at first glance. All of those trees grow along the Credit River valley in Mississauga. Ive been seeing a wasp (normal looking) flying around the corner of my house lately. Adults can sting and are frequently encountered around lights in and around the home. Thanks for all the info. Im glad you found a safe easy way to get it outsidethanks for sharing! I them out my 12ga. Live in Dalton Ga. Evidently so. I just spotted one on my truck in warren texas. Thank you for sharing!

Im in Connecticut. Sorry for my slow reply. Literature: Arnett 1985; Borror et al.

Thanks for sharing your sighting!

Theyre eye-catching insects. But our property is surrounded by woods. Hopefully the next one will be further away. She seems to be going toward the light in the house. Mind you this was in the wilderness deep in the woods, far from my home, far from my safety zone. Ive never seen one of these flying devil things before yesterday when one landed on my boyfriends back. I doubt it was exactly this kind, though, as they are not reported to have stung anyone. Sorry, yes, you cant share photos here. They are a surprise! This was so helpful! It looked so awkward at first like a dog carrying a long stick, too wide to fit through a doorwayFirst sighting of anything quite like her in my entire life. honey Yes they sting. Adults emerge in the spring. Its getting dusky out there so Ill take a picture when the light is better.

I really wanted to know what it was and what was going on. I saw one of those in earthly bug kinda sanding off my window with its spindly leggs and a tail that had to be 6 inches long I never saw one growing up in Connecticut and Im 58 Nd moved back here a couple years ago and saw it for the first time today. Looked it up and saw it was harmless. 7-27-17 Missouri While sitting in garage late last night one flew right into the light sitting right beside me. Thanks for the information you shared. Im surprised they are plentiful. Unfortunately theres no way to share your photos here. I watched as two of them expanded their green tail membranes and apparently impregnated host larvae with their eggs. I hate the idea that its laying eggs right next to the front door. This morning I saw one with that crazy-long ovipositor (at first I thought it was carrying a piece of straw, but wasps dont do that!) Found this wasp with the long tail crawling over some cut down tree wood that I will be stacking for fire wood. That must have been an interesting but maybe unsettling sighting! Are they even supposed to be in this part of the United States? There are some types of water fly which also have very long tails. It was on my Front Door tonight~~ and I thought ,Whhhhaaaaaatttttt? I will open the door and hope it flys away. Most ichneumons are smaller parasitic wasps. They are quite something to see but Im glad you checked before you blasted it. I looked it up and this Im here leaving this message. It was much longer than the insects body. I counted four in all. Adults often feed on body juices of hosts and larvae feed in on immature stages, such as larvae and pupae of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera), beetles (Coleoptera), flies (Diptera), and sawflies and wasps (Hymenoptera). Photo by Drees. Once we found out what it was we placed her in the deeper part of the woods near our house. So you probably are more likely to see another of last years family this summer than one of the new generation. I couldnt get any pics though. That must have been quite a surprise! The second was much bigger. I found these wasp like bugs similar to the one shown.

It didnt take long to find my insect: it was a Giant Ichneumon Wasp. Thank you for posting this information, everyone kept telling me it was a dragonfly. Thanks for sharing your sighting! about this. My giant wasp in Massachusetts, Thats a great photo. I think they have some sort of vendetta against me because theyre always in my house and room. It looked like a wasp, but had an amazingly long tail. There is one in my sunroom right now and I was scared to go back in there but Im ok now that I know they are harmless. 1976; Metcalf et al. I was unsure of what I was witnessing at the time. I was lounging on my hammock late this evening and one joined me.

I see these bugs regularly, in my neighborhood. I live in South Carolina and there is a wasp looking bug just like the one in the picture. I live in middle of Missouri. Rhyssella species are black with white markings, not as large as Megarhyssa, and parasitize wood boring woodwasp larvae (Xiphydriidae) in conifers. I used to think it was only Monarchs that I, I just saw my first pair, in Dipper Harbour, New Brunswick! Im glad you had the courage to rescue it. It was HUGE! There are a few different kinds of this insect; Im not sure if yours is exactly the same one. Very dark and large. Very interesting insect wish I could have kept it alive.

They are spooky looking. The next day, I felt a pain in my foot and used tweezers to pull out an object that appeared to be 1.5-2 inches long. Had one in my house tonight in Bartlett, Tn.

Scientific Name: Varies Thanks for sharing your sighting! I couldnt tell if it was trying to feed, trying to catch something or trying to lay eggs. Weird looking creature! Im in Atlanta Georgia. It scared me, I thought it was two wasps stuck together until I looked closely. I live in central Northern Missouri. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for your info. Thanks for sharing! Last Wednesday we had an arborist take down the limbs to create a snag/habitat tree and allow the surrounding trees to fill in the empty space. Im glad you got a good look at onetheyre quite interesting once you know they are safe. I rolled up a paper towel making a tube and laid it down for it to crawl into and it obliged very nicely! It could have been a bite if it was a maleonly females have stings because the sting is a modification of the ovipositor, from what Ive read. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for sharing your sighting! That thing was weird. I assume there are different colored ones? I had one fly into my house this morning in downtown Toronto. Sounds like you had a chance to really see how they huntwhich Ive never seen. Yes, this group of wasps has many varieties. Photo by Drees. I looked out and there it was, I wanted to know what it was because my grands and I love outdoors. Its primarily black but has a yellow head and legs, its wasp like with wings. Im glad we chose to leave the dead tree, especially now having met someone who needs it. The little bigger ended up flying away like it was intoxicated, and we watched in amazement as it disappeared into the sky.

I thought she was beautiful. Since I love the outdoors I have come a cross a wide variety of creatures. She also doesnt drill a hole in the wood with her bill or mouth, instead she drills with the long pipe-like ovipositor! Wouldve scared them senseless lol. Sorry for my slow reply. Im glad I read about it, and Ill be much more educated on it should I be lucky enough to spot another. Well luckily they arent dangerous. It was one of these guys/girls but for some reason it was stuck in the raspberry canes and couldnt get free. This I saw 9/6/2019 Thanks for sharing your sighting! Im not a bug expert just an amateur who is interested in what she finds. I hope that whatever kind is after you gives up, though, and you have my sympathy! 3 of them had the long, needle like tail, and one had a much fatter type black body.. At times the one with long tail would climb over the black body one. I have actually been stung (or maybe but) by a male of this species. I got my sons to get it off of my screen and found out it was actually pretty clumsy and docile. Sorry to have killed it now that I know, but next time when we are not half asleep we will make it a science observation for the kids.

Interesting! editors of this guide it should copy everything, but if you're not, it

They cant be quite startlingthanks for sharing your sighting! I hope it soon left your shed. I live in Seattle and have seen a few here over the 12 years I have been here. I caught it in one if those clear plastic take out containers and looked it up to see what it was. I just saw one of these wasps on my window screen. Only difference is its not doing anything to wood. Im glad it just kept going! Its fascinating to think anything as long and delicate looking as this wasps ovipositor can actually work its way through wood! Took a pic and showed it to a friend who looked it up. Thanks for sharing your sighting! Thanks for sharing your sighting!

Thanks for sharing your sighting. Well at least I know what it is! He said, youve something on your leg. It was huge and wed never seen anything like it from my vantage point I could see very little and asked, is it a murder hornet!? Dont want it laying eggs near just in case. I took a few photos although it was a bit too far away to focus on clearly. I hope it leaves her alone. The site was red and it went numb around the sting. I rescued it and returned it outdoors. There are a few different kinds. Thanks for sharing! I have found one my son knocked down its the same as in the picture .

Females of M. m. lunator insert their ovipositor through the bark of dead deciduous trees and lay eggs in the tunnels of the pigeon tremex, Tremex columba (Linnaeus) (Hymenoptera: Siricidae). Didnt have time to pick up my phone and google what the heck it was, and with that long crazy looking tail that we thought was a stinger, I unfortunately had to kill it so the kids and I could sleep in peace (this was just as we were getting ready for bed).

We live in Denver, CO! It landed on my shin, I moved my leg to be able to see from the light on my phone. One in my sunroom in Fayetteville nc. Kept my distance as I was unsure what it was. A smaller version was interested in it and seemed to be touching it with its feelers. The first I thought it was a red wasp carrying an insect with two legs hanging down.

While watching a House Wren hunting among the tall grasses and rushes in an almost dry marsh in Mississauga, I watched as another odd flying predator wobbled into view. You may want to check on for more info. But it flew away unharmed. After the green leaf like thing ballooned out it flew away. So how long til new ones hatch? Just saw one on the wall outside my house. Working in my garden today and heard a loud buzzing so I had to see what it was. I got a quick look before I guess I scared her and she stung. Im very sorry you were stung. The long tail also seemed to cause trouble as it bumped into the vegetation. I have spotted one on my screened in back porch recently. A bubble formed at the end of its tail, venom?

They are a wood wasp whose grub stage usually lives in dead or dying trees. Other websites say they dont sting.

Description: Adults of Megarhyssa macrurus lunator have brown bodies, up to 1 in length, marked with black and yellow markings and transparent wings. We live in Central Arizona. There are several kinds of these wasps so the colouring will vary and the size and shape can too.

I found a piece of dry grass, a long piece, and helped it get loose. Your email address will not be published.

What Is This Wasp With a 4 Inch Long Thready Tail? I live in the Chicagoland suburbs.

oh these things sting. I got stung by one last night. Later and it was gone.

The wasps here are quite uncommon. I just found one of these in my backyard for the first time in my life. Larvae feed on immature stages of white grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). As adults, Giant Ichneumon Wasps dont seem to eat much. Thank goodness these dont sting. Seems like this wasp lives everywhere around the country, given the various states people have reported from. I saw one today in KY . My daughter just got stung by one leaving a very angry red circle and bumpy like kin on the red. It may be a different type of Ichneumon wasp, then. Just came in a googled it because it was so interesting. For additional information, contact your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent or search for other state Extension offices. We live close to Sandpoint, Idaho. Long tails and brown with some yellow. I didnt think anything of it, just went on with what I was doing. They also say it can take an hour for her to successfully drill, lay her egg, and pull out, and that she is vulnerable to predators during that time. Anyway, glad to hear it was actually harmless.

The very long ovipositor is for getting at larvae that are deep inside soemthing, usually a tree. I bet the click makes many predators startle and drop it. First time we have seen them around here. I sure hope you never encounter that type of insect again! Western NY. Ive lived in a very secluded, wooded area of Oklahoma and Arkansas all my life, our family loves being outdoors with our animals and this is the first time weve ever seen a wasp like this. Either way, thank you for sharing your sighting! I certainly didnt feel nervous approaching it as closely as the path would permit. Larvae are grub-like and develop through several stages (instars) before pupating inside a cocoon in host insect tunnels. R, Found one inside my friends house just now scared the crap out of me so I trapped into a container Im in the middle of Missouri. You can copy this taxon into another guide. It was dark and I was on my porch.

If you can safely shoo it outside again it would be nice. I live in Ontario so they do come quite far north. I see some photos on that have a strange membrane etc which may be a little bit like what you are describing. Click for a hub of Extension resources related to the current COVID-19 situation. Thanks for sharing your sighting! I just took a picture of one on my hosta and what an amazing looking insect. Had never seen one before. They are quite startling, so I hope it was on the OUTSIDE of your truck. Once you know theyre harmless though theyre actually kind of interesting. First time I have ever seen anything like it. Just found one on my back door here in se ga. Never saw one before in65 yrs.

It was struggling its way up the window. I saw one of these in downtown Hamilton Ontario on a park bench. Wow, great sightingthanks for sharing it! Possibly it did fly in while the door was open. Yes, they are scaryglad youre finding out theyre not harmful so no worries. Thanks for sharing! and it crawled under a section of house siding. will only copy the licensed content. Thats understandable. It served as a good reminder that I need to stay alert and look for new animals on my rambles. Was it trying to lay eggs? Very strange looking. I suppose there are different types of this species. It couldnt have been exactly one of these kind as they apparently dont have a sting, but it may have been a close relative. That creature came into the store and landed near the window where they were people watching. I am pretty sure there is more than one type of this wasp, given the comments I receive. Now I live in the Adirondacks, what a adventure is an undertatement. I wonder if it is just getting too old or what happened? If you are one of the It flew away very badly, it was very slow as well. Thank you for sharing your observations and insights. Such a long tail! Im very sorry you got stung by a large wasp. Im glad you were able to let it go. o2u vought corsair o3u townend Thank you for taking the risk of just letting it go! As I watched, it rose up and moved a few grasses over, then settled again. Is it common for these to be in this area? Last night, September 17, 2017, I had one sting me on my leg. Theres also a photo of a dead Ichneumon which has three tails at but its not identified by type. My son just had one float down from the sky and land on his shirt. If it moves near the doorway, you could probably flap it out with a newspaper. There are other types of wasps that stun caterpillars etc, force them into tubes, then lay their eggs on them. I dont think its a problem though; its just natural. Sorry it was too close for comfort! I would post pics but I dont know if I can . It may also have been some sort of mimic creature that looked like an ichneumon but was something else. Glad to know what it was. Too funny! I think seeing them on a tree trunk is close enough! I got a picture of it. Its exactly what we saw. ! Turned out it was this giant wasp, probably interrupted while laying eggs in the dead cedar. it was light brown and dark brown with a long-looking tail it was weird. The store rep didnt seem to care, but my friend and our 2 kids were stricken and frozen with fear like hostages in that store. We have just noticed a group of these wasps drilling into a dying maple tree. One has been on my window a few hours. The helpful people at confirmed it was a Megarhyssa macrurus. These ladies certainly have a strong urge to to keep their species alive. Do you think something has changed that we are seeing these for the first time? There were st least 3 ,perched on a living tree trunk. I had one of these wasp in my gazebo today. She has 3 long tail things beautiful Creature Thank you for sharing your sighting. I Have one that is coming and going inside my fence panel where they join together.

The actual giant ichneumon doesnt have the ability to inject venom and cause a reaction. June 2019 Massachusetts seacoast Giant Ichneumon Wasp landed on my wood shingled house and did the headstand thing every few steps while climbing up the house. I'm glad, Thanks for the detailed information. I saw two different looking ones on 9/28/21.

If it does find something to lay its eggs in it will save some of your wood for the stove, so its actually helpful. But I understand not wanting to share your house with it! The one we saw was more black and yellow with yellow tufts coming from its head. There are a few of these over-sized ones; Im not sure if the Ontario one ranges that far or not. I found one in my dining room after leaving the door open while painting at night. They are so large I hope it didnt startle you too much! There may be one to 10 generations produced annually depending on the species. Can you tell me what the hell it is? Northern Mockingbirds Found In Snowy Southern Ontario. I noticed one of them drawing its whips into a loop and secreting an opaque substance to form a membrane inside the the loop. I hope it left the garage without startling anyone too muchthanks for sharing your sighting! :). I saw one in my shed, and I live inSeattle WA. (c) Evan Kane, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-ND). They seem to be putting in appearances in odd places this weekthanks for sharing! Yes, there are several kinds of Ichneumon and one article I read said that they have a lot of different colour patterns even within one kind making it hard to identify them. Haha we have them around here in fact one was just by me, and my reply was ew WTH is that lmao. Im very sorry you were both hurt and I hope whatever it was never returns! dollman darla
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