Another example of Crooks impairments is when Crooks denies George and Lennie to help with the ranch. Another character who portrays loneliness is Curleys wife.

He isnt used to white men being kind to him, so he assumes the defensive position just to be safe. He only has one friend, Lennie, who also understands what it means to be an outcast.

The Boss (currently)Curley (currently)Curleys Wife (formerly)

The farm plan is supposed to be a secret, but Lennie accidentally lets it slip during a conversation with Crooks.


A. Scuba divers are equipped to explore depths below 20,000 feet. Crooks' broken dreams.

Lennie is afraid of getting into trouble with people at the ranch, making George mad, doing things that George said not to do like talking to Curleys wife, or not listening. Stable Hand (currently) Crooks rejects the dream immediately.

Quentin Cohan is a graduate of Williams College with degrees in both English and History. In this argument, we view a short summary of Crooks life, where Crooks is being presented with a threat that could jail or kill him because of the color of his skin. However, the significance of this dream differs depending on which character is discussing it.

Curleys wife was so desperate for attention that putting her guard down causing her to get killed.

Crooks has desperation to be viewed highly in society.

During Odysseus's journey home, his men encounter a people that offer them a drug that makes them forget about home and never want to leave.

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since one of the books in his room is about Civil Rights.

This moment perfectly symbolizes the conflict between George's skepticism of the dream and Lennie's innocent hopes about the dream, as well as the violent power of the former over the latter. The theme of strength vs. weakness is most apparent in the character of Lennie, a man who is himself both strong and weak.

Crooks has a desire for a friend by whom to "measure" things echoes George's earlier description of a migrant worker. See how he realizes where he stands.

This early passage demonstrates the uncertain (and potentially harmful) relationship between the natural and human worlds that arises throughout the novella. with whom does the narrator of rath krespel fall in love.


What quotes show that Crooks is lonely in Of Mice and Menby John Steinbeck?

Crooks is not the only one who has two impairments Candy also has two.

'Of Mice and Men' Themes.

Disempowered character who turns his vulnerability into a weapon to attack those who are even weaker.

On other occasions, humans destroy nature for morally ambiguous (maybe even natural) reasons, like when Carlson shoots Candy's old dog in order to put it out of his misery. Similarly, when Curleys Wife is lurking around the ranch once again, she walks into Crookss home without permission and inserts herself into the conversation. will help you with any book or any question. The characters in Of Mice and Men work on a ranchone of the most fundamental examples of humans exerting control over the natural world. Single

Crooks cannot forget his color or his poverty. What does is stronger than Crooks dislike of white people because of their discriminative nature? Cause im black. Which statement best expresses the main idea of "The Last Frontier"?

Crooks seems authoritative around Lennie representing his deep morals and respect for people like Martin Luther King Jr. Crooks is for segregation yet wanted his own rights, authority and equality.

Critical writing also anticipates counterclaims-differing points of view-and responds to them fairly.

Include at least one counterclaim and present an argument in response to it.

Critical writing is a type of argumentation. The novel is about two friends, George and Lennie, Lennie has a mental disorder and can not take care of himself and George who is the person that takes care of Lennie. What elements of folk tales can you identify in these lines? George and Lennie share a dream: to own their own land, allowing them to live "off the fatta the lan'." Cohan, Quentin. George is telling Lennie he cant talk to the boss when they are trying to get a job because he beleives that lennie ruins their oppertunities because of him being slow minded. What are some quotes Crooks says about dreams in Of Mice and Men?

(2020, January 29). Write a critical evaluation of the excerpt from the graphic novel Beowulf.


V!~0xBUQ:iy!Sv6J5)-= Ultimately, the moment that most blurs the line between the human and natural worlds is Lennie's death at George's hand.

Cohan, Quentin.

While Lennie is very persistent and unaware of how unwanted he is, it is possible that Crookss isolation is partially his fault for pushing everyone away.

Crooks knows that people do not like him, but he does not know why until George explains it to him at the end of the story when Lennie kills Curley's wife:

Crooks couldn't afford to be kicked off the ranch so has to be cautious, and doesn't have nice things because in 1940, 87% of Black people lived below the poverty line - long-term effects of the October 1929 Wall Street Crash. Steinbeck alludes to Crooks' "hidden depths" and in doing so, he indicts the American society of the 1930s.

Physically, Lennie is by far the most powerful man on the farm.

He is also very ambitious and intelligent, as he is capable of reading (A rare skill for black people in the Depression era).

Due to this life of discrimination and outcast from the normal level of society, Crooks find himself pushing people away out of fear that his skin color could be a target of hate and violence. Lively, sharp-witted, black stable-buck, taking his name from his crooked back.


A similarity between Curley's wife and Crooks.

the plight of disempowered blacks during the 1930s in America, when there was racial segregation.

Portrayed by George and Lennie had to move away from their other job because Lennie had messed up and almost pulled off a ladies dress.

"'Of Mice and Men' Themes."


Weakness can make some characters to put their guard down and act irrationally. Latest answer posted February 08, 2021 at 11:11:27 AM.

When he first arrives, what advice does the coast guard give Beowulf in confidentiality? Crooks is used as a vehicle to explore the theme of racism, loneliness, dreams and reality, and comment on the way character can abuse power. Curley's wife silences Crooks through racial slurs and violent threats, despite being physically weaker than him. Friend (s)

Because he fails to understand his own strength, Lennie kills physically weaker beings: the puppy and Curley's wife. By exploring themes such as the nature of dreams, the relationship between strength and weakness, and the conflict between man and nature, the novella paints a compelling and often dark portrait of Great Depression-era American life.

He is proud, bitter, and bitingly sarcastic. The writer makes a claim about the effectiveness of a text and supports the claim with reasons and evidence. Most people don't get it, they don't know that others judge them. He truly believes that he and George will someday have their own farm with plenty of alfalfa and rabbits. Crooks segregated from other ranch workers by being placed in the harness room rather than the bunk house.

Hearing George describe the imaginary farm comforts and reassures Lennie. He feels like what he says does not mean anything to anyone since he is black. Most of the other guys could not do either.

STRUCTURAL POINT. Crooks addresses Slim with "Mr" and Curley's wife with "Ma'am" even though he hates her. George wont do nothing like that. (71) Crooks is aware of Lennies lack of intelligence and ability to be easily manipulated, so he uses a hypothetical scenario to get into Lennies head. }r| crooks

In the first chapter of Of Mice and Men, what does George say to Lennie about how his life could be better without him. Lennie and George's desire to own land again reinforces this theme; their image of success and fulfillment involves dominance over nature. So if you are writing an essay about Crooks' strengths and weaknesses, sometimes you have to look at a strength (or weakness) and make it the opposite especially if you have found many of one. Let us know your assignment type and we'll make sure to get you exactly the kind of answer you need. Crooks does not go into their room so he does not want them in his. Crooks is properly introduced midway through the book which could be because Steinbeck wants to show how other ranch workers characters characterise Crooks and this signifies the idea that people in 1930s America prejudged blacks.

"Gold-rimmed spectacles" "mauled copy of the California Civil Rights Code for 1905". Crooks highly values his rights, and Steinbeck accentuates that he is caged by his race, as he seems to have a thirst for knowledge.

Crooks does not want to help because George calls him names and so does Curleys wife and he does not want to be referred to that if he is going to be working with them. What does his character evoke, due to the corrosive effects of loneliness?

Her face grew angry., Spose he gets killed or hurt so he cant come back. Lennie struggled to understand.

What strength does Lennie have that pushes Crooks away from saying George won't come back.

Even though Crooks is yelling at Lennie for being in his room Crooks lets him stay because he secretly likes the company.

Curley, a physically diminutive man, uses his position of authority on the farm to assert his dominance over the others.

Crooks is the lowest on the hierarchy in the ranch, and in society, because Caribbean people were segregated from whites in 1930s America, and looked down to.

He pushes people away because he thinks that they dont care since he is black, but isolating himself causes a lot of loneliness., During the Great Depression and the modern era, people have been afraid of being an aberration.

. Enemies Male

C. No scientist wants to explore the ocean below 20,000 feet.

Latest answer posted November 19, 2020 at 6:35:21 PM. Because the men feel such loneliness, it's not surprising that promise of a farm and life filled with strong, brotherly bonds holds such allure. Shown as a victim of racism through Candy "Stable buck's a ******got a crooked back" - characterised in terms of his race, profession and physical disability, and this dehumanises him. Hence Crooks attempts to deflate his dream, by injecting a sense of reality, and it is only due to the child-like nature of Lennie that the reader has hope in them achieving what seems to be an achievable dream, when it is really just a dream. What are Candy's strengths and weaknesses, as well as his external and internal conflicts, in Of Mice and Men?

Violence is never far away inOf Mice and Men's hardscrabble world, and one of the most important themes is the uneasy relationship between strength and weakness. Its just in their head. For Crooks, there is no point in dreamingdreams don't offer solace because he is certain that they won't come true. However, he cannot do anything about it since no one would believe him over Curleys wife because, as a black man, he holds a lower place in society.

This tension between strength and weakness is highlighted when Lennie, who adores delicate objects and small creatures, interacts with animals. ), he jumps at the chance to belittle the latter without taking into account the latter's terrifying strength.

Crooks is an African American stable-buck, he gets his name from his crooked back. In the South, the Ku Klux Klan lynched black people (hung them from trees).

2022, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Crooks is a complex character. However, the relationship between man and nature is not as clear-cut as these examples might suggest. Up until the instant he shoots Lennie, George is telling him about the farm they'll have one day. Most of the time they don't want him around.

"His face lighted up with pleasure in his torture". His color makes life difficult for him. Of Mice and Men Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

Crooks treated like how black Americans were treated in the 1930s. they were free from slaves but not equally treated.

She is alienated because of her unique situation, different from others at the ranch. Unnamed (father)Unnamed (mother)

Crooks is the only black worker on the ranch and President Eisenhower only made it mandatory to have one black worker per farm - they chose to only have one because of prejudice.

Crooks is the practical stereotype of black people in the Depression-era.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the graphic novel medium? g

When Lennie enters his room, Crooks scolds You go on an get outta my room you ain't wanted in my room (68)., It becomes evident how lonely Crooks is after he invites Lennie in even after making a big deal that white men are not allowed in his room.

Crookss weakness was for communication and friendship., Because of this, she flaunts herself around the other guys.

B. As you look at his color, you could call that a weakness. Crooks is annoyed, to say the least., This is Crookss space, and while Lennie may not be doing anything wrong Crooks just naturally views him as a threat.

And Carlson, one of the ranch hands, shoots the elderly dog owned by Candy, who happens to be an aging handyman himself.

He begins to like Lennie and despite the fact that he says that they will never get their dream, Crooks asks Lennie, George, and Candy if he can go with them (he later says to Candy to forget about it).

His character evokes sympathy as origins of his cruel behavior are made evident.

A Character Analysis. He is jealous of Georges and Lennies close relationship, and feels compelled to attain power over Lennie, as if it would make him feel better about his loneliness. The scene asks us to consider whether it is natural for George to kill Lennie for his own protection (to "put him out of his misery"), or whether the killing is an act of societal intervention.

Lennie Small (good friend)Candy (possibly)Slim (possibly)George Milton (possibly) In this moment, George knows that Lennie will never see the farm, but still uses the dream to keep Lennie calm; Lennie, on the other hand, truly believes that he will one day be tending rabbits on the farm that George describes. "'Of Mice and Men' Themes." F??~^4(\ FGbI'SA\oRK4vw=LrN?rICwL_++.$OI[GP?-F$5a/*.U#O1RVX1[)(+l;WwVpf]V0`S5#!p3LR,R]c?dy8` La07 C'K)Z/,@$SLLu@qh0 US)>b%r0iXm 9T3/aPHVeAn

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Shoes how lifetime of loneliness and oppression can manifest as cruelty. The Residents in Maycomb dont want to serve on the jury because they fear being the odd one out and getting tormented by the other citizens due to their opinions not matching the majority's opinions., If he finds out what a crazy bastard you are, we wont get no job (stienbeck 4).

Crooks is wise. The other men in the bunkhouse are mean to him because he is black and poor.

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I need two quotes each from Of Mice and Men about Candy's and Crooks's weakness.

However, his demeanor is gentle and often fearfulhe doesn't want to fight the other menand he has a mental disability that leaves him dependent on George.

When George tells Lennie he can not talk Lennie does not get why this tends to make him sad and feel like he is not a typical person he feels different., Crooks tells Lennie that the ranch hands do not want him [Crooks] in the bunkhouse because he is black, and that he does not want them in his room (68). He believes in equality a small amount.

Crooks is also extremely cynical and cold-natured since this is the way he has been treated all his life. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts.

Plus, having rights shows recognition of there presence in society, entitling them to have/do something whether it be good or bad. At the story's end, however, it becomes clear that for George, the dream was never a potential reality. See how that works?

To innocent Lennie, the dream is a concrete plan.

Crooks is further shown to be disempowered with the scene with Curley's wife because she has little respect from any other man on ranch, so her ability to demand respect from Crooks shows him to be reduced. When the novella begins, George and Lennie are sitting by the side of the road, and Lennie is petting a dead mouse (he loves to feel soft materials). Crooks wants, more than anything else, a sense of belonging, and that's why George's dream appeals to him - (belonging quotation).

He covered literature for ThoughtCo.

This relates to how the broken dreams of many, due to the Depression, has caused society to become harsh/cruel.

In the novel Of Mice and, Crooks impairment is that he is black has a crooked back and is lonely. Boo Radley stays inside his house to avoid being teased for his bad reputation.

Crooks had the risk of being lynched and so shuts up when Curley's wife threatens him.

His need for companionship - he allows Lennie to sit with him, and for a moment wants to join in their shared dream, before realized nothing can change and there is no hope.

An example of how crooks is lonely is when Lennie comes and visits Crooks.

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