Although the witch had imprisoned her, Ozma pardons her at the end of the story, since her magic has been taken away from her and she is now a miserable creature indeed. Her Fe seems to step in to support that decision as well, considering Mombis feelings even though Ozma herself was wronged by her. Also, never go somewhere thats covered in flashing advertisements or offering free wallpaper, because thats usually a sign they want to deliver a few extra things along with your image download. Uncle Henry intervenes and pulls Em to safety in the cellar, making the hard choice between losing both of the women in his family versus losing only one. My twin sister and I were not allowed to see Return to Oz when it debuted in 1985. Although Explorer personalities may crave more action than many old movies have to offer, there are still plenty of thrilling adventures to be had, such asThe Great Escape(1963),Jaws(1975), or vintage James Bond flicks likeDr. No(1962) andGoldfinger(1964). Tik-Tok isnt designed so much to offer careful analysis of a situation as he is to strategize. We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes: Horror Films and Personality Type. Even Scarecrow, whos never met her before, is certain that shes someone who can help. As she pretends to do so, he tells her that if he guesses incorrectly, shell be able to see what kind of knick-knack hes turned into, and from there figure out how to find the Scarecrow. Miss Gulch seems to me a particularly vicious ESTJ, standing in contrast to Auntie Ems more balanced, caring ESTJ, demanding order and control over as many people as she can just so theyll leave her garden alone. After all, old movies are, wellold. She becomes friends with most of the inhabitants of Oz quite quickly. Will we, Em?. When the cyclone hits and Dorothy is nowhere to be found, Auntie Em runs around looking for her. Spartacus(1960),Norma Rae(1979), andThe Miracle Worker(1962) are just a few examples of movie classics that may inspire Protagonists. Jim Henson and his crew were really a perfect match for this style of Oz. But he isnt sad for himself. He understands that if he gets turned into an ornament, he wont be missing much. Which MBTI personality type best fits L Frank Baum - Children's Author? Its been a boon to my MBTI blogging to have options beyond a Google Image Search to find just the right pose and expression to illustrate each characters profile. Examine our regional and country personality profiles. Glinda states that only bad witches are ugly, showing confidence that a good persons inner being will reflect in the way they present themselves to the outside world (it also sounds a bit insulting when you remember that she had to ask Dorothy if she was a good witch or a bad witch). For The Wizard of Oz and The Matrix, I used, which has tons of screencaps from both movies and TV shows. Most of The Wizard of Oz is centered around Dorothys desire to return home and to what she knows. The Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram, is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. Her inferior Extraverted Sensing seems to manifest in the magnificence of her palace and kingdom. A bigger-picture-minded ENTJ, even an unhealthy one, would probably not be so worked up over a few dead flowers. Aside from that, Uncle Henry tends to keep his thoughts to himself, deferring instead to Auntie Ems Extraverted Thinking. Dominant Function Extraverted Intuition/Ne, What Could Be. Shes not warm and fuzzy like Toto, but Billina the hen plays a similar role as he did, acting as Dorothys tie back to her home in Kansas. The Lion wonders if he can be granted the courage to rule the jungle. His Oz series includes eighteen titles, and he also wrote more than forty other works, including both short stories and novels. Assertive personalities might be more willing to overlook the stage effect of old movies and appreciate the screenplay, acting, and effects of early Hollywood films for what they are. When she does finally return home after her journey through Oz, she claims that she will never want to leave again and will be content with all that she has already. She instead relies on guidance from other characters for most of the story, such as following the yellow brick road as she is told and listening to both Glinda and the Wizard when they tell her what to do. INTP: Wicked Witch of the West, The Wizard ofOz, INTP: Data, "Star Trek: The Next Generation", ENFJ: Julian Bashir, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".

Shes knowledgeable and creative with her magic, has good hunches about people, and sees potential in everyone whether theyre human, animal, or wooden creature brought to life. It really depends on whether you go with it all being a dream, or if you prefer to believe it was real. The Wizard is a master at this. She simply wants to go home, showing how her Si outweighs her Ne. To explore how personality type may influence our film preferences, we asked our community whether they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: Old movies do not interest you. The results might surprise you: only 34% of readers agreed overall, indicating that the vast majority are at least open to (if not necessarily aficionados of) old movies. Keirseys work on temperaments has helped make personality type identification a bit easier to comprehend. He foresees the consequences of trying to search for her in the storm, and decides that saving Auntie Em alone is the best optionout of mostly bad options, of course. L Frank Baum - Children's Author is an Instinctual type. Uncle Henrys Ni may also inform his logical, Ti-dom decision to not look for Dorothy when the cyclone hits. Reports were it was way too scary for kids. Post9. Tertiary Function Introverted Intuition/Ni, What Will Become. Continue reading . Get tips, advice, and deep insights into various topics. Share your thoughts (and your movie recommendations!) Of course, shes a major character in the booksrightful ruler of Oz and best friend to Dorothy. After seeing the wrecked Yellow Brick Road and the petrified Emerald City, she doesnt understand Dorothys enthusiasm for the place. But as iconic as these classic movies have become, how many of us have actually watchedCasablancaorOn the WaterfrontorCitizen Kane? Many of us have heard these lines before. In chapter 2 of Keirseys book, "Please Understand Me II ", Keirsey describes the journey of four friends who seek help of a wise old man in a great city. It seems like a bit of subconscious wish-fulfillment on Dorothys part to have a nicer, sweeter mother figure to guide her. of these personalities can easily get lost in the emotional experiences of the characters and. Since I dont want to draw too much from material outside of the movie, though, Ill just offer a quick, speculative take on Ozmas personality type. Ozma instead points out the negative consequences if everybody could wield such power thoughtlessly, not the least of which would be that they would not be able to solve their own problems. Whereas Dorothy leads with her Extraverted Feeling function, addressing everyone with kind consideration and politeness, the Witch is always blunt and to the point. Frankly, my dear, I dont give a damn. With their capacity for empathy, however, mostof these personalities can easily get lost in the emotional experiences of the characters andare relatively open to dramatic acting styles in old films. When Dorothy finds Tik-Tok, the first thing she winds up is his Thinking. Its her best and most sensible option. Rosebud. Continue reading . Personality type for L Frank Baum - Children's Author Critics and what is the personality traits. He clearly has no intention of helping Dorothy and her friendsbecause he cantso he makes up a bunch of excuses and sends them on a dangerous quest to kill the Wicked Witch. What is L Frank Baum - Children's Author Temperament type?

Tik-Tok, however, pretends to wind down so that Dorothy will have to enter the room to wind him up. Tik-Tok dismisses the rules of the Gnome Kings game, and re-works them in his favor. It feels like we know them inside and out, and yetwhat if Miss Gulch was only having a bad day? Extraverted Feeling (Fe)Oh, youre the best friends anybody ever had. Its not clear what exactly Glindas relationship to the Munchkins is, but they certainly look to her for a kind of emotional leadership. And of course, no ones going to stew her up for supper if she cant lay an egg.

He published two of his first short stories, They Played a New Hamlet and A Cold Day on the Railroad, in 1895. I think it makes a fascinating metaphor for Dorothy dealing with the most mysterious, and thus frightening, parts of herself. Its a sensible decision, since he wont be able to do anything with his Speaking and Action if he cant think first. She has no time for messing around. In this story, the mechanism is called Thinking, but I believe its best described as Intuition in this case. They hide away until she gives the okay on Dorothy, and then they emerge to the encouraging sound of her voice. However, I think the INTP is appropriate here, because this type is most often used in movies as a classic mad scientist typeDr. His knowledge of the Powder of Life comes in handy when Dorothy needs to figure out a way to escape, and he remembers all about the Ruby Key and what Dorothy will need to do to get at it. Nevertheless, here are my best guesses for some of the fabulous baddies we meet along Dorothys journeys. Continue reading . Dominant FunctionIntroverted Intuition/Ni, What Will Become. The same is true of contemporary film, of course different personalities will have different interests and turnoffs when it comes to movies. Its Dorothy hes worried about, because as a being who is actually alive, shell miss getting to eat and sleep, and other such activities. Jacks feelings are directed toward his travelling companions and their needs, not so much his own. Deepen your relationships, both romantic and otherwise. It all depends on your perspective, and this story is told from Dorothys perspective. And according to Keirsey, Baum was able to illustrate the four basic personality types that philosophers have identified since Plato. Discover and understand your strengths and weaknesses. However, by the end of the movie, Billina decides to stay in Oz. Hes also sensibly concerned with making sure that his head hasnt spoiled, and asks Dorothy to check it for him. Explore and participate in hundreds of our studies. This shows a tendency to think towards the past and strive for consistency from it. Her lettersINTPcontrast with DorothysESFJand both women share the same four cognitive functions, but in reverse order. The Wizard of Oz himself is at once an interesting, complicated character with his own backstory, and also a metaphor for Dorothys wild imagination and indecision. Create a free website or blog at When wed last paid a visit in the 1939 MGM version, Oz was more glitzy and glamorous. Continue reading . Continue reading , The Mastermind, The Strategist, The Futurist. The first glimpse she gets of it is the Deadly Desert, which would creep anyone out. Explorers who are attracted to celebrity may want to check out movies that star Hollywood icons like Clarke Gable, Vivienne Leigh, and Elizabeth Taylor, while those drawn to aesthetic beauty might appreciate lavish, visually elaborate productions, likeGone with the Wind(1939)andCleopatra(1963).

Was it scary? Most good screencap sites are made by fans for fans, so that we can have fun creating memes, reactions pics, and blog illustrations for our favorite movies and shows. Some of these characters appear so briefly, its a wonder we remember them so well at all. Auxiliary Function Extraverted Feeling/Fe, What We Need. Now we saw headless witches, screaming Wheelers, grasping gnomes, a creepy mental asylum, a deadly desert, and a bad guy death scene that makes the Wicked Witch of the Wests passing look like a gentle, compassionate affair. This verbal smart-assery is a classic sign of an ISTP in the movies. While Dorothy just wants to get back home to Kansas with her dog Toto. His Moms identity and fate turns out to be one of the storys key mysteries. Most kids I knew growing up were terrified of the Witch, but I remember curling up tensely waiting for that storm to strike. And of course I was. As I wind down this Oz series, Im taking a moment to look at a few characters who dont quite get enough screen time to make a whole profile. to watch a movie about a girl who got caught up in a storm. It also reflects the way all Introverts start with their dominant functionbe it Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, or Feelingbefore they interact with the rest of the world (hi, Im an INFP!). Heroes & Villains will be taking the week off while I focus on another writing project, but I have several new character series in the pipeline that Im very excited to share (I am Groot, anyone?). That sounds like Ni foresight, and also Introverted Thinking (Ti) logic at work. Later, when Jack is about to take his turn in the Nome Kings guessing game to save the Scarecrow, he grows sad. Dorothy tends to have difficulty collecting her thoughts and thinking logically throughout her time in both Kansas and Oz. Films that are intellectually challenging, that keep the viewer engaged with logical yet surprising twists and turns, and that demonstrate technical innovation are likely to be most appealing to Analyst personalities. Sentinels and Explorers may ask themselves what practical value is to be found in old movies and wonder,How is this relevant today? Both act as strong female mentors to Dorothy, but while Auntie Em leads with her stern, no-nonsense Te-dom (Extraverted Thinking), Glinda gives Dorothy the emotional affirmation she needs as a fellow Fe-dom (Extraverted Feeling). Theres a scene in one of the books (cant recall which one), where she correctly guesses Dorothys thoughts and addresses them. These are the four characters of L. Frank Baums childrens book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". Its never addressed directly in the dialogue, but it seems that Jack and the others all wordlessly agree to keep Billina safe, since the King has a thing against chickens. She wants to return home, but not for the sentimental reasons that Dorothy had in the first movie. In the middle of all this fantastical scariness, however, stands one bright and brave figure.

Analystsare slightly more interested in old movies than Sentinels or Explorers due to their Intuitive trait. What is the personality type of George L Frank Baum - Children's Author? If you think old movies arent for you, perhaps trying out one of the movies suggested in this article will change your mind or at least open it. For instance, theres not an entire race of evil Nomes in Kansas who want to destroy her just for being a chicken. Times being what they were, the Wizard tells Dorothy and her friends, I accepted the job. He clearly had no options or resources, so the Wizard jumped on the new opportunity and went with it. And although Billina doesnt end up returning with Dorothy, her running commentary provides a sensible outsiders perspective on the weird and wonderful land of Oz. In a moment of crisis, though, Uncle Henry makes logical, clear-headed decisions. (LogOut/ Uncle Henry responds tenderly to Dorothys pleas once Miss Gulch shows up, and hes not afraid to show his amusement when his wife gives the horrible woman a verbal slapping. She also enjoys the distinction of being able to talk (one wonders what held Toto back). He takes Dorothys lunch pail and uses it as a weapon against the Wheelers. The Cowardly Lion seeks courage, and thus represents the personality type of, Dorothy seeks the safety and security of home, and thus represents the personality type of, The Tin Man wants to feel powerful emotions, and thus represents the personality type of, And finally, Scarecrow desires great intelligence, and represents the type of. Lets take a look. As I wind down this Oz series, Im taking a moment to look at a few characters who dont quite get enough screen time to make a whole profile. Later, Tik-Tok easily grasps Dorothys inventive plan to build a flying creature to escape Princess Mombi.

Their happiness becomes her happiness. Uncle Henry actively wrestles with Miss Gulch to keep her from mishandling Toto when she makes a grab for him. Frankenstein, Walter Bishop, that duck-billed thing in The Nightmare Before Christmasand the Wicked Witch of the West is basically a magical version of the mad scientist. She also clearly cares deeply about Toto, always doing her best to protect him and keep him out of trouble. Hes called The Army of Oz. And as the only member of that Army, he has to figure out what to do for himself. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Temperament, in psychology, an aspect of personality concerned with emotional dispositions and reactions and their speed and intensity; the term often is used to refer to the prevailing mood or mood pattern of a person. I looked at the Villains last time, and in this post, I visit with the Heroes. She also seems a bit reservednot detached, just quiet and dignifiedso Id put that Fe in the auxiliary position and pick an Introverted function as her dominant. In the movie we see a touch of this in Ozmas compassionate treatment of Mombi. Is she a calculating power-grabber (Introverted Intuition/Ni) or a stuffy control freak (Introverted Sensing/Si)? But many Logisticians would probably choose a current documentary or a movie based on a true story, rather than a decades-old drama. Needless to say, when I finally saw it, I was hooked, and I became one of those 80s kids that makes up the cult following of Return to Oz. Dorothy winds him up, and he immediately sizes up the situation. Six? She also abhors physical violence and seeks a peaceful solution to all her conflicts. One by one, Dorothys friends enter the room and are transformed. A classic film featuring a hardworking protagonist determined to stand up for whats right might intrigue them Mr. Smith Goes to Washington(1939) orIn the Heat of the Night(1967), perhaps. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Not to be confused with another lanky Halloween-inspired Jack, hes that strange combination of a sweet nature mixed with what could be seen as a scary face, staying true to the charming weirdness that is this version of Oz. Continue reading . Elmyra Gulch wants it all done her way, and done right now, classic signs of dominant Extraverted Thinking (Te-dom). There must be.

She enjoys being smart and clever and gloats over cornering Dorothy and her friends in the castle: Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of spearsthought you were pretty foxy, didnt you?, She never tells Dorothy exactly what shes thinking, thoughpartly because shes an Introverted Thinker and tends to keep her thoughts to herself; but also, I suspect, because this is the function Dorothy least understands, so her dreaming mind doesnt play it out for her. Of course we wont, he tells Dorothy when she asks if theyll let Miss Gulch take Toto. The Artisan, The Guardian, The Idealistoh my! For The Prince of Egypt and Return to Oz, I used (no, Prince of Egypt isnt Disney, but the collection includes both Disney and non-Disney animated films, plus a selection of Disney live-action movies). Down-to-earth and practical as they are, Observant personalities may be turned off by the theatrical aspects and exaggerated acting style that many old movies tend to favor, preferring instead realistic story lines and more believable, lifelike acting, sets, and effects. Pragmatic and goal-oriented, Logisticians may find it difficult to sit and watch a slow-paced old movie when there is other pressing work to be done. These things must be done delicately, she says, or you hurt the spell. Shell figure it out eventually. This is especially true of Logisticians (ISTJ), who agreed with our statement more than any other personality type (41%). Not that the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys didnt inspire a few nightmares in their day, but Return to Oz tapped into some of the darker reserves of L. Frank Baums imagination. As he tells it, he crash-landed in Oz and was promptly named the Wizard everyone was waiting for (Im not gonna reference the 2013 James Franco movie here, so you can just forget about that). Even though he knows what Miss Gulch is doing is wrong, hed probably rather keep Toto from getting hurt than see the situation escalate. There are two ways we can look at the characters in the land of Oz: one, as fully realized persons in their own right; and two, as personifications of the different parts of Dorothys personality. Dominant Function Introverted Sensing/Si, What Was. Instincts are defined as non-learned, inherited (genetic) patterns of behavior generally ensuring the survival of a species. Create a free website or blog at She dresses fancy, but only as a function of her position, not out of a strong love of luxury. The MyersBriggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. So to say Ive enjoyed this month of digging into some of the most iconic characters in our cultureand my memorydoesnt do it justice. Introverted Sensing (Si)Theres no place like home. Maybe you even throw quotes from old movies into everyday conversation. MBTI (MyersBriggs Type Indicator) of L Frank Baum - Children's Author, Enneagram Type of L Frank Baum - Children's Author, Instinctual Type of L Frank Baum - Children's Author, Alignment Type of L Frank Baum - Children's Author, Temperament Type of L Frank Baum - Children's Author, James Howard Meredith Civil Rights Leader, Explore the world of Visual Identification, Internet Celebrities & Fictional characters. Other certain re-tellings of the story that will go unnamed probably use an INTJ version of the Witch. Continue reading . Actress Judy Garland starred as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, a classic American film based on Baum s famous novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In one of the funniest scenes in the movie, Uncle Henry engages in cheeky wordplay with the grumpy Miss Gulch, deconstructing her words to create nonsense, and infuriating the woman. Why dont we just fly back to Kansas? she sighs, after they escape on the flying Gump. Jack attaches himself to Dorothy right away. Meanwhile, I wanted to give a long overdue shout-out to the sites where I get my images from. Younger? But still, thats Introverted Intuition at work. So its not her strength, and I think the Wizards reckless use of his own Ne-dom reflects the way that Dorothys ungrounded desires have led her astray. She tends to want to follow the guidelines that have been set up for her already and sometimes struggles to find new possibilities. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The Wizard of Oz and the MBTI Personality Temperaments Post3, The Wizard of Oz and the MBTI Personality Temperaments Post2, The Color Purple and the Power and Politics of Apologizing and Forgiving Post12, Tampopo and What is Culture Anyway? Lets take a look and see what makes him tick. And while we did not see much variation between traits, two personality aspects stood out: Energy and Nature. Oz has been part of my life since my parents sat my twin sister and mein front of the TV one evening when we werefive? finding the myers briggs types of characters from theatre, four letters at a time. Jack also has a highly detailed memory, on display when he recounts the story of how he came to life.
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