planer/molder knife set fits JET JPM-13 planer/molder (Item# 59381, sold separately), High speed steel construction for longer cutting life between sharpenings, Knives are hardened and tempered to 62-64 Rockwell for durability. Reversible Carbide Planer Blades (for DW677, DW678, and DW680K), HSS Blades for DeWalt DW680K & Makita N1900, 12-1/2" Disposable, Reversible Planer Knives, 13" Disposable, Reversible Thickness Planer Knives for DW735, 20" Planer Blades, Set of 4 for W1683 & W1747, 2ct., 20" Planer Blades, Set of 4 for W1683 / W1747, Replacement Knives for 6in. function random_imglink(){ You can have as many as you wish */ random_imglink2() Jointer W1679, DeWalt | Porter Cable | Black and Decker | Bostitch Tools | Stanley Tools, DeWalt DW6658 Reversible Carbide Planer Blades, DeWalt DW6805 Plate Joiner Blade CLEARANCE, DeWalt DW7351 Folding Tables for DW735 Planer, DeWalt DW7351 Folding Tables for DW735 Planer OB*, Shop Fox D3097 Planer Knives 20" for W1683/W1747, Shop Fox D3097 Planer Knives 20" for W1683/W1747 - 2 Sets, Shop Fox D3165 Jointer Knives 6" for W1679, Shop Fox D3324 Moulding Knives 1-3/4" Cove, Shop Fox D3325 Moulding Knives 1-3/4" Bead & Cove, Shop Fox D3327 Moulding Knives 2-1/4" Casing, Shop Fox D3330 Moulding Knives 1-1/8" Backout, Shop Fox D3331 Moulding Knives 1-1/2" Backout, Shop Fox D3332 Moulding Knives 2" Backout, Shop Fox D3333 Moulding Knives 2-1/4" Crown, Shop Fox D3337 Moulding Knives 4-1/4" Crown, Shop Fox D3338 Moulding Knives 4-5/8" Crown, Shop Fox D3339 Moulding Knives 2-5/8" Chair Rail, Shop Fox D3340 Moulding Knives - 2-1/2" Chair Rail, Shop Fox D3341 Moulding Knives 3" Chair Rail, Shop Fox D3342 Moulding Knives 3-1/4" Base, Shop Fox D3343 Moulding Knives 3-1/4" Base, Powered by Network Solutions Online Store. var ry=Math.floor(Math.random()*myimages.length) Over 200+ free JavaScripts here! myimages2[4]="../../../images/top-banner/behindtheforum.jpg" random_imglink() myimages2[1]="../../../images/top-banner/woodland-ad-1.jpg" on Sawmills and Milling. Updated: 00/04/25 { Most everything I enjoy doing turns out to be work. ry=1 //-->. Locating the part number for your item ahead of time will help ensure you quickly receive the correct items. "Attributes" : { } imagelinks2[6]="" The Forestry Forum is sponsored in part by: ], JET 13in. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, I'm new to the forum, but now to sawing and wood. //specify random images below. /* imagelinks[4]="" Larry, making useful and beautiful things out of the most environmental friendly material on the planet. function random_imglink2(){ on Drying and Processing, Started by Wmivey "catentry_id" : "200704238", Two LT70s, Nyle L200 kiln, 4 head planer, 30" double surface planer, Lucus dedicated slaber, Slabmizer, and enough rolling stock and chainsaws to keep it all running. Login with username, password and session length. } /* See All Planers, Jointers + Accessories "catentry_id" : "200655242", Updated: 00/04/25 if (ry==0) //specify corresponding links below Over 200+ free JavaScripts here! Mon - Fri 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Central)Sat 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Central). myimages[3]="../../../images/top-banner/wm-40-years.jpg" //specify random images below. myimages2[3]="../../../images/top-banner/woodland-ad-3.jpg" */ Planer/Molder Knife Set Fits JET JPM-13 Planer/Molder (Item# 59381), Model# JPM13-K, DEWALT Thickness Benchtop Planer 13in., 3 Knife, 2-Speed, 15 Amp, Model#DW735X, Milwaukee M18 3 1/4in. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. //-->,