You can call 70 13 14 15 for further information. Find an accurate schedule for Malmo-Copenhagen train on. Copenhagen boasts an extensive railway network, making a train ride one of the most popular ways of traveling through the city. Is the train from MALMO to copenhagen scenic? Alternatively you can buy a Copenhagen Card which apart from the free transport in all zones also gives you free entrance to most museums and attractions. on most lines) until around 6 p.m. After 6pm, trains run every 20 mins. The Danish State Railways (DSB) has a dense network of train services connecting Copenhagen, Arhus, Alborg and much more of Denmark. For example, you may encounter such unpleasantries as huge lines, already sold-out tickets or even a language barrier issue. The Central Station in Malm is in the centre of the city. Trains are very frequent (every 10 mins. You may need to use another form of transport to get from one station to another or to your final destination when you arrive in Hillerd. The trip takes approximately 35 mins. Are you headed for the Kongens Nytorv/Nyhavn area, Nrreport or Frederiksberg/Vanlse it is most convenient for you to take the metro. Only Danish currency is accepted and only cash - the drivers carry only small change. Copenhagen is divided into transport zones. The central station has connections by bus, S-train, metro, regional train and InterCity train, connecting Copenhagen with the rest of Denmark, Sweden and most of Europe - and not least Copenhagen Airport. There are, on average, 60 direct connections from Copenhagen to Hillerd each day. All platforms are accessible by stairs and elevators so you can easily access and exit the station. On certain days of the week, there may be more or less journeys available. It typically takes only 15-20 minutes to get to the centre of Copenhagen by train or metro, or 30-35 minutes with bus 5C. What is the fastest route from A to B by metro, bus and train? Discover information about TRAVELING BY TRAIN on. Metropolitan trains - S-togThe metropolitan train-system - S-tog - is a convenient way of getting around if you are going somewhere outside the city-centre. Regular tickets a can be purchased from vending machines and ticket offices. 103, Block South 2, Fort Cambridge, Tigne Street, Sliema, Malta, SLM3175, Malta (Registration number: C 81880). Depending on the type of transport, and the provider you decide to use for your journey, you will be able to depart Copenhagen from the following stations: sterport St. and Kbenhavn H. Arriving at Hillerd, your route will pass through all or some of the following stations: Hillerd St.. Not all transport providers serve every station, so check in advance to see exactly where your route takes you. In general, the first departure of the night will leave Copenhagen at 02:13, and the last departure will leave at 00:59. Tickets are valid in all buses, trains and metro and can be purchased in terminal 3 or with the DOT Tickets app. You will be able to travel from Copenhagen to Hillerd using companies such as Rejseplanen and DSB. Virail will allow you to explore all your options and come to a decision that suits your needs. It is easy and convenient to get to and from Copenhagen Airport by public transport. Travel by train inDenmarkand up to32 other European countries. Sign in to Virail to get exclusive travel deals, 1 )changePassengerCount('search').passengers-1)" data-test-id="passenger-decrease-button">. Therefore, it's best to arrive 30 minutes before your train departs. Striking Copenhagen boasts 84 railway stations, serving hundreds of Copenhagen S-trains (a rail network, serving Copenhagen urban area) every day. Therefore there is a huge number of departure times for you to choose from, with the earliest train departing 00:34. Please try again later. Next to the station isamusement park Tivoli. By signing up for our newsletter you agree to our terms and conditions. travel monocle freccia train italy Located in the busy city enter, the Copenhagen Central train station is the biggest railway hub in Denmark, serving dozens of domestic and international routes on a daily basis. InternationalFrequent trains run from the Central Station to all parts of Europe. Inside you can find theCopenhagen central station left luggage facility, comfortable waiting room, car rental service, restrooms, currency exchange point, dozens of Copenhagen train station maps, scattered throughout the building as well as big boards, providing a timetable of the closest Copenhagen central stationtraindepartures. Would you rather avoid reservations all together? You can also get a City Pass for zones 1, 2, 3, and 4. milan trains brenner munich train innsbruck scenery countries italy pass seat61 and costs DKK 36.The Copenhagen Metro runs to/from the airport at very short intervals. {{translatedAttributeValidityPeriodDescription}}, {{variant.localizedTravelPackDescription}}, {{variant.localizedPassUpgradeDescription}}. and much more of Denmark. Plan ahead with our guide on places to visit and events to attend. One platform,34+ destinations,700+ routes around the globe. At the busiest times, there will be up to 84 departures available in a single day. To know what to expect when you go through the doors of the station, you can watch a short video below, offering to have a look at the station interior as well as the location of its main facilities. This average figure may not necessarily reflect your chosen travel dates. Trains, buses at metro all leave from terminal 3, less than one minute from the baggage claim. There is a direct train, going between the main rail station in the city and Copenhagen airport. Copenhagen Central Station is located at the heart of Copenhagen and is a central hub for traffic into and out of Copenhagen and round the city. In an average day, you will find 12 journeys with at least one change. Explore the colourful streets of Copenhagen, the city of fairytales. The Copenhagen Central Station is not only the biggest but also is one of the busiest train stations in Denmark, making navigating the station complex a rather challenging task. Timetables for each provider on the route from Copenhagen to Hillerd can change from day to day or month to month. Combined, these providers offer an average of 72 journeys each day. The centre of the city and the inner suburbs of Frederiksberg, sterbro, Vesterbro, Christianshavn, and Islands Brygge are all located within zones 1 and 2. You can conveniently book train tickets for up to a year in advance! There are two types: 24 hours for DKK80 and 72 hours for DKK 200. The station boasts 7 platforms, 13 tracks, and a wide choice of in-house facilities, such as various restaurants and pubs, a post office, a bank as well as many others. The Metro to/from the airport is the same price as other means of public transport: DKK 36. When you've selected your ideal journey, Virail will transfer you to the website of your chosen travel provider, where you can complete your booking. In particular, many providers offer different schedules on weekdays and weekends. Public holidays, local events, and seasonal timetables can also cause schedules to change. Across fromthe Central Station in Malm, you will find a local tourist office. Keep this in mind when looking up train times at stations or in timetables . Has ticket desksand information service. Copenhagen Central Station also houses the ticket office (DSB Billetsalg) for domestic and foreign destinations. Map of all metro and train lines in the Greater Copenhagen area, Map of bus, train and metro in central Copenhagen. Plus, such amazing Copenhagen sights as the Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark, and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek are located within walking distance from the station. This means that when travelling around the city by public transport, you basically need a 2-zone ticket (DKK 24).If you are travelling anywhere outside the centre or inner suburbs, you need to purchase extra zones. To Malm in SwedenThere are trains to Sweden every 20 mins from sterport, Nrreport, and the Central Station. Of course, you can always ask a tourist information office to help you find your way or check with one of the Copenhagen Central Station maps available inside, but it's always better to come prepared. The local spelling of Danish cities can differ from the English spelling. To make sure that your rail journey goes as smoothly as possible, we recommend buying your train tickets online. The main Copenhagen station is very well-equipped, offering travelers everything you would expect from a modern railway station. The trip to the airport takes approximately 15 mins. No? Remove the Pass, and then change the currency on the website header. These options will help you find a journey that suits your budget, your time frame, and the circumstances of your trip. The journey planner is available in Danish, English and German. It departs every 10 minutes right from the station and can take you to the airport in a matter of 13 minutes. Bernstorffsgade 16 - 22, 1577, Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, you can have specific travel suggestions that include travel time, price estimate, map display and any changes. We recommend usingRejseplanen (Journey planner) if you need help planning your journey. Rail Ninja is the easiest way to book your Sweden rail tickets online!

There arefour types ofCPH Cards: 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and 120 hours. You can find Danish train timesin theInterrail timetable. Trains between the cities run very frequently - almost every twenty minutes. If arriving in Hillerd quickly is a priority for you, look for express or non-stop services. There is a direct train connecting Malmo and Copenhagen. Indirect connections add more possibilities, giving you extra flexibility when traveling. Finally a24 Hour Travel Card entitles you to unlimited transport in the Greater Copenhagen Area/all zones(DKK 130). Please enquire at the Central Station. Weprovide only real pictures andhonest descriptions. All bus lines stop at streetlevel. Please provide email for password recovery, Bernstorffsgade 16 - 22, 1577, Copenhagen, Denmark, Trains from Petrozavodsk To St. Petersburg, Trains from St. Petersburg To Petrozavodsk. Enter the password that accompanies your username. From May to August bike space must be booked in advance for IC and ICL trains. You may also find that a connecting route reaches your destination faster than some direct journeys. Thank you! As mentioned above, the Copenhagen Central Station is the biggest train station in the Danish capialbut it's far from being the only one. However, it is important to remember that this is general information, and these journey times are not necessarily available every day. For further information, please enquire at the Central Station or call 70 13 14 16. Please call 70 13 14 15 for further information on trains. Seat reservations are optional for all these train journeys. Is there a direct train from mALMO TO copenhagen? Your adventure is waiting - let Virail help you today. Rest of DenmarkThere are frequent train services from the Central Station to the rest of Denmark. Plus, you will have a chance of winning 2x Interrail Passes for future travel! Our Rail Ninja service allows you to purchase your train tickets in a matter of several minutes and you don't even need to leave your house to do that! Required from March 30th until September 29th.

The railway network in Denmark is run byDSB. The Metro is convenient when going from Nrreport Station to Kongens Nytorv (Nyhavn) and the Fields shopping centre (restad Station) or to the airport form certain parts of town - see above. Of course, it's possible to purchase a ticket at the train station, but this way doesn't guarantee that everything will run smoothly. You can access a great deal of the country using Denmark's trains. Tickets, fares, and discountsIn the Greater Copenhagen Area, you can transfer freely between buses, Metro, trains and the yellow "harbour bus" using the same tickets and discount cards. Make sure tobook your seat reservationswell in advance to guarantee your seat(s). The railway hub of Denmark is in Copenhagen: Kbenhavns Hovedbanegrd(main station). Take a look at all the information and find the transport option that's right for you. Trains are the fabulous way of exploring this fascinating country and its islands! Travel is back! Several Metro extensions are planned. Check out ourreservation-free itineraries. Discounts available for youth, seniors and families. The Interrail train journey through Denmark can be both inspiring and mystical. An error occurred when you're subscribing to our deals. Please try again in a minute. Nrreport Station has undergone a comprehensive renovation in recent years, and has become a very modern and welcoming place to depart from. Subscribe to be the first to know about our latest deals and get travel inspiration. Bicycles are permitted on the train upon purchase of a special bike ticket. Fares to Malm are DKK 85 one way and DKK 170 return. You can opt for Intercity Oresundstag trains or Regional SJ trains depending on your chosen departure time. Get free deals and discounts when you sign-up, Exclusive access to special promotions and deals, By signing up, you agree to our terms and conditions, You can find more information in our Imprint. Error subscribing to the newsletter. Contact our customer support before or during your trip. After 20:00 until midnight, trains run at intervals of 20 mins. 2003, 20/F, Tower 5, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

You cannot change the currency once you have a Pass in your cart. Need a hand? It was built on a place where the first-ever Copenhagen train station was located and opened its doors in 1911. These figures may vary at certain times of year, and some routes might not run every day of the week. Remember, as always, that this time does not include any delays that might occur due to weather conditions, construction, or unexpected diversions and disruptions. Our search tool uses data from thousands of travel providers to show you all the available routes for your chosen travel dates. Staff here will gladly help you with any questions you may have concerning Malm City. Do you know the best way to get from Copenhagen to Hillerd? SJ High-speed train: Approximately 7 (DKK 52) in 2nd class and 17 (DKK 126) in 1st class, InterCityExpress (ICE, trains to and from Germany): Approximately 4 (DKK 30), in the summer season only (18 June until 21 August), InterCity (IC) andInterCityLyn (ICL): Approximately 4 (DKK 30), At a ticket desk or self-service machine at Danish train stations.

These are the average travel times between the biggest cities in Denmark. Ask at your hotel or at the Visitors Centre.Trains & Metro to the airportTrains run to the airport every 10 mins between 5:00 and 20:00. Trains are the fabulous way of exploring this fascinating country and its islands! We have added your email to the signup queue. We speak your language and offer over20 payment methods. Bakken Amusement Park is serviced by Line C to Klampenborg. MetroCopenhagens new Metro system runs at 4 min intervals until midnight, after midnight the metro runs all night long at longer intervals, 7 days a week. Check out what you can find on SJ high-speed trains while traveling in Sweden. These types of cards are available at train stations and at the Visitors Centre. Whether you want to travel by train, bus, plane, or carpool, we can help. Trains stop at the airport. Nrreport Station one ofthe busiest station in Copenhagenand serves both buses, S-trains and metro as well as regional and InterCity trains. Don't worry, Virail knows. From Copenhagen Central Station, trains to Sweden usually depart from platform 26, a 15 minute walk from the main platforms. All S-trains are red. The journey between Copenhagen and Hillerd by train usually takes 42 min to cover a distance of 20.5 mi. Connects Copenhagen to Stockholm (Sweden), Travels to Berlin and other German cities. The main Copenhagen railway station is called Kobenhavns Hovedbanegard in Danish, but you can also see or hear an abbreviation of its name, Kobenhavn H. As its name suggests, the Copenhagen Central train station is located right in the heart of Denmark's capital and is easily reachable by public transport. Add these destinations to your rail itinerary during the warmer months! On buses you can get a regular ticket from the driver. The tickets for the train can be purchased right at the Copenhagen Central rail station and they cost approximately 7 - 10 USD (or 45 - 65 KR in the local currency). Malmo to Copenhagen travel by train is one of the most scenic journeys you could take in Scandinavia. There are several ways to travel from the Copenhagen railway station to the airport, but taking a fast train is the most popular option. Scandinavia in summer is something special. Meanwhile, comfortable international trains connect you to cities in Sweden and Germany. The shortest journey from Copenhagen to Hillerd will take you 32 min. Filter your results to suit your personal needs: decide whether you want a one-way or round trip ticket, look for a direct journey or one with connections, and choose the time of day that you prefer to travel. With your Interrail Pass, you get up to 20% discount on ferry crossings to Norway. A user-friendly interface, several languages as well as a vast choice of Copenhagen train routes and departures make Rail Ninja one of the most convenient ways of obtaining your Copenhagen train tickets. When going from the centre to the airport, you need 3 zones. The views from this bridge are truly unforgettable! The S-trains are particularly useful when going to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerd (Line A or E) or to ARKEN, Museum of Modern Art, in Ishj (Line E-direction Kge). There are no Metro services to/from the Central Station. There's also an ID check before boarding trains to Sweden. After midnight, trains run every hour at 3 minutes past the hour from the Central Station. You have already subscribed to this newsletter! You can choose to travel from Copenhagen to Hillerd using both direct and indirect routes. Youth, senior and family discounts available. These two cities in different countries are connected by a long bridge called Oresund.
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