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Our custom V-Belt sheaves are available in U.S. (inch) and metric sizes in any pitch. endstream endobj 17389 0 obj <>stream }h?(&*icS]W)8%(\*: et$IBO6"u Kld?sdnmVw/bvX"W3y=43=-?W^Z0MC0 endstream endobj 17387 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 17385 0 obj <>stream o&``X|mc;E _)c These materials include: Toronto Gear Works V-Belt Sheaves feature: Contact One of Our Sales Representatives Today Toronto Gear Works produces custom V-Belt sheaves from the most dependable and versatile raw materials that we receive from trusted suppliers who meet our rigorous standards. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email. Toronto Gear Works now offers V-Belt sheaves in a variety of types and sizes directly from stock. Lr '&oU[tvc::fC:zQSNhvv]sP &yx(O~2UR^w+"Mn^>Z#`|V.hV^)[:|==='dXo WT_V|#:a`i D Our V-Belt sheaves are smooth-surface, built-to-order, and engineered for long-term use with minimal maintenance. |YzSm =.$TyL0 %PDF-1.6 % endstream endobj 17388 0 obj <>stream (See our Email Privacy Policy for details.)

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