Formula 1s track limits policy will remain unchanged for the French Grand Prix, despite concerns the issue could be a major problem at the Paul Ricard circuit. Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Baku City Circuit technical Azerbaijan Flashback: Perez the master in the streets I wasnt ready for MotoGP but I had to take the Yamaha: Philosophy to not make a revolution Joan Mir to Repsol Honda, Miguel Oliveira to RNF Aleix Espargaro super exhausted by mental strain Heat set to give IndyCar drivers significant challenge IndyCar at Iowa Start time, how to watch, entry Rosenqvist suggests Palou may not race at all in 2023. Follow everyone on this podcast! Who is Abigail Hargreaves in Season 3 of Umbrella Academy? However, so far in 2022, ongoing inconsistencies and a perceived lack of transparency continue to create widespread frustration, 18+, UK residents only, T&Cs Apply, Gamble Responsibly. Use all of the track available on exit but be careful as it is easy to get invalidated here. Don't forget to like this video and subscribe to the channel!

However, Baku also has the narrowest point of F1 visits throughout the year, with the castle section proving to be a tough challenge for drivers. As Jri said, theres a lot more opportunities to overtake on this track, so its about maximising those.. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Its one of the fastest tracks in F1, with top speeds in excess of 200 mph on the 1.4 mile extended front. Keeping it in 3rd gear for Turn 12 too, take a late apex and get your tyre fully on, but not over the striped kerb as you want to maintain traction. In the 2016 GP2 Tour, the track became clogged with the field being explored and the limits of the castle section crossed leading the Formula 1 drivers to create the Grand Prix by taking things easy.

On the middle tires in the third quarter, Leclerc shut down as he approached Turn 8, and instead was flipping on the escape route, hitting the barriers. OPINION: By winning at the Red Bull Ring last weekend, Charles Leclerc ended a 19-year victory drought for Ferrari in Austria. #formula3 #fiaformula3 #britishf4 #roadtof1 #austriangp #frenchgp In other news, Johnny Depps battle to clear his name and whats next in his career. But it was the manner of his triumph over Max Verstappen that Formula 1 fans should savour now and recall later. (LogOut/ The F1 Feeder Series crew is here to bring you the latest on the world of feeder series, from Formula 2 all the way down to Formula 4 and everything in between.

With the circuit playing host to the longest straight on the F1 and F2 calendars, overtaking will not be an issue come race day. Coming towards Turn 15, the final corner of Sector 2, brake in a straight line at around 75m, shifting down to 3rd gear. He toldThe F1 Show: I like the very tight castle part and unfortunately they took out that kerb, which made it quite exciting because you were playing with really fine limits over there. Jim Kimberley: Like what you hear?

On the transition between the left of T5 and the right of T6 shift down to 2nd gear to help rotate the car, before short-shifting again on exit.

The safer line, which is much more like how they would take it in real life, is to simply go around to the right of this kerb and just gently clip it. Drivers undecided on Turn 8 changes at Baku, KartCMP1: Azerbaijan Grand Prix pre-race notes, Wolff: We expect Baku to be another tricky one for us. Regardless, his legacy only looks set to be further cemented thanks to his tireless work off-track to help boost a rising star and also make motorsport a better place.

"And we'll continue working through that. How F1's new rules really rate halfway through their first season.

The problem sausage kerbs continue to cause, Track limits are the problem that motorsport doesn't seem to be able to rid itself of. Follow us on Twitter@Planet_F1, like ourFacebook pageandjoin us on Instagram! ", F1 stewards set date for Mercedes' new Verstappen/Hamilton evidence, Analysis: Ferraris latest F1 brake experiments, De Vries to replace Hamilton in FP1 at French GP for Mercedes, Verstappen: Losing "favourite track" Spa from F1 would be "big shame", The art of compromise an F1 race engineer has to master, Hamilton picks Alonso as his toughest F1 competitor, Why a title-less 2022 F1 season won't stop Hamilton's legacy from growing, Hamilton: We Race As One was just words, more needed for change, Exposed: The F1 flexi floor tricks that teams were playing. ", The other factor that helped to make an exciting Tuscan GP, Racing Point in fight to build new F1 upgrade for Russia after Stroll crash, Russell: F1 rivals may fall into "traps" as they develop cars, The highs and lows of being F1's latest supersub, F1 stands firm on track limits as Paul Ricard run-off conduct laid out. Now, youre not going to move a 12th-century castle just so 20 men can drive their race cars all over the place, so in designing the track, F1 and Hermann Tilke had to get creative. The third sector is the rapid eruption that returns to sea level and along the straight crater. The toughest challenge on the circuit at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has had some tweaks made to it in the narrow castle section at Turn 8. "No, we can't not have them everywhere," said the Australian. OPINION: Formula 1 is now exactly halfway through its first season running the new cars championship owner Liberty Media set about introducing after its 2017 purchase. "And instead of actually it being an issue for the stewards, if you put a gravel trap there, it wouldn't be an issue for the stewards, for Michael [Masi, FIA race director], for Lewis, for Max or for us.

The Baku Fortress F1 section at its narrowest is only 7.6 meters 24.9 feet. So I think it's a bit much to ask. I dont think it was the reason for the crash, actually. We've already discussed it with the drivers. Sainz' plea for gravel is part of a recurring theme over the past years as F1 has struggled to police track limits in a consistent manner. Twitter:

That year, in Formula 1 qualifying, Lewis Hamilton crashed at the exit of the Baku Castle F1 section, by cutting the inner wall of Turn 11. The return of Formula 1's sprint race format at the Austrian Grand Prix provided drivers with two bites at the cherry to make progress after qualifying. But the use of so-called 'sausage kerbs' as a deterrent has in several instances only served to worsen the problem, and a growing number of voices want to see action taken, How Red Bull's gateway F1 car overcame a baked-in disadvantage, The RB5 was the first Red Bull to win a GP but, as STUART CODLING explains, the early success of the car in 2009 was somewhat against the run of form, How unshackled Albon is taking inspiration from Hamilton and Vettel, No longer defined by being benched by Red Bull, Alex Albon is establishing himself as a worthy successor to George Russell in the lead seat at Williams and, as STUART CODLING explains, hes also following the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in using his profile to improve the lives of others, The anticipated culture change at the top of motorsport that is yet to arrive, OPINION: The FIA implemented changes to its Formula 1 race management in the wake of the controversial Abu Dhabi final last November that appeared to be the culture shift needed to restore faith in the governance of the series.

- Henry Valantine. Both Vips and Hitech have illustrated that they enjoy the layout of Baku and have the set-up figured out better than most. Our car felt really good today, so I think theres every opportunity to fight for wins this weekend, As you said, we were strong here last year, so I knew going into this weekend that Hitech were going to be strong again. Max Verstappen believes Red Bull is still chasing Ferrari for outright performance in Formula 1 this year as the Italian team has enjoyed more dominant weekends in 2022. However when asked if gravel traps could be used more widely Masi explained that it wasn't possible.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Please check your email to confirm your newsletter subscription. "And it's probably going to give the FIA some confidence that these kind of run-off areas work to protect from track limits and all those issues that we're having in other tracks, so it was nice to see.". Turn 8 is the entrance to the Baku F1 Castle section, an elevated fast left, before cars wriggle across the section, exit at Turn 12 to blast down to Turn 15. George Russell believes rival teams may fall into "traps" that Mercedes has already discovered as it has tried to improve its 2022 Formula 1 car. As a result, it was predicted by Sky Sports pundit Anthony Davidson that drivers will be able to add as much as 10mph more speed into corner entry, but the tight exit will still represent a significant challenge behind the wheel. Heres how the Mexican has succeeded where Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon before him stumbled, Why F1 drivers can't have their cake and eat it over track limits.

Use all the track as always on the exit, being careful not to brush the wall. Use 4th gear at the apex here, and stay in 4th throughout the whole uphill section of T9 and T10, using all of the track available to you. Meanwhile, Premas Dennis Hauger carried the momentum from his maiden Formula 2 win in Monaco into Qualifying, taking third ahead of the other Hitech of Marcus Armstrong. I discovered it this morning, I practiced it in the sim for the whole day last Friday with the kerb and now its not there anymore.

F1 stands firm on track limits as Paul Ricard run-off conduct laid out. The best root apps give you full access to your Android phone.

Incidentally, the two drivers are inverted for the Feature Race grid this year, with Lawson having since moved to Carlin. The pair both took to the painted run-off area before re-joining the track at speed. We then asked him whether he believed it possible to win both the Sprint Race and the Feature Race. For Turn 11, shift down to 3rd gear and aim to take all of the kerb being careful not to catch the edge of the wall as Hamilton once did. While Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have both said recently that they no longer go on track walks during a race week, they will have missed a key adjustment made to the difficult left-hander.

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Shift down to 3rd gear and use all of the flat inside kerb as it is flat right up to the wall.

Aim for the white line at the apex as this kerb is fairly large and not one you want to be taking heavily. Aim to keep left out of T5 so you compromise your T5 exit to open up the T6 entry and improve your run onto the next straight. Unlike many modern venues Mugello has gravel traps lining much of the circuit, to the extent that in his race directors' notes issued to teams Masi formally noted that "track limits at the exit of Turns 3, 5, 9, 11 and 15 will not be monitored as the defining limit at each of these locations is the gravel trap.". As you pass the castle on your left, continue to hug the left barrier to open up the entry to Turn 11. I now think its going to be a lot more predictable, but its still a difficult track..

Last year, Hitech locked out the front row in qualifying, with Lawson on pole ahead of Vips. The subject of run-off areas and track limits has become a regular hot topic in F1 drivers' briefings this year. "I think it makes things a lot more straightforward. Speaking about his hopes for this weekend, Vips made clear that the chaotic nature of the Baku City Circuit meant that anything can happen. Header photo credit: Dutch Photo Agency / Red Bull Content Pool, carlin, Dennis Hauger, f2, felipe drugovich, Formula 2, hitech gp, hitech grand prix, Jri Vips, jehan daruvala, liam lawson, marcus armstrong, prema, Tho Pourchaire. "I think as a driver you prefer the fact that if you go off, it gets penalised," said the Ferrari driver. The incident was noted by race control but not investigated, a non-call which sparked controversy as similar incidents were previously punished with a five-second penalty, most notably Lando Norris' defensive move on Sergio Perez in Austria. The Saturday morning tricks that expose Alonso's true mindset, They were unnoticed by many, and eventually rendered futile due to a car problem that prevented him from starting the sprint race. Instagram:, Mid-season Reviews for FIA F3 & British F4 with Ushijima & Loake | F1 Feeder Series Podcast #26, Jack Doohan & Franco Colapinto avoid Podcast Penalties! Website: One of the biggest gripes over track limits in Formula 1 has been consistency, and thus new race director Niels Wittich has chosen to enforce track limits at every corner - with the white line the outer permissible extremity.

Im stupid, Leclerc commented as he climbed off the Ferrari. GPDA director Sebastian Vettel suggested that one possible option could be a strip of gravel between the track and an asphalt run-off. One of the biggest gripes over track limits in Formula 1 has been consistency, and thus new race director Niels Wittich has chosen to enforce track limits at every corner - with the white line the outer permissible extremity. After qualifying second in Baku last year, Hitechs Jri Vips scored his second pole position of the season with an impressive performance on Friday. The castle section is the narrowest part on the calendar at just 7.6m wide, so we are unlikely to see overtaking through here!

But Fernando Alonso's tactics in second practice at the Austrian Grand Prix revealed that the Alpine driver is as sharp as he ever has been and wasting no opportunity to gain an advantage, which will play to his favour when his recent run of poor luck turns, The elements of Leclercs Austria win that bode well for his F1 future. I dont really know why they did it, its going to make the corner a lot faster. The first sector of Baku consists largely of 90-degree angles, using streets as the circle winds inland from the coast to the city centre. Nevertheless, he has consistently shown the pace to qualify at the front and once again proved that he is one of the quickest on the grid. F1 has been traveling to Azerbaijan since 2016, where the tight castle section proved to be a tough challenge for drivers to master. "It's not a one size fits all, as I've said this multiple times, we need to come up with the appropriate solutions with each of the circuit owners and operators. Why 2021 and 2022 are so different in British F4 is not responsible for the news headlines and associated descriptions and images it indexes, the content of externally linked sites or the comments & postings of its users. Click here and use the code PLANETF10 at checkout*, *offer expires midnight on Sunday, June 6.

At the time, the Baku city street circuit was unlike any street track that F1 had not seen before. Try to keep your eyes focused on the apex here because it can be easy to miss it and end up in the wall, try to keep the braking boards in your peripheral vision. "And we hope that in the future, especially at a track like Sao Paulo, where MotoGP is not running, we would like to see gravel traps back because we would never brake so late into Turn 4. It is important to try to spot your apex for T11, which can be tricky as you can't see it from here.

Article To news overview Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly have opposing views on the new Turn 8 kerb which is expected to see the cars go through the castle section at Baku at a higher speed.

Mercedes has since called for a review of the incident now that the onboard footage from Verstappen's car has been released. Mercedes suspension broke, as Hamilton was blinded by the sunset. Things will now be faster all the way up that hill [after Turn 8]..

Speaking different languages In this episode we dive into:

For Turn 5, move back over to the right using all of the track and brake just after the 100m board. For this apex, there are two possible lines, a safe line and a risky line.

Brake roughly halfway between the 100m and 50m boards and shift down to 2nd gear for the apex. However, a concrete wall remains in place to deter drivers from trying to take too much speed into one of the narrowest sections of any track on the Formula 1 calendar. I mean, its Baku, so its the easiest place to overtake in the end on the whole calendar. What they decided to do was temporarily tarmac over the gravel to create courses 8-11 of the circuit. AlphaTauris Pierre Gasly doesnt seem enamoured with the decision, however. The top tips to make it racing around Britain Explain their relationship, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak's reaction to green card exposed amid Tory race, Barbie Fan Creates a Funny Oppenheimer Simulation Poster for the Margot Robbie Movie, American Horror Stories Season 2 Cast: Where I've Seen Actors Before, Wild Reddit theory blames 'Big Bang Theory' for Nebraska's demise, Uma Thurman and Henry Golding in The Old Guard 2. Perhaps most famously, Charles Leclercs 2019 qualifying accident is the most memorable incident in the F1 Fortress section in Baku. If its a normal race, its going to be really, really difficult, but anything can happen, especially here, so Im definitely not ruling it out., I mean, its Baku, so its the easiest place to overtake in the end on the whole calendar. Where to watch the movie What Is A Woman by Matt, Why are your Instagram messages black and how to fix, Why is my Instagram background black? But I think you have to balance also the gravel against the asphalt in terms of if things go wrong. ", Photo by: Jerry Andre / Motorsport Images.

Cars drive in a narrow direction at Turn 7, entering the old town. Things we're excited about for the next race: Seeing drivers try and squeeze their way through this living hell of a corner again #f1, F1 TV are offering PlanetF1 readers 10% off their Access and Pro subscriptions! Thats going to be the same for everyone but its still quite intense.

The Spaniard hopes that modifications can be made to Interlagos, particularly since the track doesn't have to accommodate MotoGP bikes. This sector is all about pushing the limits when it comes to the walls, but not overstepping the mark and hitting them. Involuntary, Broadcast, preview and where to watch Street Man, What does We have 1,028 days left mean, Meet the little girl Thor Love and Thunder who plays. Davidson described the changes onThe F1 Showon Sky Sports: The old kerb has gone, its going to be flat all the way up to the [inside] barrier, which is solid concrete you dont want to be hitting this stuff. 2014

Formula 1s biggest tech controversy so far this season has involved the FIAs intervention on porpoising, and a knock-on clampdown on flexi floor tricks. This apex kerb is really important to shorten the line around Turn 7, so make sure you use as much as the track limits will allow but be careful not to cut it completely. Learn how to master it below: Sector 2 is much more complex than Sector 1 and contains the famous, narrow castle section. "It's not the solution everywhere, let's put it that way.". Obviously the straight is very long [in Baku], but the rest of the track is quite technical. F1 Feeder Series and selected media spoke to Red Bull Juniors Vips and Liam Lawson, the top two from Qualifying, and asked the pair whether they could have a chance at recreating Vips success here last year by winning both races this time around. Stay to the middle of the track on exit so as to not compromise your entry through T12 and down the next flat out section. "I think you also saw at the start today a few cars - including ourselves - going wide in Turn 4. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have both said recently that they no longer go on track walks.

And a surprise late cameo for watermelons Verstappen: Red Bull still chasing "more dominant" Ferrari in F1 2022. Create a website or blog at, Reece Ushijima of Formula 3 and Joseph Loake from British F4 join us at the halfway points of their championships to look back on how their seasons have gone and what to expect in the rest of 2022. Formula 1s track limits policy will remain unchanged for the French Grand Prix, despite concerns the issue could be a major problem at the Paul Ricard circuit. Vips achieved his first career pole position in Round 3 in Imola earlier this year but failed to score a single point in the races, in part because of a big error in the Feature Race that saw him beach his car in the gravel while running fourth. The driver who ended the curse of Red Bulls second F1 seat, Being Max Verstappens team-mate has been the undoing of several drivers, but Sergio Perez has finally made the job his own. On Lap 48 Verstappen pushed Hamilton off the track at Turn 4 as the Briton attempted a pass around the outside.

Joseph Loake: This website is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies. Despite his three podiums this season, Vips is still awaiting his first Formula 2 race victory since visiting Baku last year. Several have been caught out in that area of the track before, with Robert Kubica clipping the inside wall and ending up in the barrier, as well as Charles Leclerc cursing himself on team radio after locking up and crashing.

Turn 13 is easy flat so just try to scrub as little speed as possible here, smoothing out the line with T14. Preview: Arsenal vs. Chelsea - prediction, team news, 'I am not a kid anymore' - Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus Arsenal vs Chelsea Prediction and Betting Tips | 23rd 26-year-old Arsenal star leaves pre-season camp to Mercedes' first update already visible before French GP, Mercedes showcases French GP updated W13 nose design. How tight was it and who crashed there? The drivers aren't exactly happy with that in practice, but it does afford the uniformity that they desired Why a title-less 2022 F1 season won't stop Hamilton's legacy from growing, OPINION: Lewis Hamilton appears unlikely to extend his tally of seven Formula 1 world championships in 2022, as Mercedes tries to recover the ground it has lost with its new car.

Turn 5 quickly leads into Turn 6 so you rely on a good line through T5 to make the best out of T6 by taking a wide line through it. It's the scene where Leclerc crashed in 2019 during qualifying but the Ferrari driver does not think that the new kerb would have changed the consequences of his accident. Thats definitely the target, but a lots going to happen before then. Tom Evans: Change). Being a rookie in a new team However, Baku is something somewhat different. (LogOut/ Its the same for everyone, Leclerc told and other select members of the press. The risky line in F12020 involves fully mounting the inside kerb with all four tyres, which shortens the line significantly but the large kerb can send the car in the air. If there had been a gravel trap, we wouldn't have gone there. Tony Predictions: Who will win the 2022 Tony Awards? Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Heres why. FIA sets out timeline for WRC future regulations Rovanpera dominance wont change Evans WRC WRC Estonia: The Good, The Bad and a rain master, Hyundai to review fundamental issues with i20 N WRC car. We asked Lawson whether he thought he could fight for victory in both races. Is Hulk the Temple's wife? Ferrari'sSainz, who also used the Turn 4 run-off area on a scrappy first lap, believes the whole ordeal could have been avoided by installing gravel traps instead of Interlagos' tarmac run-offs. How Perez ended the curse of Red Bulls second F1 seat, Being Max Verstappens teammate has been the undoing of several drivers, but Sergio Perez has finally made the job his own. For this year, the normal high kerb at Turn 8 has been replaced with a lower, painted kerb. The Estonian excelled in the Azerbaijani capital in 2021, taking two race wins, and he will be looking to replicate his Feature Race win from last year.

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(LogOut/ "We keep asking for gravel traps," he added. Similarly to Turn 13, Turn 14 is easily flat so just try to scrub as little speed as possible again here. Romain Grosjean reveals if he respects' Lewis McLaren expect good step' with France upgrades. Lawson has been competitive since moving to Carlin, but he has struggled for consistency despite being one of the most highly rated drivers on the current F2 grid.

This next section starting with Turn 7 gets a little more tricky so make sure you concentrate, it is easy to end up in the barriers. Vettel denies McLaren rumours and reveals his plan for the RB18 still too heavy: "You don't solve it with one Verstappen on overweight RB18: "Can't solve with one Leclerc and Sainz asked about team orders: "Don't want Ferrari considering taking Sainz engine penalty in France, Bottas hopeful of unique F1 advantage in French sweatbox.

This certainly gives someone like Vips or Lawson the opportunity to fight for good points in both races. Ferrari will evaluate a new floor design at Formula 1's French Grand Prix as the Italian outfit bids to up the ante in its fight with Red Bull. Max Verstappen believes Red Bull is still chasing Ferrari for outright performance in Formula 1 this year as the Italian team has enjoyed more dominant weekends in 2022. Is Hulk the Temples wife?

The Baku Fortress section is the narrowest point in the entire F1 calendar, Where to play Taylor Swift Heardle as fans are. Sainz was one of many F1 drivers who preferred the gravel arrangement at Mugello over asphalt run-off areas. At the Belgian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz Jr suggested that the balance of risk and reward was wrong after artificial grass was removed from the edge of the track to help Spa earn an FIM licence.

Championship leader Felipe Drugovich qualified fifth, while the next two drivers in the standings, Tho Pourchaire and Jehan Daruvala, were further down in twelfth and eighth respectively.

As a result there was even less of a penalty than previously for any F1 drivers who ran wide. So, how exactly are those major rule changes really working now the evidence has mounted up? Where is the batch number code in Peanut Butter Jif? Vips was not shy about stating that he was going to get his elbows out for the Sprint Race on Saturday, for which he will start in the middle of the pack in tenth. We have arrived at the famous Turn 8 - the castle section.

Usually, the street paths are narrow and winding and difficult to overtake see Monaco as Gallery A. Ferrari will evaluate a new floor design at Formula 1's French Grand Prix as the Italian outfit bids to up the ante in its fight with Red Bull. Given his pace on race day, its possible that he snagged his first Grand Prix victory. Ferrari brings new F1 floor to French Grand Prix. In Sunday's gripping grand prix at Interlagos Verstappen tried everything he could to keep the faster Mercedes of Hamilton at bay as the pair continued its hard-fought 2021 title battle, which is set to go down to the wire. Verstappen: Red Bull still chasing more dominant Ferrari in F1 2022. "Maybe we can have an intermediate solution where you have a gravel strip initially, and therefore there is no point to go wide, and after that have asphalt for the benefit of having less run-off, bring the spectators closer to the track, and make it safer for us, so the cars slow down if you lose control or whatever.

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