Dairy intolerance is pretty prevalent in the U.S., with over 30 million people having an allergic reaction to lactose in dairy products. However, despite what social media tells you, the number of hardcore vegans and vegetarians hasnt increased substantially. In fact, conversations on a Monday topped Sundays mentions by a huge 25%. Sign up today to see how it works. A living that has conscious growth and consumption and sustainability, at the heart of it. Today, we all have the combined knowledge of the world at our fingertips. registration number, Registered Office Address: 185 Fleet Street, London, England, EC4A 2HS, 10 products predicted to fly off the shelf, shift in consumers grocery buying habits. Music makes or breaks the atmosphere in a bar, and customers know it. When asked To what extent do you think are the following physical health aspects influenced by gut health, consumers reported feeling strongly that immune health and energy levels were impacted by their gut. The highs and lows are much less choppy, and consumers are consistently showing similar levels of interest in restaurants and bars. Knowing about these trends is only the beginning. Natural immunity and health are becoming more prevalent, so brands have to keep up. Buying Habits and Trends for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, Report | Consumer Trends in the CPG Industry. Hungry for more? While there is still plenty of room for trial and error, most consumers want to see companies making a concerted effort to source everything as responsibly as possible. Luckily, were here to help. As we focus our sights back on the environment, were noticing a trend of ingredients that were once considered throwaways, now being given a new lease on life. As a CPG company, you need to stay on top of consumer trends, lest you fall behind the competition. Plant-based plastics are also becoming more popular because they break down much faster than petroleum-based materials. A recent survey showed that only 3% of U.S. adults identify as a vegan, which is only slightly higher than the 2% figure from 2012. Could potato milk be the next big thing to disrupt the vegan milk alternatives sector? week 2022 berlin international showsbee Consumers increasingly value the functionality, freshness, and authenticity of local foods.

As our access to different food types expands, our perception of food has also changed. The CBD market has seen an explosion of interest in recent years, thanks to the growing demand for healthy foods and CBDs claimed benefits for mental health and wellness. By using our site you agree toour Weve already seen the explosive growth of natural products, but now were shifting toward specialty-diet offerings as well. Case in point: 60% of global consumers polled by Innova say they expect more food brands to develop services that bring enhanced social connection into their homes. As well see, consumers are becoming savvier about how and why their food is made. We only ask you this: are you passionate to serve food the way it should be and keen on exploring organic ways of farming and plantations? More and more, these consumers are looking for food and beverages that align with their political, social and ethical values. Overall, the trick is blending convenience with everything else, such as sustainability and natural ingredients. Immune-boosting foods, global cuisine, and omnivore diets are examples of how American consumers are shifting their preferences to be more informed, healthier, adventurous, and environmentally friendly. Get valuable insights with Byzzer. Brewed to perfection. That said, NielsenIQ search data shows that the term vegan is the second-most searched snack term, and the seventh-most searched for across all online grocery shopping websites. Whether sold in ready-to-drink cans or in larger bottles that consumers can return to for an evening tipple, pre-mixed cocktails have shed their less than sparkling reputation as speciality drink industry brands revamp the category to ride the wave of premiumisation in drinks. Approximately 75% of those surveyed told Innova that companies should listen to consumers more when developing new products, flavors, or strategies. The concepts proved so popular that 50% of consumers globally say they are interested in trying new tech delivery concepts such as drone delivery, <5min delivery, and more. It seems like consumers are eager to see their favorite artists again, and bars are the place to do it. Even if youre not in the meal kit business, you can meet the demand for convenience by making it easier for customers. You cant scroll for more than 30 seconds before seeing some recipe or image of plant-based foods. Interested in learning more about how to give your 2022 new launches a competitive edge? The American palate has seen a significant diversification in the last three decades.

The right combination of these elements can create craveable meals and snacks that customers will love., Bottom line: Food and beverage trends shiftso should your brand. While its true that consumers dont always know best when it comes to which ingredients will have the biggest impact on their health and wellness, they are attentively listening. When asked If you have bought/sourced more local produce in the past 12 months, to what extent do you expect to continue after the pandemic, the majority of consumers polled answered More or Much more. Searches for Levantine on Waitroses website rose by more than 2,500%, the retailer said, with products like pomegranate molasses, Turkish Urfa chilli flakes and Feta parcels flying off the shelves. During COVID-19, many shoppers sought food options that had a perceived benefit to boosting their immunity against sickness. Meals in general have become both a place of connection for family and friends, an opportunity to explore new things and travel safely, and have also empowered us to improve our personal health and our shared planets health with the choices we make.. We found six key insights to help you stayahead. Regardless of the state of the pandemic, more consumers want to build their immunity naturally through food. Label Insights offers customized codes that can link to corresponding landing pages. Cauliflower is especially having a moment, as people are using it for everything from mashed potato alternatives to pizza crusts. Consumers want companies to be more transparent about their supply chain and manufacturing processes. Free-range cattle and chickens are more desirable than those who grow up without green pastures and sunlight. Increasingly, however, CBD products are moving away from the health food shops and into drinks and food products, so it is certainly an area worth exploring for fine food retailers. Trend #1: Immune-boosting foods: a fragile health-food trend. For reservations: +91-172-4668444 | +91-172-4633111 | Email: [emailprotected], SCO 10-11-12, First Floor Sector 17A, Near Taj Chandigarh, Vegetarianism should not be anything moral or religious. So, items that can offer a vitamin and mineral boost will be more captivating than those with less healthy ingredients. Interests in immune-boosting foods such as turmeric, honey, and ginger have seen double-digit growth year-to-year compared to the pre-pandemic world, and, product launches touting immune health rose by 18%, Although theres been a large uptick in the number of immune-boosting foods, the trend is very fragile, as only, state they will continue to seek out immunity-boosting supplements and food after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The consumer trends focus on the choices of current American consumers and how their preferences are changing. The most popular time of day for these conversations is, unsurprisingly, midday. The most common topics among customers are great food and great service.

The novelty of retro foods has not worn off on British consumers, who are still returning to nostalgic recipes for a dose of comfort food. Read last years Food and Beverage Industry Trends Report here. The internet has connected the globe like never before, meaning that consumers are exposed to many more cultures. It is a question of aesthetics: ones sensitivity, ones respect, ones reverence for life., 2020 All Rights Reserved. Today refined oil is marketed under real grain names such as sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, while in reality these packed oils are being mixed with unhealthy palm oils, chemicals & preservatives, causing major ailments of the stomach. Lets define the future together. From toothpaste to technology, buying habits and trends in theconsumer packaged goods (CPG) sector areshifting. After a turbulent start to 2022, the conversation about the food and beverage (F&B) industry has steadied. Sunday brunch has nothing on Mondays. Therefore, transparent contact information, printed clearly on product labels; engaging consumers by allowing them to vote on the next flavor of your product; or showing a willingness to be brave by broaching a conversation about a complex issue affecting your product will go far in 2022. Looking at a label isnt enoughconsumers want to know exactly how their food got from the farm to their plate. Ideally, you can put evidence on the packaging to illustrate your commitment to this mantra. In 2022, they predict it will shine even brighter. Here are the trends to look out for in the restaurant industry this year. To answer the call, the brands we know and love have developed new, attention-grabbing products. Consciously sourced & cooked. Sweet & savouries. Unfortunately, anticipating and adapting to trends can be difficult if you dont know what to look for.

With alternative-milks like oat milk and almond milk continuing to penetrate the diary market, there is good reason to believe the hype that plant-based milk will continue to grow in popularity. 2022 CIO Market Study Summary: Taking Stock with Peter T. Blockchain Challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry, 5 Key Considerations for Creating an Employee Resource Group (ERG), Data Governance Strategy & Implementation, Business Investment Framework in the Beverage Industry, Direct-to-Consumer: DTC Website Launch for Consumer Healthcare Leader, DTC Digital Strategy and Market Sizing Assessment for a Leading National Wholesaler, 2022 Clarkston Consulting CIO Survey Summary Report. Small businesses need to listen to the preferences of brand buyers, Breakthrough Innovation Poland 2021: How innovations are changing Polish retail market, Consumer health and wellness continues to drive FMCG growth in Asia Pacific, Biodegradable Packaging Claim Certification. Here are. Over the past two years, the food manufacturing industry has faced significant challenges in meeting global demand. With the news of celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio investing in cell-based meat start-ups such as Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms, were predicting a giant advancement in the cultivated meat market in 2022. In fact, in 2021 there was a 54% growth among food and beverage launches with an upcycling claim. Versatile mushrooms are not brand new to the superfood category, but their cult-like status is reaching the masses today. Consumers are also inspired by the food of the Levant, which comprises a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean. An overwhelming 70% of emotion-categorized mentions about plant-based foods were joyful. For example, the average grocery store has seen average SKUs increase from 7,000 in the late 1990s to a current average of 40,000. How has the restaurant industry changed this year? As we hear more in the media about plant-based innovation and sustainability and see more plant-based products popping up everywhere from big name to discount grocery shelves as well as fast food to high-end restaurants consumers will certainly be thinking more about these products as well as demanding more from them when it comes to taste. There are three parts that make up a grain - the bran, the germ and the endosperm. Well cover other industries (i.e., health and beauty) in other articles. Stoneground flour differs from industrially ground flour in a variety of ways. How is the conversation around the CPG industry changing in 2022? For example, some shoppers want to make sure that baby food is healthy and sustainable, while others scrutinize pet food products the same way. And they are right on-trend with this move, as 64% of young people say they actively want to pursue a career in improving food innovation. As our access to different food types expands, our perception of food has also changed. Alternative Dairy represents one of the largest [].

All RightsReserved. Product of USA. On Waitroses website, searches of knickerbocker glory were up 171%, the retailer said. Seeking elevated experiences that bring something extra to the eating experience will also be top of mind for consumers going forward, as we continue to spend more time in our homes.

Whats crucial to remember is that casein-free is not the same as dairy-free. All Rights Reserved. Gone are the days of avoiding labels and taking deep dives into the manufacturing and production processes. Consumers are calling the shots, and they expect more engagement from brands through the digital and real-world channels they frequent. In its truest sense, organic isnt a brand, but a way of life. Whats in store for the vegan milk trend? The pandemic reshaped existing eating occasions and helped create new ones around tech, and as a result, consumers now expect more from going out. For F&B Manufacturers, this means choosing suppliers and partners that can provide not only solutions but insights into consumer voice respective to their areas of expertise (and, if youre looking for a flavor company that does just that, youve already found us!). There is a substantial difference between the two, which is promising for restaurants who rely on customers dining in rather than taking away.

The nightlife industry is back. Which food trends will be most in demand in 2022? During COVID-19, many shoppers sought food options that had a perceived benefit to boosting their immunity against sickness. Log in to access your existing Falcon products and data via the login menu on the top right of the page. Not only is the consumption of ordinary mushrooms on the rise, but theyre being found in more and more unexpected places, from mushroom powder adding punchy flavour to alternative meats to varieties like Lions Mane adding functional benefits to beverages. Brands will benefit from experimenting with options on the menu for those with different dietary requirements. QR codes and RFID tags empower consumers to dive deeper into their favorite products and how theyre made. From farm-fresh locally sourced foods to large, globally recognized products, brands are delivering on this trend in a number of ways. Innovas Innova Market Insights Top Ten Trends for 2022 report, recreate the authentic taste and mouthfeel of dairy in plant-based and vegan products, The European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Profitable Profiles: Cash in on Replicating Authentic Dairy Taste for Plant-based, Trends & Takeaways From The F&B Industrys Top Summer Events, Cravings Conquered: A Taste of Regional Snack Flavor Profiles From Around the Globe, Growing Your Plant-Based Business: Understanding & Replicating Regional Flavor Profiles. Foods once considered ethnic are becoming a commonplace in our everyday diets hummus, now available in probably any grocery store, was once considered a global cuisine. Download our 2022 Food Industry Trends Report Here. The responsibility to ensure we meet these demands while still delivering authentic, rich and delicious taste is not taken lightly at Edlong. We use cookies to improve your experience and give you personalized content. The more information you can provide, the better off youll be. Furthermore, studies around immuno-health foods, especially those touting. Technological advances have created serious innovation opportunities for the entire food and beverage industry, giving birth to new products such as cellular-based foods and protein derived from air, and even services like personalized nutrition. So, some consumers need to avoid it at all costs. Contact us today to see what our tools can do for your business. While this industry doesnt encapsulate all of CPG, its a significant portion. https://www.facebook.com/ClarkstonConsulting, https://www.linkedin.com/company/clarkston-consulting, http://plus.google.com/112636148091952451172, https://www.youtube.com/user/ClarkstonInc, Consumers making decisions around perceived health benefits is not a new trend, but were seeing an increasing percentage of consumers seeking foods that are probiotic, anti-inflammatory, and vitamin supplementary.

Likewise, meat alternatives saw an 11% jump.

They are also quick to recommend restaurants which they love. This means more people are venturing outside their normal boundaries while still staying at home. In fact, during the first lockdown, one survey found that Brits ate eggs for breakfast 68% more times than in the previous year, while bacon sales were up 21% and pastries were up 25%, according to Waitrose. This discussion of trends is broken down into two separate categories: consumer and industry trends. In the year ahead, I feel that we, as consumers, will continue to strive to find a balance between healthy and nutritious, good for the planet, and great tasting, she continued. Existing customer?Log in to access your existing Falcon products and data via the login menu on the top right of the page.New customer?You'll find the former Falcon products under 'Social Media Management' if you go to 'Our Suite' in thenavigation. This article was originally published in November 2021. Were seeing everything from companies taking advantage of their label to tell a story about where their product and its ingredients come from, to leveraging regional taste profiles in both globally and regionally launched products. Depending on your product line, you need to know how much to adapt to consumer needs. The Digital Consumer Intelligence Assessment, consumer trends in the hospitality industry. Veganism is more popular than ever. This, coupled with the FTC and FDA issuing warning letters to companies advertising false COVID-19 immunity claims, will create a high likelihood of rippling effects through the immune-boosting food sector. Innova found that 35% of consumers say that products with upcycled ingredients are more appealing than other products, not just because of sustainability, but also due to the perceived health benefits and freshness. You'll find the former Falcon products under 'Social Media Management' if you go to 'Our Suite' in thenavigation. Consumers prefer healthy and diverse food options, The American palate has seen a significant diversification in the last three decades. The innovative brand DUG has caught the eye of experts, from Waitroses buyers to food consultant Heather Morris of SHFoodie, who are excited by its sustainable credentials as well as its creamy flavour. After an unprecedented 2021, 2022 is shaping up to be another exciting and unique year for the food and beverage industry, with significant consumer interest and pressure mounting for adventure and experience on one hand; and transparent industry practices and innovations that reduce waste, save water, and place environmental impact at the center, on the other. Beverage brand Super Frau makes a fizzy beverage thats even made with fresh, upcycled whey. Note: Data covers mentions in public forums and social media platforms between 1 January 2022 and 30 April 2022. Synthetic E211 is particularly dangerous, because apart from being a known carcinogen, it also has the ability to damage parts of the DNA. Not yet convinced that this is what 2022 has in store? Technology also provides alternative marketing capabilities, such as augmented reality and mobile syncing. Excited about what we do? This is because consumers are more aware of animal wellness and environmental concerns, so theyre focusing on quality over quantity. Regardless of any regulations, consumers want to make informed decisions about the food they eat and drink. UK food exports drop by 19% post-Brexit, but show signs of recovery, Retailer insight: Trends in the condiment sector, Why the mushroom trend is showing no sign of stopping. Functional food and healthy alternatives used to be a small niche, but what does 2022 look like? Versatile, flavour- and texture-packed mushrooms can boost immunity, replace meat and even eat up plastic, reports Sally-Jayne Wright, The future looks bright for plant-based milks, but traditional products still have a firm hold on the market, Curious cooks, spice lovers and vegans are looking to the Horn of Africa for inspiration, says Sally-Jayne Wright, Subscribe for just 19.99/year or apply for 3 free issues, Copyright 2022 Aceville Publications Ltd, Aceville Publications Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with the This page does not exist in [x], feel free to read the page you are currently on or go to the [x] homepage. Nearly half of emotion-categorized online mentions on going out to eat are positive, showing just how much food sparks joy for customers. We offer suggestions on how businesses can act based on stats like this in our report on consumer trends in the hospitality industry. Get your free copy of Speciality Food Magazine, Get Speciality Food magazine delivered to your inbox FREE. One example of transparency is notifying shoppers if there are any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) present. Advertising local bands playing at your establishment, or even offering open mic nights, could be a brilliant way to attract a new crowd and get them discussing your brand online. 1st Floor, Sovereign House, Church Street, Brighton, BN11UJ Convenient, cost-effective and tasty theres nothing not to love about the premium pre-batched bottled cocktails on the market today. While those are the top seven trends youll want to keep track of in 2022, there are a few more overall trends that all food and beverage businesses can benefit from. Reach out today to our global team of R&D Flavorists and Applications experts to take, Topics: Clean labelDairy flavorsDairy-freeHealthy ReductionPlant-BasedVegan Resource Type: Article, With the global cheese market worth tens of billions of dollars, getting nuanced taste profiles right is critical [], Our experts were on the show floor at some of the food and beverage industrys top events so [], Flavor Destination: Snack Flavor Profiles From Around the Globe Are regional flavors from faraway places trending in the [], Interested in replicating regional flavor profiles? Consumers making decisions around perceived health benefits is not a new trend, but were seeing an increasing percentage of consumers seeking foods that are probiotic, anti-inflammatory, and vitamin supplementary. Grains are milled gently using the stoneground method ground slowly between two stones, whereas the flowing water cools the stones. Foods once considered ethnic are becoming a commonplace in our everyday diets hummus, now available in probably any grocery store, was once considered a global cuisine. Continue reading by downloading the full report below, and learn more about our Food Consulting Services here. Examples can include vegan cheese, meat-free meats, and alternative milk products. When looking at the conversation surrounding bars, live music was a trending topic. The pharmaceutical industry has helped lay the foundation for best practices in traceability. This trend goes hand-in-hand with responsible sourcing. Break down silos and build a data-drivenculture. As technology continues to evolve, so does the way businesses handle their data and optimize operations. Subscribe to keep your finger on the worlds pulse. People are focused on sustainability, eco-friendliness, and all-natural ingredients. The best way to experience a new culture is to sample its food. When asked For what reasons would you consider plant-based alternatives, consumers pointed to the fact that plant-based products are 1) Healthier and 2) Better for the planet (up from the #3 spot a year ago). With 10% of the US population now choosing to follow plant-based and vegetarian diets, restaurants which cater to these dietary requirements have an advantage over the competition. Interests in immune-boosting foods such as turmeric, honey, and ginger have seen double-digit growth year-to-year compared to the pre-pandemic world, and product launches touting immune health rose by 18% compared to the year before. On a company level, CPG manufacturers can use QR codes to provide more information about specific products. As consumers adjust their eating and drinking habits, CPG brands have to keep up. We understand the assignment, and continually strive to build on our 100+ years of our success, she says. This is particularly true for food and beverage manufacturers. With all thats happening, we couldnt wait any longer to share with you what we predict will be the top 10 food industry trends for 2022. In our latest report, we found that takeout customers were twice as likely to have a negative experience than those choosing to dine in at a restaurant. back2source | Designed By: Magic Mushroom, Developed By: Digipanda Consulting. Luckily, social media provides an endless bounty of delicious and envy-inducing photos. Although theres been a large uptick in the number of immune-boosting foods, the trend is very fragile, as only 20% of consumers state they will continue to seek out immunity-boosting supplements and food after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Best of all, well show you how to leverage this information for your action plan. The second area of focus is from the lens of food manufacturing, as traceability, R&D and price changes are continuing to change food manufacturers roles in the supply chain. While takeout boomed during the pandemic, the increased interest hasnt come without its difficulties. Factory farming is still prevalent, but most people want ethically sourced ingredients, particularly when it comes to meat. When asked about the importance of specific values to their diet, 62% of consumers polled chose humanitarianism, 56% chose inclusivity, and 53% chose diversity.
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