Its getting me through my Hell playthrough with Harmony on switch. not woth it, the extra 6 max damage is not worth the runes or the extra str req, You could upgrade it which means you can then use Sacred Armour. Harmony sucks in mid to late nightmare and hell. With a significant amount of Enhanced Damage (150 - 200%) and a bonus +2.5 Maximum Damage per Level, this weapon has more on-paper damage than any other bow in the game save for [Windforce]. Can you say strafe lock? Damage vs. Bots: 69 This can mean sacrificing overall power level for a more secure playstyle.The Strafe Amazon can become Hardcore viable with key changes to Gear, Stat Point allocation, and Skills. Valkyrie. Ballista The Buriza-Do Kyanon sacrifices very little in exchange for this damage, either, having a massive +80% Increased Attack Speed, 100% Piercing Attack, 32 - 196 Cold Damage, and the ability to freeze enemies solid. Guided Arrow* fires a powerful homing arrow that tracks down its target. Avoid4. Required Level: 41 Increased Attack Speed speeds up your attack animations. Flayers).

The only reason you might consider upgrading a Buriza is if you already happen to be using. Buriza-Do Kyanon is such a good weapon that its a fine candidate for upgrading to an elite weapon (Weapon + Perfect Emerald + Lum Rune + Pul Rune).

These forum archives have been curated by the community bringing two decades of Diablo 2 knowledge to new players. Combined with Piercing and its very high Attack Speed, Buriza-Do Kyanon is a very effective ranged weapon that gets stronger at higher levels, given an enemy isn't immune to cold. At her full potential this lady is straight gangsta! Finish Hell on your hammerdin and you can farm for a 4 open socket Blade Bow easy. The Fanaticism, Might, and Concentration Aura trifecta takes this build to the next level. Easy to play, the Strafe Amazon primarily uses Strafe to eliminate enemies with an outpouring of Physical Damage. Providing data is voluntary. Avoid* provides a chance that you "Dodge" ranged attacks and/or spells while attacking or standing still. It carefully balances Damage, Magic Find, and mobility with Harmony on Weapon-Swap. Weapon Bases have different IAS Breakpoints. Anyone knows ? NB These are the perfect values possible for a level 99 character.

I ran into a guy on USEast claiming he had an upgraded Buriza. Values for recommended weapon options are provided below. There's no problem at all with upgrading Burizas. This Passive Skill greatly boosts the effectiveness of Strafe and Multiple Shot. Its a weapon thats probably too powerful for its level, honestly. Allocate enough Stat Points into Strength to wear your gear. I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time. Slow Missiles3. Two-Hand Damage: (82-99) To (139-412) JavaScript is disabled.

Considering the much higher requirements the Buriza elite has, I don't see what issues are there. DecoyPut 3-5 Skill Points into each of the following Skills:1. EvadeMax out the following Skills in this order:1. + (2.5 Per Character Level) 2-247 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level) Evade* provides a chance that you "Dodge" an attack (any) while walking or running. You're right, tho, an extra 53 str? NOT to be used for trading adverts or offers! The Buriza is best suited for a Bowazon, since it's effects are amplified by using, An upped Buriza can absolutely work as a budget endgame substitute for, You must be a member of to like this. Base speed: 10 The Act 2 Desert Mercenary is hired from Greiz. Dodge3. Use Call to Arms instead of Harmony on Weapon-Swap for additional Life on this setup. Allocate enough Stat Points into Strength to wear your gear. The Starter build puts more Stat Points into Vitality than the Standard Build to make up for having such low Life. Allocate enough Stat Points into Strength to equip all of your gear. Use the main. Lastly put any remaining Stat Points into Vitality. Consult the Hardcore" section for additional information.

Attach Images The rest is identical to the Standard Build. Wow that has never happened before! Buriza-Do Kyanon Piercing Attack (100) JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Pierce2. If your Mercenary dies in battle, you can revive them from any of the Mercenary NPCs in each Act. Firing several arrows in the blink of an eye, this Amazon guns down dense monster packs with ease. Below are the important breakpoints considered for this build.

Level up as you post Permabans Email Multiple Shot5.

Other farming spots might not be as effective due to Immunities or bad layouts.Anything that has a in the "Starter" column can be farmed with the Starter Build Variant.

Required Dexterity: 80 With great power comes the great need to blame other people.

* Increased Attack Speed Skills (IAS), Critical Strike* adds a % chance to deal double Physical Damage with your projectiles. Mist is a mid-tier option that can be used on yourself or your Mercenary if you acquire a Cham Rune and a Gul Rune. Equip him with Pride for an even greater boost to your Physical Damage.Alternatively, you can use an Act 1 Rogue Mercenary equipped with Faith to maintain maximum Attack Speed on the "Windforce" Build Variant (see "Build Variants" below). Can also use it if you want to play a Fury Druid or something goofy if you want to respec your Paladin to be a ranger. While every Stat in the Desirable Stats column is useful for this build, we highlighted the Priority Stats in Teal so you can easily identify the Most Important Stats on them.Hover over any Item to see a pop-out with the full Item description. +75-150 Defense It is the balanced "jack-of-all-trades" version of the Strafe Amazon, capable of performing the most tasks well. Valkyrie* creates a Valkyrie Warrior which fights by your side, mainly serving to tank damage. Thanks. Multiple Shot* splits 1 arrow into many arrows (up to 24), fanning out in a cone in front of your Character. Bookmark Pages & Posts Deletes Signature +35 to Dexterity Since Windforce has the Knockback stat, Guillaume's Face can be used to provide additional damage output. Silly :). Al Capone only wishes he had this kind of firepower!

I found it on my 77 Pally, I Hated my Hammerdin, Disliked the play-style so I Been Bowazon since lvl 1. Multiple Shot5. Private Messaging Those 2 items are the only significant changes from the Standard Build. This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 75 before transitioning to it. This variant uses and builds around the iconic Windforce. Insight in an Elite Bow is also a solid option.

The basis for data processing is my consent. I think I need to do a little math before I get too deep into this, start seeing how much added points in dex might affect my damage levels.

This negates any potential damage from an attack completely. Use it when faced with dense packs of low Life monsters (e.g. All products in your cart will be removed. Just as with the Standard Build, a Hardcore Strafe Amazon uses an Act 2 Might Mercenary with Pride, Shaftstop, and Vampire Gaze. Avatar & Profile customisation Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. The Aura activates once the Mercenary has engaged in combat and remains active between traveling to and from town. Fanaticism Aura provided by Faith does most of work if you have it equipped. Do not allocate any Stat Points into Energy. This Skill also illuminates nearby enemies. Give and Receive Likes Buriza-Do Kyanon is a unique BallistainDiablo II: Lord of Destruction. This item is one of many having Asian-themed names, indicating an as yet unexplored Asian-themed civilization focusing on Archers, most probably concentrated in the region of. is wrong on that, I think. It always hits so long as it makes contact with an enemy. Magic Arrow* fires a single arrow that coverts a percentage of your Physical Damage into Magic Damage based on its Level.,,, Ad revenue helps keep the servers going and supports me, the site's creator :), making their offers on your trades invisible. It is effective against isolated Physical Immune enemies. i terms of upgrading, it's not worthed. You must log in or register to reply here. For the Hardcore mode variant, aim for high Damage Reduction and overcap Resistances beyond the natural cap of 75% if possible to counteract hostile Conviction or Lower Resist.

I would imagine it should be str since you hit with it, but in some ways in 1.09 the hit attack was counted as ranged. This variant is the point of comparison for all other variants. Faster Hit Recovery increases survivability.

We hope you enjoy this build! 2H damage: 82-412 However I may be wrong. Mana costs are covered by x% Mana stolen per hit on your gear. Mercenaries require Resistances, Life Leech, and/or Damage Reduction to stay alive.

This should result in more damage than upgrading the burzia will give and it will also provide a boost to your AR. Treasure class: 48 Let me buy you a :drink: A burzia can be upgraded but IIRC you would be better off not upgrading it and pointing the extra points you would have needed in str into dex. Like Titans Revenge, getting Buriza-Do Kyanon to drop is a good sign that it may be time to start running an Amazon.

He can be equipped with a Spear or a Polearm, a Body Armor and a Helmet. Changing currency will remove all items from your cart. Critical Strike (Almost Max Out)3. Nice damage boost, although its relatively slow. As with most midtier gear, Nightmare Mephisto is the best, earliest source to farm for a Buriza-Do Kyanon. Currently PayPal works only with USD, use different payment method if you want to checkout in other currencies. Breakpoints in Diablo 2 are the minimum values required to reduce the frames of an action. Keep that in mind and decide if the Mercenary is currently worth the cost.

I can see why dex, but why add to str? Remember you can drag Healing Potions onto the portrait, or shift + 1/2/3/4 to directly feed them a Healing Potion from your Belt. Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest and Treachery are ideal early-mid game Helmet/Body Armor options for these stats. Freezes Target +3 +150-200% Enhanced Damage Lastly put all remaining Stat Points into Vitality. Even cheaper options such as Wormskull and Smoke would be acceptable.

Str will not affect damage lvls for a bow/x-bow only dexterity. Crossbow Class - Slow Attack Speed The Starter Strafe Amazon uses an Act 2 Might Mercenary with an Obedience in an Ethereal Elite Base for high damage output.

Registering is quick & easy :) Stay informed about promotions and new products. My post was 28 days ago, Im already rockin a Windforce, Thanks though! Decoy* creates a replica of your Amazon with increased health at the location of your cursor. "Cookies" are little pieces of data we send when you visit our store. You can also upgrade Buriza if you really need to. in terms of socketing, ohm or ed/max/min jewel are not significant compared to shael or nef.

Take into account how much Strength your gear provides when equipped.

For all Hardcore gameplay, your primary focus is increasing your Resistances, Damage Reduction, Chance to Block and Maximum Life. Quite possibly the best xbow of them all in D2. my paladin used an upgraded burrito it was really nice. This Skill prioritizes monsters closest to your Amazon while alternating to any nearby targets. Say hello to her little friend! Magic Arrow4. This item's name is a Romanization of the Japanese pronunciation of "Blizzard Cannon". archives as requested by the community. Can anyone tell me what the recipe is for placing a socket into a unique without using Larzuk. Next, put most of the remaining Stat Points into Dexterity to increase your damage.

Penetrate2. A Windforce Strafe Amazon's damage output rivals that of the Standard Build, just barely falling short. This does come with an increasing cost, capping at 50,000 Gold. Quality level: 59 A [Bowazon] in this case, instead of a Javazon, of course. Plus, I highly doubt that I've even got a Pul, so that might change quite a few things. For more information on the mechanics involved, check out our in-depth Resource: Breakpoints. is just behind the times, I'm afraid. Magic Arrow4. i like to point out that the buriza gains its hedious dmg from the dmg/lvl mod, not the ed.

Durability: 420 Review the changes below before building this character in Hardcore, as some of these changes differ significantly from the Standard Build. Pierce2.

It remains in one spot, drawing monster attacks/abilities until it is destroyed or expires.Slow Missiles* slows and reduces the damage from ranged enemies' attacks/projectiles when cast. Buriza is fine. Take a look at Hellrack though. 80% Increased Attack Speed. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies - learn more. Critical Strike (Almost Max Out)3. Why not join us today? This negates any potential damage from a ranged attack completely. The moment you can actually equip it, Buriza-Do Kyanon will have around +100 Maximum Damage from your level alone, which will cause to dish out around twice as much damage as as any other bow of comparable level. This is the Standard Best in Slot (BiS) Strafe Amazon featured in the beginning of the guide. Buriza will carry you through your initial hell walkthrough. Use it against Act Bosses, Diablo Clone, and isolated Physical Immune monsters.

Buriza isnt my favorite amazon weapon but its good. Guided Arrow4. Your Character is rooted in place while firing; you cannot move. Penetrate2.

+150-200% Enhanced Damage + (2.5 Per Character Level) 2-247 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level) Adds 32-196 Cold Damage - 8 Second Duration Piercing Attack (100) Freezes Target +3 +75-150 Defense +35 to Dexterity 80% Increased Attack Speed. Use Drafts & Revisions I've got barely enough points to make it with +str items. I just wondered if a buri used on a BuriWolf (the famous build using a buriza to hit) gains extra damage from str or dex. Create account.

This negates any potential Damage from a melee attack completely. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies -, Please type the letters and numbers below. :lol: lol, and we are still wating for the 15% chance for him to NOT mess with our minds to roll. Make use of your.

Build Variants may require different allocations! Req Dexterity: 80 Buriza is easily the 2nd best unique bow right under Windforce. Allocate enough Stat Points into Strength to wear your gear. Every Act 2 Mercenary has access to an Aura and uses Jab as his base Attack. The site uses user profiling, including via cookies, including analytical files (more in the Privacy Policy). Avoid4. Unlike Titans Revenge, Buriza-Do Kyanon isnt strictly required for a [Bowazon] as there are several good exceptional bows that can get you into Hell difficulty, but with some effort, Buriza-Do Kyanon can actually clear Hell difficulty, which is impressive for any midtier weapon. Aim for at least the 20% FHR Breakpoint. So feel free to equip this legendary piece of Diablo 2 history on this awesome build! Thanks again. However, it is necessary to max Penetrate to make up for a lack of Attack Rating. The areas below are efficient farming locations that make use of the builds strengths. Next, put most of the remaining Stat Points into Dexterity to increase your damage. Buriza-Do Kyanon isnt quite the Bowazons version of Titans Revenge, but its close enough to be a very, very welcome midtier drop. This is what the weapon should have been in the first place-- an elite unique.

What was meant was take the 53 extra str points needed to equip the upgraded burzia and place them in dexterity instead. For Hardcore, you may want to increase your Vitality investment beyond what is shown here. This chance increases with Skill Level.Penetrate* grants Attack Rating based on Skill Level.Pierce* adds a % chance of your projectiles piercing through targets to others behind them.

Check out our Amazon Leveling Guide and our General Leveling Strategies to reach Level 75. These are the community's Diablo 2 archive forums going back two decades. Cookies help us get to know you better and personalize your experience. Req level: 41 Slow Missiles3.

Next, put the majority of the remaining Stat Points into Dexterity to increase your damage. *Gasp* wrong?! Buriza-Do Kyanon is a crossbow with +2-247 to Maximum Damage (based on level) and 80% IAS. EvadeMax out the following Skills in this order:1. Put 1 Skill Point into each of the following Skills:1. Also, Skill Points into Valkyrie are needed to improve its tankiness. Although xbows are always a step behind bows, they can still prove useful in certain builds and can hold their own. It splits 1 arrow into 5 upon firing, dealing Physical Damage to nearby enemies in quick succession. don't upgrade buriza; you simply can't spare extra 30-40 strength stat points from your bowazon's dex and vit--or hybrid for that matter. Dodge3. As its name implies (Blizzard Cannon), Buriza-Do Kyanon is a heavy ranged weapon that deals quite a bit of Cold Damage. Valkyrie, Strafe* is your Primary Damage Skill. Skill Points into Guided Arrow, Dodge, Avoid, and Evade are sacrificed as a result of these priorities on the Starter build.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. so basically upgrading the burrito cannon isnt worth the runes??? a 165% buriza doesn't have that much difference than a 200% buriza. Strafe2. Discreet Notifications

I thought that you werent able to upgrade Ballista, because it would be too powerful?

Lastly put any remaining Stat Points into Vitality. If you want to go xbow for sure check it out. You must log in or register to reply here. Adds 32-196 Cold Damage - 8 Second Duration Remove ads and unlock special features, Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 - New Runewords, Buffs, Nerfs and Bug Fixes, +2.5 to Maximum Damage per Character Level. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. An Upgraded Buriza-Do Kyanon is a strong, relatively easy to acquire weapon that provides this build with sufficient power. Swap to, No changes to the Standard Build's Stat Point allocation are absolutely necessary for a, Avoid becoming surrounded! Safely Attacks From Afar Great In Narrow Corridors Easy To Learn And Master Destroys Dense Monster Packs , Inconsistent Damage Output Only 1 Primary Damage Type Cannot Move While Attacking Requires GG Gear For Full Potential, Put 1 Skill Point into each of the following Skills:1. Users browsing Uniques: brgljez, Exeqt, FakeWordpress [SpamBot], JessKramer, Palakalle, TalRusher and 31 guests. :lol: :P, (This post was last modified: 12-16-2003, 09:40 PM by, (This post was last modified: 12-19-2003, 09:17 PM by. Why would you strafe with that? Besides, unless yo use massive +str gear, 167 str is way to high for a bowzon. Slain Bots Rest in Peace, List trades and earn trust Guided Arrow4. The Auras available are based on what difficulty you hire the Mercenary from. Deletes all Posts With Atma's Scarab providing a fairly reliable source of Amplify Damage, the Strafe Amazon can even destroy monsters in a High Player Count game (/7-8Players on Single Player) and deal with monsters that are Physical Immune. Allocate the majority of Stat Points into Dexterity for additional Physical Damage on ranged attacks. Although That Harmony is looking pretty sweet too, Problem is finding a Very fast 4 socket bow. Follow the Amazon Leveling Guide to get your Amazon to Level 75.

Your Mercenary serves an incredibly important role to the overall success of your build. Use a Desert Mercenary with Might Aura to significantly boost your Physical Damage. Its a moderate boost to damage, if youre willing to invest the runes and Strength into it. Re-summon her if she dies. They are purely for reference and cannot be posted in. I have the right to request an access to my personal data, rectify it, delete or limit processing and the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority. The guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected seeks to help new players find their footing in Sanctuary by providing build advice and information on gear and how to farm it. I agree to the processing of my personal data in order to send the newsletter. Buriza is a great pre-endgame weapon for Bowazons and even some Shapeshifting Druid builds.

They can be a front line tank, provide a pivotal Aura, and/or deal Physical Damage to kill enemies with Immunity to your Skill set.

The Mercenary also gains bonus Resistances from Thawing Potions and Antidote Potions. But I'm surprised that adding points into dex is more beneficial. I'm pretty sure that they were either blowing smoke or ended up changing the recipe at some point during the beta so that it did work for Buriza. The Standard Strafe Amazon uses an Act 2 Might Mercenary with Pride, Shaftstop, and Vampire Gaze. Written by DarkHumility Reviewed by Teo1904 and Lexyu, Optimal Loot/Experience Farming Strategies, Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression, +x to Passive and Magic Skills [Amazon Only], Always maintain distance away from approaching mobs; avoid becoming surrounded by monsters coming from multiple sides/angles. I thought you would need to waste an SOJ & I doubt anyone legit would like to use one of them on a socketing a Buziza ? JavaScript is disabled. Permabans Account Now says such a thing. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Deletes all Profile Fields You are using an out of date browser. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Does that affect damage levels, too, or? Dodge* provides a chance that you "Dodge" melee attacks while attacking or standing still. Allocate any remaining Stat Points into Vitality after meeting Strength, Dexterity, and Energy requirements.


Powerful Bows and Crossbows such as Faith, Windforce, Mist, and Buriza-Do Kyanon do the job. Use a Harmony on Weapon-Swap for faster travel. Required Strength: 110 Im hoping this Burizo will multishot Lawn-mow thru stuff with a Nef knockback. Remove ads & support the site - Get PurePremium. Buriza-Do Kyanon is one of those special weapons - a midtier item with endgame potential. Allocate additional Skill Points into Dodge, Avoid, and Evade on a Hardcore Strafe Amazon.

In order to maintain the highest Strafe Attack Speed possible while maximizing the Damage output of this setup, an Act 1 Mercenary using Faith, Shaftstop, and Vampire Gaze is optimal. Deletes all Private Messages

PureDiablo is now hosting these old The Starter variant of the Strafe Amazon meets the minimum gear requirements for farming the Starter tagged areas in the "Farming Spots" section above. Run the streets of Chaos Sanctuary and gun 'em down like you are the Godmother. my understanding was that this is the only weapon in the game that cannot be upgraded. And I'm only running a 165% Buriza, so I'd be getting less than advertised. Farm high or Max Level Areas with high mob density and narrow(ish) corridors for maximum effect. Such, Life/Mana Leech and +Skills would have been nice, but dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Leave a comment on this entry; insightful information about the entry, pictures uploaded as attachments, and other useful info snippets are welcome.

Strong in River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep, and The Pit, this build dominates Farming Spots with high mob density and narrower corridors. * Faster Cast Rate Skills (FCR)* Skills that do NOT utilize either FCR or IAS. Since the Starter Strafe Amazon uses Buriza-Do Kyanon, no Skill Points into Pierce are necessary. This will change the Buriza-Do Kyanon from a Ballista to a Colossus Crossbow, increasing its base damage from 33 - 55 to 32 - 91 and increaseing its Strength requirement from 110 to 163 (interestingly, this upgrade reduces the Dexterity requirement from 80 to 77). DecoyPut 3-5 Skill Points into each of the following Skills:1. Note: This section provides you with the standard Stat Point allocation. Beyond a decently strong weapon, make sure to prioritize Damage, Resistances, Cannot Be Frozen, and Life stats on your gear. An explanation of why its such a potent weapon isnt really needed, if you find one and take a look at the damage, it speaks for itself. Consult the d2planner for other bases.

Req Strength: 110 Harmony can start to get weak in the second half of Hell but is still useable.

These areas can be Solo-farmed by this setup (/Players1 on Single Player) in both Nightmare and Hell difficulty. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

The Mercenary is hard to keep alive until you have the minimum gear recommended in this guide.

It Freezes Target, has a Piercing Attack and also gives boost to Dexterity. Personal data will be processed until permission is revoked. Cutting down countless demonsbringing death from afarthe minigun of Sanctuaryannouncingthe Strafe Amazon! I agree to the processing of my personal data by ItemForge Bartosz Borowski, address: Gwiazdowa 11/79, 94-011 d (Poland), tax identification number NIP: 7272786797 in order to send the newsletter.

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