The dues for new members start at $1,000 and go up depending on the level of membership. However, if you have the determination and the ambition, it is definitely possible to make it into one of the most elite motorcycle clubs in the world. Anytime a Yakuza member commits an offense within the organization, they have to cut off the tip of their little finger. Finally, you will need to have complete loyalty towards the club and its members. Well, the gang preys on vulnerable teenagers desperate to escape their troubled families. MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha 13, is a gang originally from El Salvador which has spread all across Central and North America. Mexican cartels have been causing a lot of problems south of the border, but while violence is a standard part of gangs, few have as gruesome and truly disgusting rituals as the Knights Templar Cartel. Authorities banned the ritual in 1984, but it was recently brought back by industry owners to show off that they make enough profit to spend thousands of dollars on firecrackers. The Ku Klux Klan, otherwise known as the KKK, is probably one of the most infamous white supremacist gangs in the world. About half a dozen gang members will beat up the recruit and if he survives the beating, hes in. Anyone wishing to join this gang doesnt have to endure a beating, have bodily fluids poured over them, or even do a test run of the gangs typical activities. The HAMC operates a number of chapters across North America, Europe and Australia. But while the public knew about their crimes that made front-page news, they didnt know much about their initiation process. They are primarily known for their racist crimes against African-Americans, who they believe they should have remained slaves, but they are also anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, and misogynist. Becoming an outlaw is a process that requires full voting approval from other full-fledged members, and it can take up to two years to complete.After completing the probationary period, one automatically becomes known as an Hells Angel. The dues for new members start at $1,000 and go up depending on the level of membership. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. They also sometimes operate outside of prisons, where two recruits have to slash a strangers face with razors.

Their main rivals are the Gangster Disciples, who play a huge role in the Latin Kings initiation process. The HAMCs primary purpose is to promote peace and harmony among its members and to uphold the principles of freedom, justice and respect for others. The Roto Gang is a South African gang known for breaking into the homes of Randburgs rich residents and robbing them. As an affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases. A continuation of the now-defunct criminal organization La Familia Michoacana and infamous for their organ-trafficking ring, the Knights Templar Cartel like to test the loyalty of their recruits with what is probably one of the most gruesome gang initiations ever the recruits have to eat a childs heart which has been procured through the cartels already mentioned organ-trafficking ring! : TNG HP GII SIU CUP VICI 2012 : This American gang was founded in the Southern States after the Confederacy was defeated in the Civil War. Once accepted into the club, members must adhere to strict rules and code of conduct that include never wearing a motorcycle helmet while on duty, and never carrying weapons or drugs. This means you need to have a valid drivers license and have completed a safety course. (10 Surprising Reasons! Yes, the Hells Angels do allow black members. You must pass a rigorous interview process to prove your worthiness for membership. If their answer is that they would share the umbrella, they must prostitute themselves in the prison. Up until the sixties, America was a segregated country, meaning there were separate areas and institutions for white people and for non-white (mainly black) people. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. The recruits go along with already established Latin Kings members to find Gangster Disciples members. More: Is Scooter Parking Free In Key West? Supposedly recruits are given a passive role to prove if they have the stomach for the gangs activities because it can sometimes be worse to have to watch a crime being committed and do nothing. In addition, there is a long waiting list for membership, which only allows a certain number of new members to join each year. There are also additional fees for events, such as motorcycling shows and runs. The Hells Angels Membership Requirements: It is important to note that not everyone who applies will be accepted into a specific club or chapter.

Many white inmates hated the idea of having to serve time alongside black inmates, and as a result, racially-exclusive gangs were formed. While many of them are essentially harmless with larger-than-life members, anyone whos watched Sons of Anarchy knows that there are unfortunately some motorcycle gangs that are basically crime organizations.

If a guy wants to join MS, then he has to take a severe beating. This is a common occurrence in many corrupt countries. Founded in Chicago in the 1940s, they have since managed to spread all across America thanks to their ruthless ways. They do this by flashing the Gangster Disciples gang sign at them, and if they respond by flashing the same signs, the recruits then have to participate in a drive-by shooting of these identified rivals in order to be accepted into the Latin Kings. Founded in 1993 by Deadeye and OG Mack in Rikers Island Prison, it has well over 500 members. All of them violent and dangerous men, which theyve managed to prove by successfully completing the bloody initiation process. Loyalty, respect, and worthiness are key elements to being part of a gang, meaning that potential new members are subjected to various shockingly violent initiation processes in order to prove to the gang that theyre good enough to join. One offense equals one joint, and everyone always starts with the little finger on the left hand. Technically speaking, university fraternities are not gangs or criminal organizations, but their activities and initiation processes are often so disgusting and even downright illegal that they could compete with various street gangs. Potential members are required to drink a potion made up of the blood of all the recruits, and whoever fails to drink the whole thing gets killed by the other members. Not only are their methods more violent and even downright lethal, they also like to recruit members at a young age, calling them YGs, which stands for Young Gangstas.

The club has a strict membership requirement and requires applicants to go through a rigorous process that includes complete disclosure of criminal records, drug use, and other offenses. However, the initiation process doesnt end there. Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is considered one of the most notorious motorcycle clubs in the world. The only way to leave the club is to be voted out by the other full-fledged members. To become a full member, you typically need to pass an extensive and rigorous membership application process. With Taiwan being located in East Asia, all Taiwanese people are proud of their cultural heritage, gangs included. In fact, the gangs illegal and violent activities without a doubt rob them of their childhood. To join the Hells Angels, youll first need to be a certified motorcycle rider. The process of becoming a Hells Angel can be tough, but its well worth it if you want to be part of one of the most notorious and respected motorcycle clubs in the world. Their recruits have to burn a crucifix under the excuse of lighting, not destroying the religious symbol. United Blood Nation is New Yorks largest and most dangerous prison gang. Its founder, Nongoloza, separated the gangs members into three separate branches the 26s, 27s, and 28s. ), How To Start A Quad Without A Key? From America, to South Africa, to the Far East, every part of the world is plagued with gangs. There are a few different reasons why skateboarders may dislike scooters. The chilling part is that all of these members had to endure the same disgustingly violent initiation process. Some of these gangs have become notorious due to their extreme and horrifying rituals. They are a crime organization so infamous that theyve appeared in various TV shows and movies, for example, Kill Bill. Despite making up a small percentage of the prison population, it is believed that they are responsible for up to 30 % of murders within prisons. Mi bn xem nhng hnh nh chuyn du lch, chinh Cng ty c phn pht trin phn mm Chin Thng, Lch thi u, BXH, kt qu trc tip cc trn u gii Siu CUP VICI, Trn lt v giao hu bng V-SOFT - PLAYGAME- ICC, V-GROUP chinh phc FANSIPAN 2013 - Chinh phc nh cao, thnh cng v on kt. After the Civil Rights Movement, segregation was made illegal. Why Do Skateboarders Hate Scooters? Applicants must have a valid drivers license, be at least 21 years old, and have no outstanding felony convictions. Not only do the members kick them, they also cover them in urine and feces, and as if that wasnt bad enough, theyre not allowed to shower or change for a whole day! If that little finger eventually gets completely cut off due to the member committing several offenses, they then move onto the little finger on their right hand. It is unique, but somehow manages to be even worse than the typical initiation acts of violence. Instead of any of that, they have to watch established gang members not only violently murder rivals, but also horrifically mutilate and dismember their bodies. Over 80% of crime is attributed to gangs, which truly is a scary amount, and whats even scarier is the fact that these gangs have been around for so long. Anyone wishing to join the Hells Angels just has to put on their so-called uniform jeans and a Hells Angels vest and sit in a chair, with established members standing around them. It is believed that their total number of members adds up to 50,000. If you are interested in joining a Hells Angels club or chapter, it is best to start by searching online for local chapters or contacting them directly via email or phone. The final step is to take an oath of allegiance and loyalty to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The Chinese Triads have been around for generations, and in typical Chinese fashion, tradition is a huge part of their modus operandi. Becoming a Hells Angel is not an easy task. ), How To Hot Wire A Mongoose 90? If you are serious about trying to become a Hells Angel member, then it is important that you do your research first. This was then tweaked for electing gang leaders by having candidates represent Master Handan. What sets them apart from many other South African gangs is their initiation process. You cannot lie or cheat your way into being a part of this club; they simply wont accept you if you do these things.
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