Yes, being of age is very nice, something that ought to be introduced in my own country .. or at least a reduction in price. If you miss your train, you will therefore be required to buy a new ticket for the 18:10 - although public transport in the cities is free, it is not for the national PKP train service, although you will still receive a 30% discount for being over 60. There is no need to show any ID, but it''s a good idea to have one with you in case an inspector boards the tram or bus and starts checking tickets. Metro stations tend to be clean, brightly lit and generally safe. Little yellow validating machines are easily visible on handrails nearest the doors. Not the most user friendly of sites though even though its in English as well. The best, If youre using your validated ticket for more than one entry (with a 1-hour, 1-day or similar ticket), simply insert the ticket into the slot as you would to validate it, and the gate will open. All you need to do is show your photo ID on buses, trams, metro and trains, if asked to do so by a ticket inspector. Are you using the public transport in Warsaw and the neighbourhood (ZTM Warsaw)? You can also purchase a ticket from the conductor on the train (except on EIP-category trains). They may be set by us or by third party providers whose services we have added to our pages. Unfortunately, if you do not make the 15:24, the next train is at 15:50 RL train (arriving at WC 16:10). Good. After you validate once, you don''t need to validate on buses and trams but you need to tap it to get into the metro. If there is please instruct me. They help us know which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the site. All other tickets and travel cards are sold at the vending machines, at the ticket offices or in post offices and other authorized offices. Do you need to validate train tickets in Poland?

Hi Mimi, you can buy every type of ZTM ticket (Warsaw Transport Authority) in ticket machine that is located in front of the enterence to metro. Hi Cecille, Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. DOES ANY BUS OR TRAM GOING TO THE CITY STOP RIGHT INFRONT OF THE AIRPORT? Buying your tickets. I hope you made your train! A standard ticket entitles you to a journey only on the vehicle in which the ticket was purchased for a period not exceeding 120 minutes. And if I miss my train will there be a great deal of trouble taking the next train without a reserved seat? The app may also request you to confirm the purchase with the PIN to the app, You have the option to order an invoice and to file a complaint - you will be redirected from the app to the moBilet website. In such a way that you can share our content with your favorite social networks. Long Term-tickets that allow you access to the system for a day, month or 3 months. After you receive the card, you can charge it at any ticket machine or at some stores and kiosks and stores which usually have a sign with an image of the city card on it. Also, what do I do just go on the bus and show the driver my proof of age? Still with us? How can I enter the metro withouten a ticket? Hi Franz-Erik, How long is the travel time, what is the best way to get there (we are a family of 4 - 2 adults and 2 teenagers) and how much would it cost us. Detailed information about types of cookies, modes of using the files and removing them, as well as about our partners are presented in the Privacy Policy. In the ticket machines, which support five languages (Polish, English, German, Russian and Ukrainian), you can pay for your ticket with coins or a card. It is quick, efficient and a good way to avoid street-level traffic jams. These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources, so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. Metro Line 1 has 21 stations on a 22.6km single line route from north to south. The trams run generally between 4.30 a.m. and 11.30 p.m. Twenty-odd lines run across the city with additional lines opened on special occasions (such as All Saints' Day). Over 1,500 buses operate in and around the city, and most run from between 05:00 and 23:00. These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. If you do not allow these cookies, you will not experience our targeted advertising across different websites. Tickets valid for 24 hrs are priced at 13 or 26z if travelling through both zones. +48 19 115 (from mobile phones +48 22 19 115)www.wtp.waw.plMaps and diagrams of the public transport systemInformation about travelling by public transport is also available, Tickets:The Warsaw metropolitan area is divided into urban zone 1 (within the city boundary) and suburban area 2.Ticket prices zone 1: 75 minute ticket 4,40 PLN, discount 2,20 PLN 75-minute group ticket (entitles a group of up to 10 people to an unlimited number of rides for up to 75 minutes from the moment of validating the ticket): 22 PLN One-day ticket (valid 24h from the moment of validating the ticket): standard 15,00 PLN, discount 7,50 PLN Three-day ticket: standard 36,00 PLN, discount 18,00 PLNTicket prices zone 1 and 2: 20 minute ticket 3,40 PLN, discount 1,70 PLN 90 minute ticket 7,00 PLN, discount 3,50 PLN One-day ticket (valid 24h from the moment of validating the ticket): standard 26,00 PLN, discount 13,00 PLN Weekend ticket (entitles to unlimited number of rides from 7.00 p.m. on Friday to 8.00 a.m. on Monday): standard 24,00 PLN, discount 12,00 PLN Group weekend ticket (entitles a group of up to 5 people to unlimited travel from 7.00 p.m. on Friday to 8:00 a.m. on Monday): 40,00 PLN Three-day ticket: standard 57,00 PLN, discount 28,50 PLN. Detailed information at or app. Fast buses (marked with red digits) skip the smaller stops. Is it the same I Krakow? I am going to Warsaw and Krakow for the first time next month. Answers to the most popular questions about travel to different countries.

They have also an English interface and support for charging the City Card. Dont be afraid if the stadium is on fire , its Rammstein (2 weeks ago people called the firefighters in Cardiff (Wales) as they thought the stadium was on fire. Luggage may not obstruct passageways or pose any sort of threat to passengers. Dogs must be muzzled and held on a leash, and the dogs owner should carry valid documents certifying the dogs rabies vaccine. WKD has a three-zone system which is based only on time traveled and with tickets Unless you have a rail pass, you are going to need a ticket. Alternatively, kiosks also sell tickets. Is there a train or bus that will directly take me to Mlocinyfrom centrum? Thank you for your comment. Franz-Erik. Bus no. If youre using a single ticket, it will be good for one ride on a single bus or tram line. If we take the train, is it best to book ahead to save money? These tickets entitle you to unlimited use of the transport system for periods of 1, 3 or 7 days. Weekend group ticket-A group ticket valid for groups up to 5 people from 7 PM on Friday until 8 AM on Monday, 20 minute ticket (source: In the Active section, you will find your currently valid tickets. a plan/map of the railway station on the Internet? You can buy public transport tickets at newsstands, Passenger Service Centres and ticket machines, which you will find on most buses, in the new trams, at underground stations and near stops. Can I use my flight credit for someone else?How do you use flight credit?How long does it take for Delta Ecredit to show up?Can you use travel funds f Is Pakistani international driving license valid countries?Which countries accept Pakistani license?What countries recognize IDP?Can you drive in Duba Can I travel as a tourist on a business visa Schengen?Can I use Schengen visa to enter another country?Can I travel anywhere in Europe with Schengen v Lots of useful information for travelers from all over the world. The public transport situation in Poland In towns and cities, bus services are the main form of urban transport. Maps and diagrams of the public transport system. Once youve got a ticket you will need to validate it in one of the box-style kasowniks, thus activating the magnetic strip on the back. Dont expect them to have a wide choice of tickets, however, and definitely dont expect them to have small change. Moreover, the QR codes are often difficult to find in the transports, which can make you lose time and risk being controlled and fined. Children from the 1st of October of the calendar year in which they turn 7 until they turn 16 and students of foreign schools holding an ISIC (International Student Identity Card) until they turn 26 are entitled to half-fare travel on condition that they hold a photo-document confirming their birth date. Tickets can also be purchased using a mobile phone.Detailed information at www.wtp.waw.plor app. By clicking Accept All, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. All rights reserved. costing up to 7 z [1.5 EUR] per trip per person. :) Hoping for your promt reply. There is also a 20 minute ticket priced at 3.40z. Long-term tickets are also available for a single line, and are valid for journeys on any public transport, as long as the ticket holder is traveling within the limits of the indicated line. One ride- Tickets that are valid for one journey up to 120 minutes on the vehicle they were validated on(paper). Because im alone and its gonna be night time so I wanna make sure that theres an efficient transfer going to the station before I book my ticket. Using the trains. Certain transport vehicles are equipped with ticket machines. In order to provide top-level services, the information websites of PKO Bank Polski use cookies saved in the browser cache. Where to purchase the tickets? Plac Piciu Rogw is officially completed! Warsaw has a wealth of public transport available, including buses, trams and a metro system. Public transport is free of charge for: children from birth until 30 September in the calendar year in which they turn 7 years old students of elementary schools operating in the area of Warsaw and students of elementary schools living in the area of Warsaw persons over 70 years of age (on the basis of a document with a photograph, containing the date of birth). If you have a valid ID with your age on you you''ve nothing to worry about, simply board the tram/bus and have a seat. View all posts by beautifulwarszawa, French, I am a Warsaw and Poland lover and I wanted to share the best of Warsaw! @ U Fukiera | Roast Veal Recipe from Patryk Burnicki, Fryderyk Chopin | Poland's Greatest Composer, Browse our collection of If you havent got a ticket before you get on the bus or tram, you can buy one from the driver (at a slightly higher price). (Videos and setlist), Coldplay in Warsaw tonight! Newer vehicles have electronic display boards giving the line number, route terminus, current stop and next stop ("nastepny przystanek" for ground travel or "nastepna stacja" for metro stations)., @rammsteinofficial at the Warsaw National Stadium tomorrow! But now I have another question: Do all of the S3 trains stop across from Centralna at rdmiecie Station, not at Centralna itself? Sweden. Before this new system was implemented, it was easier to validate online tickets, Since this update, people are often obliged to buy physical tickets. I have no baggage and at 71 years of age I wont need to queue for the S3 ticket, I've been told. Regards, To read about the urban rail system in a specific city, go to the dedicated city article. Warsaw is the only city in Poland to boast a metro system, a glory slightly lessened by the fact that theres only one line. The metro line runs north-south, connecting the city centre to major residential districts such as Mokotow, Ursynow and Zoliborz. If you are interested in becoming a local travel partner and would like to find out more then click for more info about our Website Business Opportunity. Cookies are processed for the best adjustment of the presented content to the needs and interests of the user, as well as for ensuring safety of services provided by the Bank and to perform measurements that allow for improving the products and services offered by the Bank. It is no longer necessary to buy an extra ticket for animals or large pieces of luggage. See, not all cities have dedicated guides. We are now in 120+ Destinations and Growing. You have 10 seconds to validate the ticket. The price varies depending on when you wish to travel, and how far in advance you book - because of this, one-way single ticket prices per person can vary from 139-229z in 1st class and anything from 44-150z in 2nd class. All tickets are available in discounted prices for students, the elderly and others. There are 4 tram depots in Warsaw. Might be an idea to embed it in the text and make it clear what the link is. Plain clothes ticket inspectors regularly stalk the lines, dishing out 270.40z(266zplus a normal ticket price of 4.40z) for those without valid tickets (we understand quick payment results in the fine being lessened). To learn more about the urban rail ticket system in a given city, visit the city's article. I notice that seniors (I am 79) travel free around Warsaw. There you can see a search box (which for some mysterious reasons disapear on the English version of the site). The ticket machines accept cash and credit cards. Do I have to validate my 3-month ticket every time I board a bus in Warsaw? The ticket machines accept cash and credit cards. The current City Cards are personalized, meaning that you can design them yourself in the online application or choose from some pre-made designs. On the screen you''ll see the date of expiry. Change). I founded it as a social initiative so I invite you to mailing me with advices and questions. Is there any chance at all of making it? If all goes smoothly, you can take the S3 train at 15:24 (arriving at Warszawa Centralna Train Station at 15:45). Everyone else pays full fare unless in possession of an ISIC card (in which case you must be 26 and under).

validating tickets In Warsaw, Gdask, and d city centre (excluding the surrounding aglomeration and towns), the tickets you buy in ticket machines must be validated using a ticket validation machine already at the platform/station or as soon as you enter the train. NEVER FORGET! A good city map, easily available at any newsagents or book shop, should indicate bus and tram line numbers along the streets they service. If youre travelling to the further reaches of Warsaw youll be needing a ticket that covers both zones 1 and 2 these are priced at 7z. Tickets can also be purchased using a mobile phone. There are different types of tickets. Is there a (how is it called?) You have to pick it up in person at a Passenger Service Center of your choice with documentation such as a passport and residence permits. At night it is worth taking the metro, which runs until midnight on weekdays and to 3.00 am at weekends. Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions. Getting around Warsaw by public transport. If you use public transportation without a valid ticket, you risk a 266 PLN fine. I hope you catch your train! You can buy tickets in digital machines or in kiosks and stores. Create your own guide of favourite 'must see' places, Earn your Local Expert badge by Sharing your guides with others, Get your guide seen by submitting it to the Mini Guides section. the monthly and 3-monthly tickets are available only on the Warsaw City Card which you may apply for if you live in Warsaw(electronic). If your flight arrives ahead of schedule, you may be able to catch the S2 train at 15:05 (arriving at Warszawa rdmiecie Train Station at 15:28 - this station is across from Centralna, a mere 3 minute walk). Request stops are usually located in outer residential districts; note that if you dont press the button before the stop, the bus will just go whizzing past, so make sure you know the name of the bus stop preceding your destination., Thank you again, Andrew. If you fail to scan the ticket within 10 seconds, you can validate it again after 5 minutes. I am 71 years old. A restrictive and potentially contaminating solution. Which countries accept the Pakistan international driving licence? Note that the airport is in Zone 1. Commercial Centers, offices, and shops could be closed in case of a severe heatwave! Time-limit tickets include 20-minute, 40-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute, and they are valid in both Zone 1 and Zone 2. This chapter only refers to dedicated urban rail systems. Hi Carel, Bus and tram stops should be clearly identified, and have posted schedules listing the stops on the line and departure times. The easiest and quickest way to get to Central Station from the airport is by using the direct train link, found in the lower level of the airport. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your time in Poland. How long does the standard ticket last? Thanks.

Thank you VERY much! Detailed information about the purpose of using them, combining them with data held by the Bank and changes in cookie settings, as well as removing cookies from the browser are presented in the Privacy Policy. Warsaw has an extensive bus and tram system criss-crossing the city as well as a good metro system running from north to south and a second line that opened in March 2015 running east to west.

What is commonly used for transportation in Poland? We are visiting Warsaw and I am thinking of going to Gdask for a day trip. Based on your arrival time, I have checked train times for you, and in theory, you could make it, but it may be a bit of a mad dash! Now you must scan a QR code to validate the tickets, and many issues were reported: The time to validate is too short, the applications are not working well, and you must wait a long time to validate the ticket, avoiding the possibility to enter the transports in time. It is available only as an electronic WKM card. Single journeys can be bought directly from the bus or tram drivers once you get on the means of transport. can anyone please tell me if there is a bus service from modlin airport warsaw to the city center and if so what number bus? Those I have observed always display their ID when they start to examine tickets and remove people from the tram/bus to take their details so that they can either pay up then and there or pay later ( Poles have to carry a Dowod - ID card). Some vehicles also have automatic voice announcements. A line map, marked with the line number and terminus points, is clearly visible on all public transport. thank you! Or take night buses marked with the letter N, which run from 11.15 pm to 04.45 pm. They are provided mainly by municipal operators operating a total of around 11,500 buses. (LogOut/ Thank you, Read more about travel by regular train and buying train tickets in our train article. These cookies are set through our site by our advertising partners. check how to add the public transport tickets to the screen before logging in, In case of a control, show the ticket on your telephone - you do not have to log in to the app, In some cities, you can purchase single ride and short-term tickets for other persons travelling with you., Coldplay was in Warsaw, yesterday! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Tickets can be purchased at passenger service centres, post offices and most kiosks. the monthly and 3-monthly tickets are available only on the Warsaw City Card which you may apply for if you live in Warsaw(electronic). Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You can also find some ticket machines on buses and trams, but most accept credit cards only. They have also introduced a new weekend ticket (available from 19:00 on Friday till 08:00 on Monday) which costs 24 z (also a weekend group ticket is available for up to 5 people and costs 40 z). It is advisable to inform your readers whether the Warsaw airport is within the zone 1 or the zone 2, because on this the cost of a single ride depends.Thanks. A 3-day ticket costs 36z for zone 1 only and 57z for zones 1 & 2. Only the S2 train doesn't stop at Centralna itself, the S3 train leaving the airport at 15:24 definitely does, which is ideal for you. It entitles the bearer to an unlimited number of journeys within a year, and includes access to all ZTM lines. Our Complete Website Solution frees up the time, cost and technical expertise required to build and operate your own successful online travel business.

Time based-Tickets that are valid for a time period and allow you to board on any public transportation vehicle and service during that period(paper). An additional line has been in the planning stage for many years, but is not likely to spring into existence anytime soon. The stadium was on fire. ZTM tickets are valid on all forms of public transport, including bus, tram, metro and urban rapid rail. The departure point is 'Warszawa Centralna' travelling to 'Gdask Gwny' and the journey takes 2h 50min. You can choose among buses, trams and the metro. Tickets encoded on the Warsaw City Cards are validated by bringing the card close to the marked area on the validating machine. Small animals should be in appropriate carriers. Something absolutely unacceptable considering the situation. Validation is also confirmed by a short beep and illumination of the green light on the validating machine. Anyway, as long as the S3 runs straight to Centralna I will be pleased. Hi, If you are looking for the best way of transport from Modlin to Warsaw visit this site: You can find here simple comparison of avaible transfers. Sugar shortage - What is happening? Long-term tickets function in the same way as short-term tickets, and are available for periods of 30 days and 90 days. warsaw huerta They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. The IKO mobile application and the iPKO banking service are the electronic banking service. For request stops (na zadanie, marked "NZ" on line maps and bus schedules), press the "stop" or "na zadanie" button which is easily visible on handrails throughout the vehicle. You are correct, as you are over 70 public transportation within the cities is free and you will not need to buy a ticket for the S3 train, just have your ID ready to show the ticket conductor on the train. The easiest, and quickest, way to get to Gdask from Warsaw is by train using the Express Intercity Premium (EIP) or Express Intercity (EIC) services. The Warsaw City Card is provided free of charge for Warsaw residents. You maybe had this issue in the transports since the new online ticket validation system has been implemented on April 1st. 180 a regular bus line that takes you to most of the best tourist destinations in Warsaw along the Royal Route to Wilanw. All major stations have ticket offices, and you can make your purchase there. I checked the location and I can see that it is way out of the centrum. To enter the metro, next to all the electronic gates (and sometimes next to the ticket machines), there are dispensers from which you can take a type of ticket called a 'wejciwka' - this is a ticket you take, and keep with you at all times, to enter the metro's electronic gates without needing to pay for a normal ticket. warsaw etramping

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