For guidance and recommendations related to water use when a PBWN is in place and for recommendations for businesses, non-residential locations, and service providers contact the Hillsborough County Health Department, their licensing agency,or a health care provider for specific recommendationsand/or requirements associated with receipt of a PBWN. 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. Request services from Hillsborough County online 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week 24/7 online development permitting solution. This valve can be used to shut off your private, buried, water service line in the event of a leak. We almost do it as an Just the mention of bathroom safety may conjure up visions of sterile institutional restrooms. 2022 Emory M. Garland Plumbing. If you are reporting a water leak, call 813-274-8811, option #4, to provide the information needed to expedite handling. feel free to call us (813) 620-0044 Typically, they are located near where the water service line enters your home and are usually near the water meter. Your city absolutely doesnt want you messing around with these last two valves; they prefer you turn your water off or on using the main valve on the house side of the meter. You may only need to shut the water off here instead of the whole house while making your repair. The Tampa Water Department constantly tests and treats your water to make sure it is superior to all federal requirements for safe drinking water. If its the latter, you may need a pipe wrench. Almost all water meters have one main shutoff valve directly before the meter and another directly after the meter.

These units can save water by eliminating unnecessary regeneration cycles and making the most efficient use of water, salt and energy. In addition, most houses built today have small, localized shutoff valves called fixture supply stops installed on the supply lines leading to toilets, faucets, dishwashers, washing machines, water softeners and water heaters. Additional information MUST be collected in order to expedite handling. These notices are usually issued because of a required shutdown of our water distribution system due to scheduled maintenance or an emergency repair. The Utilities Call Center Operations section handles all consumer inquiries, utility account services, and system maintenance requests. Any payment attempted in this manner may be returned to the citation recipient for proper handling and may cause delays in payment that result in additional court fees. A Precautionary Boil Water Notice does not mean that the water is contaminated, but, because the quality of the water is unknown, customers should take precautions and assume that the water is unsafe for drinking. Read about Research of graywater for use in residential applications. If someone asks to enter your home to test your water, request to see a photo ID. Approved backflow prevention devices are required to be installed on the service connection to any premises that the department has identified as having a potential for backflow. Pets should be given boiled or bottled water. Quick! Contact Emory Garland Plumbing, a licensed, bonded and insured Tampa plumber available for all of your plumbing problems. If your toilet is going to overflow and the water valve doesnt easily turn by hand, quickly and carefully take off the toilet lid lift up the float ball until the refill valve shuts off. We receive calls constantly from customers who are in a flood situation. There are also underground shut-off valves installed at the property line. Some people like the way their hair and skin feels when using soft water. Should a large-scale or system-wide Precautionary Boil Water Notice be necessary, in addition to enlisting the assistance of the local media to alert the community, we subscribing to receive wide-spread boil water notifications viaAlert Tampa. After 45 calendar days, payment may only be made to the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court. TheHillsborough County Extension Office offers a service for community or condominium associations to provide free on-site landscape evaluations to officers or board members of associations and includes recommendations for problem areas. A number of outdoor water use restrictions are included in the current restrictions, including restrictions related to the use of open hoses, testing of irrigation systems during prohibited hours, and watering-in of pesticides and fertilizers. For information on residential and commercial service outages from the County, please contact Water Resources Customer Service at (813) 272-6680. Order water Customer Conservation Devices, Knowinghowandwhereto shut off your homes main water supply is as important as knowing how and where to turn-off or reset an electric breaker or replace a fuse., A $25.00 set-up charge will be billed to the account when transferring service, An additional deposit may be required if overlapping service exceeds 10 days, The Utility performs Service turn-on Monday - Friday, 8 AM 5 PM, The Utility performs Service turn-off Monday - Thursday, 8 AM 5 PM, Account balance must be current before we can transfer service to new address, Please note: The Utility does not turn off service on Friday or the day before a County Holiday, In person by appointment only (M-F) 8AM to 5PM at, Brandon Support Operations Complex (BSOC). We issue boil water notices as a precaution even when contamination is unlikely. NOTE: To expedite a response for specific topics please use the appropriate link below. Some homes have a water shut off valve located along the main water line that may be found in your crawl space or basement. Using a water softener is a matter of personal preference but, using a water softener may not improve the safety or quality of water as it relates to health. Going clockwise, turn the valve until it stops and the water supply will be shut off. You should take the same precautions with your pet as you would for yourself. The cost of softening water is a factor that must be taken into consideration. Florida Statute 720.3075 states that "Homeowners' association documents, including declarations of covenants, articles of incorporation, or bylaws, may not prohibit or be enforced so as to prohibit any property owner from implementing Florida-Friendly Landscaping, as defined in s. 373.185(1), on his or her land. It is also a good idea to show this valve to any of your children you feel are responsible enough to utilize the valve in your absence. Information on COVID-19 vaccines, testing, as well as resources and case tracking. Year-round water use restrictions help ensure a sufficient quantity of drinking water to meet residential and business needs and provide adequate fire protectionfor the Tampa. Connection fees are one-time charges to property owners who want to install a new water service. Tampa Water customers residing in unincorporated Hillsborough County follow water use restrictions defined and enforced by the county. Polski | Portugus | As water travels over or through the ground, it dissolves naturally-occurring minerals such as calcium or magnesium. On-demand water softening equipment measures the demand and softens water only when needed. Others don't like soft water because they feel the soap won't rinse off. Call Catholic Charities today and Highland Sewer & Water Authority (HSWA) does not anticipate any disruptions to the How is water used in your home? The 'hardness' of water refers to the amount of these minerals in the water. | It is also important to know the location of this valve (curb-stop) and if it is in functioning order. Water use restrictions set out specific guidelines for irrigating new plant materials. Some water softeners have features to reduce water use. The plumbing in a modern home is truly incredible. If you are just doing a practice run, you may need to turn off the water intake valves to your appliances, especially your hot water heater to keep it from being damaged. When you need a plumber, well be there for you day or night with fast and reliable plumbing service because you never know when a plumbing emergency may arise. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Failure to appear in court results in a default judgment of guilty when the case is called in court and an assessment of fines and fees, as determined by the judge. If you are experiencing aleak >at a fixture (such as a sink or toilet), look for small shut-off valves behind or below the fixture to shut off water flow under a repair is completed. On average, 17% goes towards showering, 27% is used by the toilet, your faucet drains 15%, your clothes washer another 22%, miscellaneous needs take up 5%, and those HSWA included in PA DEP PFAS baseline sampling plan, How to Keep Water Pipes from Freezing in Winter, Leaky Toilet Flapper (from Please call the Water Enforcement Office at (813) 349-5014 with questions about your citation and information about what to do if the irrigation you were cited for is allowed within the ordinance. However, that does not mean it is safe for you to continue to use the water without boiling it first. We recommend that you refer to the correspondence included with the citation packet for additional information about contesting a citation. The notice will be lifted (rescinded) only after tests prove the water is safe to drink. The curb stop is City property. Individuals may wish to contact a health care provider for specific recommendations. If you have municipal or city water, the water meter and shutoff valve are usually found close to each other. Utility Bill Questions Specific questions regarding a notice can be directed to the contact number on the notice or the Tampa Water Department Emergency Repair and Service Section at (813) 274-7400.

Espaol | 4325. Every home was required to have a main water shut-off valve installed inside the home during initial construction. If you do get sick, the symptoms are similar to food poisoning: nausea, diarrhea, cramps, and possibly a mild fever. After the boil water notice is lifted, flush the water out of your distribution lines. For same-day emergency turn-off assistance, a service fee may apply. Stop Service The Danger of Yard Chemicals and How to Live Without Them, Residential & Commercial New Construction, Can you or have you, shut off your water supply, 3 Laundry Room Features that Can Help Prevent Flooding, Three Great Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom, How Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures Can Add Value to Your Home, Preventable Clogs and Household Waste A Primer, Save Money on Your Water Bill in 6 Easy Ways. Though the risk of illness is minimal, individuals who have recent surgical wounds, are immuno-suppressed or have a chronic illness may want to consider using bottled or boiled water for cleansing until the notice is lifted. all Customer Service Center service request types, Order water Customer Conservation Devices, Water Color Concern (Cloudy, Discolored, Dirty), Water Use Restrictions Violation Notification. Run enough hot water to flush the hot water heater. For water or wastewater emergencies, call(813) 744-5600. Be suspicious if you're told that an in-home test has detected pollution or contamination in your water. Proudly Serving: Hillsborough County and Pasco County since 1987. Children and disabled individuals should have their bath supervised to ensure water is not ingested. In newer homes, it could be a ball valve. When we are experiencing a lack of rainfall combined with increasing daytime temperatures, we sometimes also experience algae bloom in our reservoir that temporarily affects the taste and odor of Tampas drinking water. Connection fees vary. Do You Know Where Your Water Shut Off ValveIs? To Prevent or Reduce Film on your Dishes and Cookware.

Hillsborough County Plumbing | Tampa | Apollo Beach | Bloomingdale | Boyette | Brandon | Carrollwood | Cheval | Citrus Park | Dover | East Lake-Orient Park | Egypt Lake-Leto | Fish Hawk | Gibsonton | Keystone | Lake Magdalene | Lutz | Mango | Northdale | Palm River-Clair Mel | Pebble Creek | Plant City | Progress Village | Riverview | Ruskin | Seffner | Sun City Center | Temple Terrace | Thonotosassa | Town 'n Country | University | Valrico | Westchase | Wimauma Pasco County Plumbing | Bayonet Point | Beacon Square | Crystal Springs | Dade City | Elfers | Holiday | Hudson | Jasmine Estates | Lacoochee | Land O Lakes | New Port Richey | Odessa | Port Richey | San Antonio | Shady Hills | St. Leo | Trinity | Wesley Chapel | Zephyrhills. If you have additional questions about your filming issue, please contact the dishwasher and detergent manufacturers. The first question we ask is; Can you or have you, shut off your water supply? Tampa City Code Section 26-70 prohibits anyone other than an authorized representative of the City from turning off or turning on the water at the City's curb stop. An unused softener can grow bacteria and maybe a source of potential water contamination in your home. The resin beads in the water softener slowly break down and these break-down materials sometimes settle as deposits in the toilet tanks and in the water heater indicating your softened water may contain these materials. Are you in need of assistance paying your water bill? The curb-box has a 4 diameter, round, cast iron lid with the word WATER stamped on it. Check the manuals for instructions. How to get information on Public Utilities services outages, Backflow & Cross Connection Service Testing, Converting Your Septic System to County Wastewater. Call the Tampa Water Department Engineering Planning Section at (813) 274-8121, option #6,for more information. In an emergency, you have to stop the water fast! Companies that offer "free" home water tests may be trying to sell you water treatment products you don't need. Any damage to the City valve, water meter or service as a result of unauthorized use will be billed to the account holder. The water filters that are attached to the kitchen faucet or placed in the refrigerator are there in order to improve the aesthetic aspects of water quality, such as odor and taste, not to remove harmful pathogens such as bacteria. With supply valves, you can turn off the water to a single fixture while fixing or replacing that faucet. Tampa, FL 33602. Reclaimed Water Inquiries It is safe to shower as long as you take care not to swallow the water or get it into your eyes, nose or mouth. If the water use for which you were cited does not meet one of the permitted uses defined in the applicablewater use restrictions and you wish to contest the citation, you may elect toappear in court to present your information to the judge for a decision. Yes. Companies manufacturing automatic dishwasher detergent may periodically change their formulas to comply with federal or state requirements or to reduce manufacturing costs. The water will drain outside and not inside your home where it can cause damage. Pressure and hot water can build up in the unit and cause it to burst or burn someone badly. State Certified License CFC1425599 | Privacy Policy. Tampa, FL 33602. Should any of these symptoms occur you should seek medical advice immediately. While the resulting taste and odor are earthy and unpleasant, the water remains safe to drink while the algae bloom is being treated to bring it under control. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) - City of Tampa (813) 274-8211, view You should boil your water or use bottled water whenever a Precautionary Boil Water Notice is issued. More information about how to stop your toilet from overflowing can be found here. Tests that make tap water "change color" may make it appear your water is unhealthy when it's perfectly safe. It is issued to encourage our customers to boil their water due to a disruption in the system that could possibly allow for the contamination of water. In general, water from wells contains more minerals because groundwater is exposed to the minerals longer. Should you accidentally consume water during a precautionary boil water notice without boiling it first, chances are you will be okay as long as you are in good health. Remove the aerator before flushing kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. It is suggested that all water users in Tampa review theWater Use Restrictions periodically or subscribe to receive water restriction change alerts via Alert Tampato ensure that they avoid a water use restriction citation.

If it did overflow, clean it up quickly before you have damage to your flooring. Water Pressure Concerns Water containing very little calcium or magnesium is called 'soft' water. If you receive a water use citation and believe that the water use for which you were cited is one of the permitted uses defined in the applicablewater use restrictions, call (813) 349-5014 within 30 calendar days after receiving the citation to provide information that will allow a review. The calcium in the water can deposit on faucets and shower curtains as a white residue (which is most easily cleaned with a vinegar-soaked cloth). Some detergents now contain the softening ingredients to reduce and remove these deposits. The most important thing to do is know where to shut off the water so you can protect your home, appliances, and fixtures. | We are a 24 hour plumbing contractor, ready to help you with all of your plumbing problems. A backflow device is a mechanical insert in your plumbing system on your side of the meter that prevents a reversal of water flow. If the valve doesnt turn by hand, using two wrenches and turning them in opposite directions (backing off) will allow the wrench to take the stress and not the plumbing. The softener's purpose is to improve the aesthetics or feel of the water. Shutting down the system can cause a loss of water pressure that could allow contaminants to enter. Make sure no items block the dishwasher sprayer arms so that enough water reaches all the dishes. It is a notification that advises customers to boil tap water used for drinking or cooking until tests verify the water is safe. Whether you enjoy it or not, doing laundry is a necessity of life. Run the dishwasher when no other water is being used for maximum water pressure to the dishwasher. If you dont have a float ball, look for a part that lifts with the water level and hold it up. Ting Vit | Water restrictions do change in response to local and regional water supply conditions. This can lead to great family discord, since working on a single drippy faucet can require shutting off water to the entire house at the main valve, leaving everyone shower-less, flush-less and waterless. While the sight of a free-flowing drain might not bring a tear to your eye, our team has a Its not difficult to reduce your households water use to save money on your water bill. Most people who happen to drink this water will not get sick. The softened water may be more corrosive and may harm your water pipes in your house. We provide follow-up to 100 percent of reports received, but the volume of reports prevents us from providing specific feedback to individuals making reports. The City of Tampa Utilities is a part of the Water Department's Distribution and Consumer Services Division. English. This valve is usually located in line with the meter box, low to the ground, sometimes behind bushes, on the property between our meter box and your residence. People with hard water may notice white deposits on dishes, cooking pots or coffee makers. Prevent potential cross-connections or backflow resulting from a garden hose being submerged in a bucket, sink, pond, swimming pool, car radiator, or a chemical applicator attached to the hose by installing inexpensive hose bibb vacuum breakers, commonly available in the plumbing section of home improvement stores, between outdoor spigots and garden hoses.

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