[28] The Hamilton chapter of the Outlaws, for their part, started killing the Wild Ones, and after five members of the Wild Ones were killed, the gang disbanded themselves. biker Suminder Grewal", "Canada's gang hotspots are you in one? [81] In October 1996, Kane reported to the RCMP that Stadnick had offered him $10,000 to kill Magnussen.[94]. On April 25, Edmonton Police, Alberta Sheriffs and the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) conducted multiple Edmonton-area police raids -- including one at the Hells Angels Westridge chapter clubhouse, near 159 Street and 81 Avenue.

[39] Initially, Stadnick went to a hospital in Montreal, but as none of the nurses spoke English, he transferred over to a hospital in his hometown. [4] Richmond called the Hells Angels "a pyramid scheme" under which the ordinary members risked their livelihoods and sometimes their lives while the bulk of the profits went to the Nomads. [154] On 18 August 2019, he attended the funeral in Delta, British Columbia of a murdered Hells Angel, Suminder "Allie" Grewal. "[4], The decision to admit Ward and his gang as the Hells Angel chapter for the Niagara peninsula, despite the fact that Ward was not a biker and did not know how to ride a motorcycle, prompted some resentment, requiring Stadnick to visit Toronto, where he declared that the new Niagara chapter, as the Ward gang had become, would be only "prospects" instead of "full patch" members. "Most people don't know. [4] As a result of the mass "patch-over" in Montreal, with 168 outlaw bikers becoming Hells Angels, the greater Toronto area went from having no Hells Angels chapters to having the highest concentration of Hells Angels' chapters in the world. Always curious but didnt ever connect that place to HA. [102] By the end of 1998, the only provinces without Hells Angels chapters were Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. [43] Harris described Stadnick as being "civil enough, but he never had a sense of humor". I've lived around a few different club houses over the years. READ MORE: ALERT investigating Hells Angels in Edmonton-area, READ MORE: Six Hells Angels members facing ALERT investigation, READ MORE: More details released in crackdown on Hells Angels. [27] Stadnick survived by hiding under the table. fort hells angels mc saskatoon alberta outlaws mcmurray weapons gang biker john outlaw members irish warlocks ra appeals vs gangsters [96] Stadnick had no job, but owned a house on the Cloverhill Road in Hamilton that was valued at $156,000. [49] The meeting went so well that the Vikings agreed to "patch over" to become Hells Angels' Quebec City chapter the same night. We thought you guys were a little better than this". I know where we'll be, but I don't want to tell you verbally". But the hard-core ones, they're still thinking they want to be Hells Angels. [14] Unable to join Satan's Choice, Stadnick instead joined the Wild Ones outlaw biker club in 1977. [132] The Niagara chapter under Ward became the richest Hells Angel chapter in Ontario as Ward had something very close to a monopoly on selling cocaine in the Niagara peninsula. It's been a long time since gang wars have spilled over into civilian territory though. [88] Even though most Satan's Choice members favored joining the Hells Angels, Guindon would not hear of it throughout the 1990s. [101] Ward was not an outlaw biker, but he was the leader of a locally powerful criminal gang, and Stadnick wanted to do business with him. [72] However, the meeting ended badly, with Lenti rejecting Stadnick's offer. This website uses cookies to personalize your content (including ads), and allows us to analyze our traffic. [31] On 17 February 1983, in a moment of cocaine-induced paranoia, Mailloux attempted to murder Augustin, shooting her several times, while at the same time killing her four-year son Stewart Hawley and her best friend Cindy Lee Thompson. [52] The murder of Melanson created much ill will towards the Hells Angels in the Vagabonds for some time, and the plans to "patch over" were aborted. [107] LaBrash was the president of the London chapter of the Outlaws, and his killers were the brothers Paul and Duane Lewis. [142] In July 2002, the Angels' new national leadership consisting of Gerald Ward, president of the Niagara chapter, and Billy Miller, president of the North Toronto chapter, summoned the Coates brothers and Georges "Bo-Boy" Beaulieu, president of the Sherbrooke chapter, to a meeting in Toronto to tell them to end the violence as the Ontario market was large enough to share with other gangs, and the negative publicity was attracting unwanted attention. Wolodumir "Walter" Stadnick (born 3 August 1952),[1] also known as "Nurget", is a Canadian outlaw biker and gangster who was the third national president of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Canada. Walter has been able to carry out his business for a long time. [134] Pacey stated: "Hells Angels influence is subtle, behind the scenes.

[20] The conflict was started when the Hells Angel Yves "Apache" Trudeau shot two Outlaws in Montreal, killing one. People there want drugs, too. [149], When filing for his taxes, Stadnick never claimed more than an annual income of $35,000, but after his conviction, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) performed an audit of his illegally obtained income, which was also taxable. [150] In 2006, Stadnick was reassessed by the CRA and told to pay $1.2 million in back taxes.

[35] It was around this time that Stadnick started wearing a "Filthy Few" patch that the police say is awarded to those who kill for the gang. [86] A Winnipeg police officer, Ray Parry, said of the Redliners: "They were the most polished. He doesn't need it". [72] Stadnick disliked Lenti, but he know that the Loners were one of the strongest outlaw biker clubs in Ontario, making them the ideal candidates to become Hells Angels. [16] On 1 July 1977, Parente together with the rest of the Hamilton chapter of the Satan's Choice "patched over" to join the Outlaws, who wanted to expand into Canada. hells angels kelowna clubhouse bc cp columbia british vancouver member widdifield frederick raided motorcyle chapter club charges stayed [42] As a reward for guarding Stadnick, the 13th Tribe were allowed to join the Hells Angels on 5 December 1984, becoming the first Angel chapter in Atlantic Canada. [136] Stadnick's common-law wife accused the Jamaican police of putting him in a "hellhole" jail cell. [26] One Angel, Louis "Ti-Oui" Lapierre, rose to confront the two American Outlaws, only to be gunned down when one of the Outlaws pulled out his handgun while the other pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and opened fire on the party in the booth. [78], Stadnick once called John Gordon Harris of the Hamilton police, saying: "I need to speak to Sergeant Harris". I believe there is an Edmonton chapter that regularly uses 51, Edmonton Angels. [53] Aiding Stadnick was the conviction in 1988 of his archenemy, Parente, who had become the national president of the Outlaws, of manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of Jimmy Lewis. [2] The only exception was the Sherbrooke chapter, which uniquely was allowed to buy cocaine from the Rizzuto family directly. [5][11] On 6 January 1971 when the preliminary hearing was held to decide whatever Stadnick's case would go to trial or not, Stadnick's biker friends showed up and misbehaved in court, leading the judge to expel them from the courtroom. [45] Stadnick did not own, but was described as running, the Rebel Roadhouse bar in Hamilton. [110] The next day, Stadnick was observed by the Winnipeg police going into a strip club where he met several presidents of Satan's Choice chapters from Ontario. [4] Matters calmed down subsequently when Stadnick and Stockford sat down with several Choice members. [21] The Wild Ones worked as subcontractors for the Mafia, being used to bomb businesses that refused to pay extortion money. [118] One of the Loners in the St. Thomas chapter, Jimmy Coates, had a brother, John, who was a member of the Sherbrooke chapter of the Hells Angels, and together the Coates brothers worked against Kellestine, attempting to foment a mutiny against Kellestine's leadership of his chapter of the Loners. Big sign saying Area 51 and the logo underneath. But maybe thats just a TV thing. [46] Stadnick's right-hand man, a film stuntman and Hells Angel who served as the Nomad vice-president, Donald "Pup" Stockford, lived in neighboring Ancaster. I'm kind of a quiet guy". Southern Ontario, especially the "Golden Horseshoe" area, as the greater Toronto area is known, was the wealthiest part of Canada and hence the most lucrative area for an outlaw biker club to operate in. [24] During his trip to Montreal, Stadnick survived Le Tourbillion massacre on 12 October 1978 when the Outlaws stormed into Le Tourbillion bar to shoot the Angels and Wild Ones who were meeting there, killing one of the Angels and two of the Wild Ones. However, it does offer an open concept layout, and a simple change in colour scheme could make the rooms feel much larger. [43] However, Stadnick stayed away from the container, leading Harris to say: "He was pretty smart. [111] Langton wrote the general level of intelligence within los Montoneros can be seen in that the gang believed their name meant "the wolf pack" in Spanish, but los montoneros actually means "the workers" in Spanish. [88] However, Guindon was an intense Canadian nationalist who had rejected offers from both the Outlaws and the Hells Angels in the 1970s and 1980s to "patch over", and was still opposed to having the outlaw biker club he had founded in 1965 absorbed into a larger American club.

[130] A number of Outlaws and the Rock Machine bikers also went over to the Hells Angels, whom Stadnick grouped into the Hells Angels new Ottawa chapter. [36] Stadnick was on his way to attend a memorial service for Buteau, who was killed on that day in 1983, when a Catholic priest who was speeding on his way to Montreal to see Pope John Paul II, who was visiting Canada, led to the traffic incident. [145] Richmond told the court that Stadnick and Stockford were the key figures in the rise of the Hells Angels, saying: "More than anyone else in the Hells Angels, Stadnick and Stockford were the ones who worked to bring into the Hells Angels organization into other motorcycle clubs in Ontario and Manitoba. But when they started doing this, we thought, 'why are they taking all these mumblies?' [101] It was agreed at the "crime summit" that henceforward Ward would only buy his drugs from the Hells Angels, thereby establishing Angels' influence in the Niagara peninsula. [110] After the Spartans disbanded, the only other outlaw biker club in Winnipeg other than los Bravos were los Montoneros biker gang, whom Stadnick had declared to be unfit to be Hells Angels. [3] The police officers who monitored him were struck by the deference that he was shown by other outlaw bikers, noting when he visited Toronto that the "hang-arounds" served as his bodyguards when he dined at expensive restaurants, standing guard outside even in the winter to keep out any would-be assassins. [2] The records also showed that Stadnick brought 267 kilograms of cocaine and 173 kilograms of hashish worth $11.1 million from the Mafia and made profits of $3 million during this period.[2]. And, if youre interested in this home, you might even be able to convince the seller to part with this one-of-a-kind floor mat located in the laundry room Or you could just buy it off Amazon.

hells angels gangsters villy whiterock drug ring angel vest operation An appealing spot for a first-time home buyer. [83] On 29 January 1994, the Demon Keepers rode out from Montreal to Toronto, renting a luxury apartment in the Yonge and Eglinton district as their collective home. [141] When O'Neill noticed that Stadnick had a "Filthy Few" tattoo reportedly awarded to those who killed for the Hells Angels Stadnick claimed the tattoo was because: "Oh, that's because I like to party when I stay out with the boys". Anyone know anything about what looks like a hells angels clubhouse on 120 ave and fort road? I live nearby and yes I've seen hell's angels visit the building but for the most part it's pretty quiet. [86] Kane, who was secretly a RCMP informer, told his handlers in April 1995 that Stadnick was frequently making trips to Winnipeg "in order to establish a corridor for drug sales from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Winnipeg". [140] Langton dismissed the theory that Stadnick had advance knowledge of Operation Springtime, stating if Stadnick did know, then he would have gone to a country with no extradition treaty with Canada like Brazil rather than Jamaica, which does. [119] On 22 October 1999, in a drive-by shooting, a pro-Hells Angels Loner, Davie "Dirty" McLeish, and a Hells Angel from Sherbrooke, Philippe "Philbilly" Gastonguay, opened fire with a shotgun on Kellestine, who was sitting in his truck at a stop at the only intersection in Iona Station. [15] As the Wild Ones were more a senior club than the Cossacks, being allowed to join was a step-up for Stadnick. [4] On 4 November 1997, Steinert, together with his bodyguard Magnussen, were last seen alive leaving the Lavigueur mansion where they lived to see Boucher. Stadnick and his partners were able to build a pyramid structure that put the Nomads on top of all the other clubs, which you don't see anywhere else. [93], Kane's reports mentioned that Stadnick was often in conflict with Steinert, and alleged that Stadnick wanted Steinert's bodyguard, Donald "Bam Bam" Magnussen, killed. [25] One of the Angels, Jean Brochu, was killed, while Lapierre and another Angel, Bruno Coulombe, were badly wounded. [56] In the spring of 1988, Langlois fled to Morocco to escape charges of first-degree murder in connection with his role in the Lennoxville massacre of 1985, and Stadnick was chosen to be his successor. [66] In turn, Ward and Miller were believed to acting on behalf of Stadnick. Everyone knew who he was and what he was all about, but he was good at what he did. [121] Wolfe rejected the offer, saying the Indian Posse should be treated as equals to the Angels, not subordinates. [60] For Standick, the two most important provinces to expand into were Manitoba and Ontario. [155] Peter Edwards, the crime correspondent for the Toronto Star described the Hells Angels in 2016 as the most powerful organized crime group in Canada, saying "In Ontario, you had the Hells Angels and the people the Hells Angels let exist. [100] Clarkson stated: "I don't think (Ward) really wanted to do it, but I don't think they gave him a choice. [85] During his visits to Montreal, Stadnick was paranoid about being assassinated by the rival Rock Machine and always stayed at the Angels' heavily fortified clubhouse in Sorel. [18], In October 1978, Stadnick went to Montreal to contact Yves Buteau, the national president of Hells Angels Canada, to discuss having the Wild Ones "patch over" to become the first Hells Angels chapter in Ontario. [51] After remortgaging his house, Melanson contacted the Hells Angels to say he had some $50,000 in cash of the $80,000 that he owed and he would meet them in a room in a hotel on Yonge Street to hand it over, promising he would pay off the remaining $30,000 soon. [82] Stadnick used the rivalry between the Spartans and los Bravos as a way to gradually establish Hells Angels influence in Winnipeg, becoming powerful enough by 1993 to impose a truce and end the biker war in Winnipeg that began in 1991. [89] Members of the Nomads were Stadnick, Boucher, Donald "Pup" Stockford, David "Wolf" Carroll, Gilles "Trooper" Mathieu, Richard "Bert" Mayrand, Luc Bordeleau, Pierre Laurin, Louis "Mlou" Roy, Richard "Rick" Valle, Andr Chouinard, Michel Rose, Denis "Pas Fiable" Houle, Normand Robitaille, Normand "Biff" Hamel, and Ren "Balloune" Charlebois. In some way I feel safe living near it and also unsafe at the same time. [150] In 2008, Stadnick filed for personal bankruptcy, claiming to be unable to afford to pay his back taxes. And La Table was a powerful clique, which is why they amassed such huge fortunes. Its perfect for plotting the next adventure or marking off countries already visited. Following the police invasion, one of the neighbours in the area said the Hells Angels have been there for a couple of years, but nobody actually lives at the home. [88], On 24 June 1995, Stadnick and close friend Maurice Boucher founded the Nomad chapter with eight other members. [52] On 5 November 1987, Stadnick was arrested for the first time since 1971. He was just a face in the crowd. [2] The records showed that Stadnick's codename was Gertrude and that between 30 March 1999 and 19 December 2000, the Nomads had sold $111.5 million worth of cocaine and hashish all over Canada.

[104] Shortly afterwards, the Redliners joined los Bravos, which increased Stadnick's influence in los Bravos. [146] However, the judge acquitted Stadnick of all 13 counts of murder, saying that the Crown failed to present enough evidence that Stadnick ordered the murders..[146], On September 13, 2004, Stadnick was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment for a collection of convictions including conspiracy to murder, drug trafficking involvement in gang activities. [123] Sher stated: "[Stadnick] is part of that key cocaine industry that turns the Hells Angels from basically gofer boys of the Mafia into powerbrokers who are sitting down with the Mafia and negotiating the price of cocaine". [2] By the 21st century, the five Angels' chapters in British Columbia had become the wealthiest Angel chapters in the world, with control of much of the drug smuggling into the United States.

This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Saw the Area51 sign myself and instantly recognized the font and colouring as HA. 'Yeah', I said, but let remember who he is and what he belongs to". [152] Stadnick was described as being "polite and respectful inmate", but one who refused to admit that he had been a Hells Angel or admit any guilt. The board ruled in December 2014: "He will have unrestricted freedom beginning April 12, 2019. [10] A Hamilton police detective, Ken Roberston, who investigated the bombings, stated: "It was quite a sophisticated operation". [93] Sirois testified that Stadnick had told him in 1996 that what he wanted was "The Hells Angels only, throughout Canada, with no other biker clubs". The signs posted around the area forbidding photography were also a wee bit of a tell. [118], In 1999, the Hells Angels approached Danny Wolfe, the imprisoned leader of the Indian Posse gang, which is one of the largest organized crime groups in western Canada, with the offer to become exclusive wholesalers, selling the Indian Posse drugs, which in turn they would sell on the streets. [8] In December 1982, Stadnick returned to Hamilton after living in Montreal for a number of years together with another Wild One turned Hells Angel, Noel "Frenchy" Mailloux, who had served as Stadnick's translator during his time in Montreal. [77] In April 1994, the Demon Keepers puppet club collapsed ignominiously, an experience that so embittered Kane that he decided to become a RCMP informer. [102] On 3 September 1997, Stadnick visited Toronto and met with Donny Petersen, the president of the Para-Dice Riders. She said that the Hells Angels will get on anyones case for the tagging walls or anything. [80] In 1984, a pact had been signed by the Satan's Choice chapter in Thunder Bay, the Grim Reapers outlaw biker gang in Alberta and los Bravos gang to keep the Hells Angels out of western Canada. The Hells didn't just wait until they happened to run into their enemies on the street. [97] Stephan Frankel, the Hamilton lawyer who has represented Stadnick since 1979, replied when asked about Stadnick's job: "What does Walter do for a living? [100] On 23 July 1997, Murdock assassinated Carmen Barillaro, Papalia's right-hand man, effectively crippling the Papalia family and creating a void in the Hamilton underworld. In 2000, the Musitano brothers were convicted on the basis of Murdock's testimony. [84] Stadnick's principle rival within the Hells Angels was an American living in Montreal named Scott Steinert, who was an extremely aggressive and ambitious man who aspired to be the Hells Angels' national president. [35] The underworld of Hamilton at that time was dominated by the three Mafia families, the Papalia crime family, the Musitano crime family and the Luppino crime family, together with the local Outlaws chapter, which made Hamilton a dangerous place for Stadnick and required him to keep a low profile. [100] One police officer, Shawn Clarkson, of the Niagara Falls Police stated: "There was nobody to stand up to the Hells Angels the way Barillaro or Papalia would have. Now there are 23, the Hells Angels being the most prevalent in the Edmonton area. [150], Stadnick was paroled in June 2014, lasting less than a month on probation due to suspicion that he was associating with people with criminal records as well as the biker club. Theres even a Harley-Davidson sign on the outside of the garage for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life. [81] Most of the cocaine in Canada arrived in Montreal, and Stadnick sold both clubs cocaine at prices that allowed them to make handsome profits. [85] Regarding the Quebec biker war, the prosecutor at Stadnick's 2004 trial, Randall Richmond, stated: "This was a highly sophisticated war engaging many people, a lot of planning, preparation and money. [116] Stadnick's lieutenant, David "Wolf" Carroll, was more threatening as he demanded to know why the Loners' president Gennaro "Jimmy" Raso had failed to come. They usually police the areas around their clubhouses pretty good for petty crimes. He was the last guy that had some seniority and some smarts". [32] The incident badly damaged the image of the Hells Angels in Ontario, making them look to be out of control and dangerous, and Stadnick was forced to suspend his efforts at trying to set up a Hells Angels chapter in Ontario for some time. "[148] Stadnick was "transferred from a medium to a maximum-security prison in 2006 and 2009 for illegal trafficking activities and large-scale loansharking" in a Kingston area prison. He also can't consume alcohol or go to bars or own or operate a motorcycle or work in motorcycle repair. [77], Shortly before his trial for living off the proceeds of crime was due to start on 4 October 1993, the Winnipeg Sun ran an article on Stadnick, which led his lawyer to ask for the charges to be dropped, claiming the story by the journalist Melanie Verhaeghe had jeopardised his ability to get a fair trial. [125] Putting the pressure onto Stadnick was the fact that the rival Rock Machine had expanded out of Quebec by opening three chapters in Ontario while the same time the Rock Machine was moving towards "patching over" to join the Texas-based Bandidos, one of the "big four" American outlaw biker clubs. The west ridge chapter CH is pretty obvious though. [59] Found with him were eleven ounces of hash, which led the police to charge him with intention to sell drugs, but the charges were dropped as Freeborn sworn in court that the hash belonged to him and Stadnick had nothing to do with his drug-dealing. [156], "Patching over": consolidation of Canadian outlaw biking, "A confederation of Angels: One man's dream come true", "Hamilton mobster changed Niagara's underworld", "The Bandido Massacre: Extended Chronology", "No happy trails for paroled Hells Angel Walter Stadnick", "Un vtran des Hells Angels recycl dans la construction", "Hamilton Hells Angel member Walter Stadnick back on the streets", "Other Hells Angels who were recently released", "Hells Angels pay respects to slain B.C. [88] Besides for chapter presidents, Stadnick continued to meet Satan's Choice national president, Guindon, taking him to dinner in the most expensive restaurants in Toronto and the most expensive strip clubs in Oshawa to press him to "patch over". 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[79], Stadnick spent much of the 1990s living in Winnipeg, where he courted and was courted by the city's two biggest outlaw biker clubs, the Spartans under Darwin Sylvester and los Bravos under Ernie Dew. [73] Stadnick continued to offer Lenti a chance to "patch over" several times in 1993 and 1994, but he declined, instead offering Stadnick a chance to join the Loners. [101] Ward had been buying his cocaine from the Magaddino family of Buffalo, New York, and was considered to be the most powerful drug dealer in the Niagara peninsula. [48] Despite the fact that Stadnick spoke no French and Boucher no English, forcing them to use translators, the two men became friends. [90] The journalist Julian Sher stated: "In Quebec, the Nomads were just the toughest and meanest and most powerful. [91] Stadnick was also regularly seen in Ontario, attending outlaw biker events sponsored by both the Loners and the Satan's Choice gangs throughout the 1990s. The next issue of Edmonton Sun Headline News will soon be in your inbox. [12] Standick was convicted of drug possession with the intention to sell. [16] Stadnick was known for being quiet, for never smoking or doing drugs, and for drinking in moderation. That would be the last thing he'd want. They hunted them down like animals. [54][55], In 1988, Stadnick become the national president of the Canadian Hells Angels. [106] Their bodies were later found floating in the St. Lawrence River with their heads bashed into bloody pulps after being repeatedly hit with baseball bats and hammers. He knew almost everybody. We encountered an issue signing you up. [65] Ernie Dew, the president of los Bravos outlaw biker club in Winnipeg, which later became the first Hells Angel chapter in Manitoba, said of the Angels: "This was the club. [71] Of the $80,000 he was carrying, $15,000 was hidden inside of an opening carved into the gold belt buckle. There is no big signs that says 'Hells Angels Home' next door"there is nothing happening there," said Fleysher. The home drew in some unwanted attention back in 2014, when the property was included in a raid following an extensive investigation by the Alberta Law enforcement Response Team (ALERT). On the other side, rests a massive 1,700-square-foot Caliber Master Builder showhome -- built in 2012 and now listed at $649,900. [71] In June 1993, Stadnick went to Wasaga Beach to attend a convention of the Loners outlaw biker gang and to meet their leader, Frank "Cisco" Lenti, to discuss having the Loners "patch over" to become Hells Angels. [93] Sirois later became a police informer and testified at Stadnick's trial in 2004 that the latter had told him that it was his dream to have the Hells Angels become the only outlaw biker club in all of Canada, with the "bottom rockers" (the lower part of the biker club jacket) read "Canada" instead of the provinces. [13] Satan's Choice were the most powerful outlaw biker club in Ontario in the 1960s and 1970s. [132] The police estimated that Ward and the Niagara chapter were responsible for selling about 75% of cocaine in the Niagara region. [10], On 23 October 1970, Stadnick was arrested after a police officer found LSD tablets in his pocket. I thought we were compromising our integrity. [141] When O'Neill pointed out the contradiction, Stadnick fell silent. [81] Between 1991 and 1993, the biker war between los Bravos and the Spartans caused at least 31 acts of violence in Winnipeg. [34] On 21 July 1983, the "patch over" took place in Vancouver, establishing the Hells Angels in British Columbia. And we had ot make sure we dotted all our is and crossed all our t's and did it properly". You start to realize this guy is smart.

Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. [58] Most outlaw biker clubs welcomed a chance to meet the president of the Canadian Hells Angels, the best known outlaw biker club in the world. hells angels martin bernatchez nomads ottawa shot chapter funeral phil boudreault shutter granby

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