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Can someone please help me.

When I get home from work, I'll try your suggestion though, thx for the help. You don't have any free sockets for any more active Skills making it's very easy to play as a reward for the painfully complex process of gearing up. Same issue as Forbidden Rite itself: the damage triggers before the cooldown is over. Here's an image to show the transformation distance Here's a quick video of me trying to have petrified blood damage trigger CWDT - Ice Nova continously: the damage over time should not trigger CWDT so it's hard to believe. You could quickly boost the damage by simply swapping Quicksilver Flask with Bottled Faith, but we preferred to have more mobility for the videos (the DPS is more than fine regardless). 76 Points Skill Tree

The only thing you must consider when playing this character is getting Flask Charges quickly enough.

What are your reasons for elementalist? Looks like a really fun build, I'm doing the same thing but with Ice Spear atm. When you take damage from your skeletons, it triggers all your CWDT setups in a certain order "Main hand Amulet Helm Off hand Body armour Gloves Boots". You also need a *lot* of life regen to mitigate your self-damage. Combine with block or evade, and you should be able to survive without too much difficulty. My entire friend group has been working on and refining various versions of the build for the last week, and it's been an absolute blast.

whats the solution for that? Pick the Deadeye Ascendancy first for more Projectile Damage and permanent Tailwind. All your Cold Spells will be triggered automatically by level 20/21 Cast when Damage Taken Setups and are great at dealing with any kind of opponent.

If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below.

You would sooner pry it from my lifeless hand.

The most important aspect of the build is to have enough Ward as to not take any significant Damage from your Forbidden Rite andHeartbound Loop. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, Unfortunately, this keeps you from being able to fully convert your damage to chaos with Voltaxic Rift. It allows regular players to buy, sell, and trade PoE Currency with the use of real cash. Might help you more with this, would sources of "% increased flask charges gained" affect the traitor? replace blazing salvo with awakened spell cascade (15 balls per cast instead of 3). So just upgrade 2 19% to dust jewels to 20%? Forbidden rite triggers the rest of your skills. Edit: Yeah, tried this out and it absolutely doesn't work. PATH. phys or not? with a small amount of energy shield can help. Anything else you got going on? As long as the soul is unfettered, so is the body. 3 hours ago Would probs be good if you built into it I would think. It's a really solid way to Regen mana to keep casting. Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Golden RuleThe Golden RuleViridian JewelLimited to: 1(30-40)% increased Armour while BleedingBleeding you inflict is Reflected to you+1% to Chaos Resistance per Poison on youPoison you inflict is Reflected to you if you have fewer than 100 Poisons on youHurt as you would be hurt.Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. And a Divergent CWDT (Wow, they're expensive) can definitely help on triggering it and definitely triggering your main damaging spell. Go for the Annihilating LightUnique Staff - it triples your Elemental Damage. (It triggers the "Gain an endurance charge when hit" mechanic, so it's a hit). might try and make it then lol. Just tested it on a standard character. Does the spread out damage from petrified blood count for cwdt? OP claiming it did and that they tested and confirmed it its extremely misleading. That would be a shame. These grants you Ward, so be sure to have them with a lot of Quality. Not only does DoT not work for CWDT.

The primary stats you need to take into consideration are: To start the rotation, you need two Essence-crafted weapons with Spectral Spirits. i really like how reap mines look but cant stand to constantly mash D to play mines. I don't have the time to build it and make it work. pretty sure the sane buff from maven chest can just sustain FR if you run divine flesh from timeless jewel.

Try changing the skeleton setup to your helm and see if it makes a difference. Reduced Chill Effectiveness on Self increased to 75% (up from 45%). it aims at enemies when enemy damage triggers it but if you cause the damage your self where does it go? Had a little look and I'm guessing it's cause you have your summon skeleton gem setup in your boots. I tested this and it does not work. thank you again :-) Everything worked fine for a period of time but I think the moment my CWDT hit level 19 on of the 6l setups (the corrupted one) the loop stoped. Flask charges round down to integers when you have a decimal amount with sources of "increased charges gained", however, it still tracks this decimal value in the background. When you're playing the build, how far are you standing away from the boss, because the build drops to ~8m DPS with Focus as Ice Spear at close range hits in First Form instead of Second Form. I've also been working on my version for the past week or so.

At 1k life per second (at say, 500 mana per second drained) you can sustain a 6K HP FR build on CWDT at 2 per second. and it counts for CWDT?

The build is expensive and requires some very specific items, some of which you can make yourself - like the Gems, and some of which have to have a lot of Attributes and Ward making the very pricey and hard to obtain. I am trying to make it work but I can't trigger a loop. You should be able to constantly take enough Damage to feed the maximum level Cast when Damage Taken Gem at its highest Cast rate without taking any real damage. You should equip Rare Runic base types as your Helmet, Gloves, and Boots. if i remove 1 cwdt setup, i can start loop. It's very important to have this 20% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate. NVM discussed in video. Unless you specifically have a mod on a piece of gear that lets chaos damage you take freeze you (which doesn't exist), it cannot freeze you. :), Answer from youtube comments: Keep your Gem Levels at bay - with a too high level they might not be triggered when you take damage. One way to chill yourself is by using: Spectral spirits will be summoned when weapon swapping into the Spectral Spirits weapon and when weapon swapping back again they will die triggering the Heartbound Loop. Here's my current pob with vd/dd. Ive spent hardly any on mine and it steam rolls everything. Legacy Winterweave (Bloodboil) in permanent leagues retained the old name Bloodboil, while WinterweaveWinterweaveCoral RingRequires Level 24+(20-30) to maximum LifeAdds (12-15) to (25-30) Fire Damage to AttacksAdds (12-15) to (25-30) Cold Damage to Attacks+(20-40) to maximum Life+(25-30)% to Cold Resistance10% increased Movement Speed while IgnitedThe Effect of Chill on you is reversedFury fuels defiance. So you need to compensate by getting a level 17-19 one depending on your setup. Kill all three Bandits for two additional Skill Points, 31 Points Skill Tree The mana and life flask recharge nodes by Scion are also pretty solid. This makes it easier to have higher chaos res with your forbidden rite setup or allows you to use 2 Heartbound loops instead to be able to proc level 20 gems (level 21 if you have divergent cwdt). It takes a significant amount of mana regen to offset Agnostic (Clarity helps a ton, I reserve Clarity and Vitality into Life). Adds an incubated Unique item to an equippable item. Have you actually tested it in game(and can provide a char link? This is wrong actually - CwDT triggers "Skill Gems requiring Level (38-70) or lower" You can put it in a +2 item, this won't affect whether it can be triggered. Huh. Cast when damage taken doesnt work with DoTs. Tested this with voltaxic burst stack count.

Winterweave can be created from the following recipes: Winterweave (Bloodboil) has legacy variants. You can also check our other Path of Exile builds right over here, Item has no level requirement and Energy Shield (Hidden), Impale Damage dealt to Enemies Impaled by you Overwhelms 10% Physical Damage Reduction, +18% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff, Denoted service of (500-8000) dekhara in the akhara of Balbala, (20-30)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate, Allocated Small Passive Skills in Radius grant nothing, Flasks applied to you have 20% reduced Effect. So the idea is to set up Voltaxic Burst to go off constantly (or really any other spell you want on CWDT for top damage) without having to use a Heartbound Loop with all those To Dust jewels.

The just wont start for me, despite me trying to understand what Im doing wrong. As the other guy said, ward + the unique iron flask covers the damage you take and helps with normal hits too. Use Divergent Ice Spears (or at least Aerodynamics on a Medium Cluster Jewel) Freezing Pulse to deal Cold Damage. so its just always randomly around you?

When the axe finally fell, Seryl shared his pain, Triggers Level 20 Spectral Spirits when Equipped weapon, Upgrades a normal item to rare or reforges a rare item, guaranteeing one property. or does "chance to be frozen" not proc on forbidden rite's hit? I will see tomorrow what is cheaper to archive this. If you can get 27% (12% from belt craft + 15% from crusader/shaper boot mod) your trigger rate goes up to 5.05/s (33.2% more triggers), Also worth noting for people look at following this build, creating a belt with t2 Flask duration + reduced charges used + life is very expensive.

Curious what's your version as I would like to scale this harder when I start the build. Dude this is blood aqueduct, show this on sirus, maven and juiced maps i tried all skills i could think of, and reap failed. Go for the, Unique Staff - it triples your Elemental Damage. I'm thinking about a scold's bridle cwtd build but cant think of ways to make it work. Do you need to adjust your skeletion duration for 27% CDR in order to profit from the more triggers? oh right. Then by converting some of the physical damage to cold you can chill yourself. theboogieman844 This will trigger the loop. Unfortunately, it requires a really high amount of life and life regen to be able to survive it.

Either get 1 tapped or cant die basically. I went with 99% for a while but today I realized it actually doesn't work ingame.

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