I've purchased a box on other flights, but this one did not provide an option for a box lunch or breakfast.

Seats wouldn't recline. I won't plan to fly Frontier again. ", "Only thing I liked was the cheaper price, but I am thinking it wasn't really worth it.

I was able to attend my grandsons bday and back by start of the next week- round trip at REASONBLE prices!

Want a real seat?

Really confusing. Luckily I am healthy.

I don't pretend to understand the airline industry, but I do know BAD BUSINESS when I see it. I walked over to the United customer service desk. AFTER YOU PAID TO HABE IT WITH YOU??

", "The seats are not the most comfortable, but the price is right. The plane was new with lots of amenities", "The new plane has NO leg room at all. The attendant was very nice and during refreshment service, my daughter asked for 2 glasses of water and she gave them to us. They've also cut down on restrooms so for most of the flight there was a line of 5-6 people waiting in the aisle. We did get it later, but I am not impressed at all by this experience. Luckily I just made it to the correct gate for boarding. Granted I'm 6'3" with a muscular build I could have chose a stretched seat but for a 1.5 hour flight I didn't think the extra fee was worth it. It was not a service dog in the sense that it was all over the place--on my feet and in the aisle where it tripped a stewardess more than once and she told him it couldn't be in the aisle. And insisting that I had to cancel my skymiles ticket and purchasing a new ticket. Nos ofrecieron estadia en un hotel supuestamente ellos corrian con los gastos ya q se atraso el vuelo y no fue culpa de ningun pasajero segun nos dijo una seorita del counter, resulta ser q el hotel fue el piso del aeropuerto de miami x 8 horas!!! Then when boarding the attendant informed me. ", "Helpful DCA counter personnel, cabin crew and comfy aircraft. Smooth takeoff and landing. Just awful. As a matter of fact only 1 tiny bitty snack for the entire flight. My flight was suppossed to depart at 7:25pm and left at 9:30", "All aspects of flight were perfect. I also watched a a young woman in line miss her flight entirely because of their slow check-in, and the desk people just looked at her and shrugged. SO what choice did we have? ", "I guess the flight was ok. They were waiting trying to unfold my chair. Then there's luggage My carry on bag (that I've used for 15yrs) was too big for the jig at the counter so got to check it for an additional $10 (above the $30 i had to pay to bring it) and they charged me $40 for my original check bag. ", "laberithine process to get my boarding pass. Friendly crew. Central Grand Rapids is 9 miles away from Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford Intl Airport. We each had one piece of carry on luggage that we placed in the compartment above the seats. If you want food or drinks you have to pay with your credit card. Do not fly this line. Son una gran Porqueria!! Want what they call a "laptop-friendly" tray table? If I buy a plane ticket, that price is what I am expecting to pay. The second time we boarded and were told were waiting on catering who wasnt on site then had to go through airport security. I cried most of this flight home 2 1/2 hour flight. The flight was delayed 3 hours and I understand that things happen, but we were never told why our flight was delayed. Then we boarded.

)and it did not indicate if the gate number had been changed. Was forced to call customer service and the rep I spoke with kept confusing departing and returning flights. I guess the upside to the paid carry on rule was that there were a lot less carry on, which made boarding and exiting the plain easier. We will NEVER travel by this linea aerea. I have flown other airlines and have never had such a negative experience with wheelchair assistance!!! Even as a business traveler I felt guilty buying it. It wasn't made clear to those of us who thought we were in the right gate waiting. The Crowne Plaza is a 4-star choice that is less than a 10-mile drive from Gerald R. Ford International Airport and a 15-minute drive from the popular Reeds Lake. If you forgot a traveling necessity, such as magazines or headphones, stop by one of the Grand Rapids Magazine Travel Stores located throughout the different terminals. somehow get the word out at the gate? I usually love flying frontier, but it makes me pick another airline. ", "Overhead speakers in he plane werent very loud. Can't imagine a big person or tall person sitting in those seats.

", "I love the fact I've flown with American Airlines 4 times over the last month and have not had any issues, delays or even an unfriendly face no matter the time or airport! ", "I am ok with it but the walk way was so filthy on my return trip. I believe they also charge for soda. And don't expect to use TSA Pre-check: Frontier doesn't participate. ", "I had to bring my wedding dress and called ahead to make sure I had it figured out. ", "No info given on ground for delayed Flt. The crew was super friendly.

Whichhad a convenient link to requesting a refund but no instructions on how to go about re-booking, just that it was theoretically a thing they would do. At least give us wifi. Never ever flying this airline again! This took about an hour. KAYAK is a travel search engine.

Somehow I made it through and had to full out sprint to the gate. Plus we were delayed 4 hours in this crappy airport only to get on a really crappy plane. With the carryon bag fee it ends up being about as expensive as much better airlines. The entertainment system wasn't working and neither was the wifi to allow you to watch on your own device. The most searched flights to Grand Rapids by KAYAK users. Finally they told us to board at 4 pm. The Great American Bagel and Starbucks are both great choices for travelers that are short on time and would like to purchase some to-go items. So lost ticket cost. Those are some of the reasons.

We merely paid the extra charge and grumbled on the flight home. We paid only the cost of our airline ticket.

That cabin is SO tight! United you are a terrible airline, please strive for better customer service. Yeah, this was the worst flight. ", "I flew to my "surprised" 50th bday party with family and to meet more family. ", "Mechanical issues, late late late, bad communication, no apologies or compensation for huge waste of time.

15 mins past departure time..I go to customer service and they tell me its MY FAULT I missed the plane that left 4 minutes prior because THEY changed the gate to A32.. ", "The plane was very new and clean; entertainment options and food were very good; it was a good flight. I am waiting to get a call to get reimbursed for my loss of time at work and the missed ride home. You charge a lot. Having not been a frequent flyer, I assumed that this was normal in post 9/11. I mainly picked them for the departure time. Ticket of price of $197 Denver to Philly round trip. Its not worth the price. ", "Pay extra for bag :( No video screen No food The check in area was mooved without notice. The fair was - reasonable. The plane appeared to be ancient. But I guess since they don't offer drinks and snacks with your ticket you really don't need that tray. Best time to beat the crowds with an average, Flight from Newark to Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford Intl, Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates, Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, "Crew was exceptionally nice. The pilot knew where he was going", "It can't be true that they have not even a small blanket for someone who kindly ask and then when the flight is over you see them every where and unopened in first class. Good crew service. And doing blatant things like making the "yes I want to pay more" button huge and basically trying to hide the "no thanks" button. The return flight was delayed by three hours.

It isn't worth it, use another airline!

", "Airfare appeared to be affordable and competitive. ", "They moved me to a more comfortable seat", "Your seats are too small, but we know the airline industry is not gonna do anything about it.

I asked why she couldn't just pour me a quick cup right there, and she said "you're just going to have to wait like everyone else." While I understand there are some delays sometimes, this was the ONLY flight to Greensboro out of DCA, and the times kept changing throughout the day, even though the gate agents knew that the issue was that the crew was delayed. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Grand Rapids up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. No volvemos a viajar por esta linea JAMAS!!! The flight attendant, who was literally standing next to the water cart, told me to wait for the service component. Most TV series available on the app have only one episode.

Then I'm told the flight was delayed first 15 min then an hour. ", "Well my plane was supposed to board at 8:25 a.m. and leave at 9:10 a.m., however it had not arrived yet.

", "First Allegiant flight, so I did not realize the 40 lb bag limit.

I'm sorry, that's not acceptable as an answer.

I showed them where the joystick was, they pulled it out and connected it to the arm, put the battery in the bag, plugged it in, zipped up the bag and I pressed the green button and Voila! ", "During boarding, the sign wasnt updated after Zone 1. We didn't make a scene or issue about this extra charge. We left on time and arrived on time. Trip up to NJ was so bad I could not fly back. Frontier is a deceitful airline, they didn't tell us that the bags were SO expensive, usually an airline gives you some bag for free, nope! Will never fly frontier again. I realize it was messy from cl", "Didn't mind paying for bags, seat, snacks, drinks,..but a 10hour delay!!!! ", "I just took a small backpack and duffel bag. ", "When booking with Lufthansa I don't then expect to be on a united airlines flight Terrible customer service and substandard old uncomfortable aircraft", "Crew was very nice, we got drink/service options often for a large flight. Q mala coordinacion!! It took a very long time for the employee to deal with all passengers refunds to changing flights.

I also had no choice but to buy the more expensive seat since all others were taken at check-in. Not only do they charge for any and all refreshments, they also charge you to have a carry-on bag. The plane ride was bare bones, uncomfortable seats, and average service. No seats on this plane recline, no leg room.

", "I was in the center bulkhead seat with an very oversized man on the aisle seat with a "service dog".

Most normal carry-ons won't fit at all in central bins, and some not in side ones either. No more masks for vaccinated people would be awesome. ", "Flight was scheduled to leave at noon. ", "Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. My requests for the captain to turn on the air were ignored, and we were all left to sweat it out. I understand a few charges here and there, but more than double what I expected to pay is completely crooked and terrible business. Waited 45 minutes at gate, no announcement. I waited for almost an hour before someone showed up. When waiting for my ride outside the dog was off lease and ran into the pickup lanes where the man had to chase him down. So, overall I would have to rate it low, and highly unlikely to fly with them again.even the checking in process was a real headache! Thank you. You are allowed one personal item for free, but carry on and checked baggage are extra. This had affected our flights to MkE because my wife mother was in her death bed to passing away today. Finally, the plane left at 9:30 pm. Absolutely TERRIBLE. Throughout all of this the stewardesses were quiet and didn't explain the delays. Refreshing!

You've got to be kidding me. ", "Horribly bumpy the whole time, no drink service because it was so shaky", "Everything except TSA, my daughter 14, had a precheck. ", "I chose this flight because of cost but don't be fooled - you will pay for everything extra - seat selection, carry-on or checked luggage, even coffee or snacks, extra. Sneaky fees. Oops, gotta pay for that too! ", "Cancelled flight last minute and I was put on another flight hours later; with a 1.5 hour delay too; no credit or voucher provided", "The plane was new and the leg room was worth the extra $20.

In the future, I probably would pay the 49 bucks for what they call "the works". Normally the attendants are irritated, every single one of these remained genuinely polite. 30 min delay leaving airport (direct flight from Denver to San Antonio, but yet we sat on runway bc of storms in LA???) When I went to board the plane (zone 3), another passenger and his girlfriend wanted to sit together and refused to move out of my window seat, even after I told the gentleman I paid for that seat, including extra ($6) for the window seat. Poorly planned or not at all planned. You have to pay for everything except water, and even getting water is a difficult task! It took mind mind off the 4 delays that occurred with the flight. We definitely missed our connection and they rebooked it. Didnt like either Frontier plane I flew on. Code sharing has done them no favors! Very uncomfortable plane! Travelers should not have to search the internet and read the extra fine print to find the REAL cost of travel. Flight was on time.

", "I am a 75 year old female and I did not hear the overhead page for early boarding, as I am a little slower to get on the plane and would appreciate the extra time to get into my seat. Large IFE box under every window seat in economy. I made it, with two minutes to spare, but this was insane. Booked on Kayak with last minute on a Luthanasa flight operated by United.

We will never be flying Frontier again.

", "Seatback screen the size of an original iPhone, possibly smaller - and no on-demand content to be viewed on it, the movies play when they play. Then we got loaded up and had to wait for the east gate to open, then they had to map out another plan I.e., the northeast gate (and that didn't materialize) soooo we sat on the plane until we receive the okay to depart on "the east gate". Of course nowhere did it mention that if I simply checked in at the airport instead of doing it online beforehand, I could be assigned seats and it wouldn't cost me anything.

The plane then had to wait for additional maintenance. ", "For an international flight, there should be more amenities like charger etc.

", "The plane was delayed incoming.

I understand it's a cheap airline so everything cost extra, which is fine.

But honestly that was especially rude having to deal with her for the 6 hour trip to Madrid. I also noticed one of the flight attendants with the long brunette hair kept over looking me but would be in all the guys faces instead. 20 minute wait when finally arrived at Heathrow for steps down to bus to take us to terminal. Poorly scheduled. They were pleasant enough and continually apologized for the massive delays. ", "Terrible experience. We shouldn't all be bundling up in scarves and jackets. So after everything, its the same price as any other airline. ", "My connection was abruptly changed, it took a long time to straighten out, but they eventually did. American Airlines seems to have older planes but at least decent legroom (and I'm not tall - anybody over 5'10 would have to sit at an angle on new United planes!). I think you also have to pay for air circulation on the plane. The lack of food and snack options was pretty sad but thats par for the course nowadays. The way things were handled during the flight on this day was a horrible experience. She was EXTREMELY unprofessional even sating tons customer " I can only work as fast as I can DUDE, I'm the only one here" in which I verbally reprimanded her for her unprofessional attitude. Landing in STL was very smoothpilot did a super job. I asked one of them and was told that 2of them were brand new employees. No drinks. ", "On Friday, July 8, at DIA airport I waited almost an hour before someone took me to my gate A42 for Flight 122 supposedly departing at 8:10 and boarding at 7:35.

They gave me the answers to my questions but I almost felt like I had done wrong asking what my options were. MI Tap Room is a casual sit-down restaurant that has an American-style menu and a full-service bar. ", "America Airlinesworst service and just a horrible experience", "Flight was delayed but boarding at DCA was very efficient and quick", "Flight attendants seemed bothered by something and weren't very nice. So people are travelling on long haul flights without being offered anything as standard. They made me pay $40 each way for the duffel bag! There was no info given to passengers in regards to what gate or terminal youre landing and in- was only given 20min to get to gate c Terminal 2 from gate b terminal 4.0", "Virgin Atlantic has had better days. There was absolutely no entertainment provided, and there were additional costs and fees at every turn.

Preceded to runway, de-iced, no announcement.

I don't think it was American Airlines fault, but the la guardian airport was not really customer friendly", "Boarding was easy, there was sufficient leg room", "No snacks unless you want to pay an arm and a leg. Nope. (Their cost benefit analysis really didn't account for happier people being more willing to pay for extra things) Also, when my flight home got cancelled it was almost impossible to get a hold of a real person to talk to. Then there was a the Master Card Commercial. There was no information about the flight provided at any time during the flight except for when we were preparing to land. Delta plane making a loud noise we can even heard anything when pilot does announcement.

", "Improve the food and be ahead of the best", "Newark Airport is great and the flight was comfortable", "Seats were small with not much leg room", "Brisk, efficient cabin crew served food and drink quickly then left us alone to sleep. No volveremos a viajar por AMERICAN AIRLINES asi mismo le dejaremos saber a todo el mundo el trato de esta linea con los pasajeros. And the seats don't recline. ", "My bags never made it and when I arrived, I was told that one of my bags was still at my departure airport and the other wasnt scanned. They offer to sell you food if on a basic ticket", "When it finally took off the flight itself was smooth. ", "There was a mix-up in the baggage loading, thus we were delayed about 40 minutes or soit seemed longer since it was a late flight. Then another line maybe 500 people long just to be allowed up the escalator to where there is another line to go through exuding checks.

", "Due to several issues we were delayed in 3,5 hours", "Delta changed our seat assignment and our seats sucked", "Easy boarding process, on-time departure and arrival and extremely comfortable! We were delayed two hours leaving Denver, and then when we got to Philly it took an hour and a half for them to get our bags to the carousel unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. They weren't even sorry. The attendants were very nice, air-conditioning made it all comfortable during the long wait. Why did Frontier NOT clearly state the cost of a carry-on?

If you're travelling with someone and you don't pay for seats and you wait until the end to be assigned then you won't end up sitting beside the person you're travelling with and I must tell you the response I got from them was that they're busy and they have no time to deal with this. Live DISH TV unexpected and appreciated. ", "Didnt like the credit card advertising announcement over the intercom and then again by the crew. ", "El viaje de newark a san juan por united fue excelente. UNEXCEPTABLE Will NEVER use this airline again!!! About an hour in, with no carts going by, I went to the back of the plane to ask for a glass of water. The absolute cheapest ever. Terrible", "Not clear explained or told at all about purchasing a seat.

Almost missed our flight because the line was so long. The line to check in was MASSIVE. But with the price of your seat and ticket with any other airline, it comes with a free carry on bag and even some small free snacks on the flight. We then bought our flights from southwest after all this hectic morning. ", "Everything.

", "The staff had no meal for me despite me having ordered one. The seats are absolutely terrible in my opinion, don't recline, limited padding, very uncomfortable if flying over 2 hours.

I didn't understand her and proceeded to the loading blank.

No one working to direct the lines. The half trays were of little use except for to put your drink on. Cabin lights were on the whole time for a ~3 hour flight which began at 830pm.

I also had to pay for carry-on AND check baggage?

First off the flight attendant was so rude, whenever I asked for something or said thank you she would just stare at me and not respond. I'm star alliance gold and it's still a painful experience. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. Think go-cart bucket seat with some foam rubber and pleather. Pay for water? We left on time and arrived on time. It bundles a lot of their a la carte services into a better deal. So it pushed over to my seat because the guy was just to big to share his legroom.

Not all people are experienced enough flyers to know to check the big airport arrival/departure boards and there wasn't a Frontier soul anywhere around to ask. Once everyone was on board, they told us we "lost" our pilot and we had to get off the plane. We were delayed 2 hours leaving and I am currently sitting on the runway after we landed because the gate we were supposed to be at was occupied by another plane. Additional cost for any snacks or anything other than water! We departed on time and arrived 15 minutes early at our destination. Is a person not supposed to bring anything with them when they fly? This flight isn't one of my first flights either as the military has had me flying all over the US in recent months. When I didn't hear the attendant's question, in spite of telling her I was hearing impaired, she threw her hand up rudely and just continued on to other customers. The last one just says: I will see what can be done and then ignores you Not NICE. The flight was on time and went as expected. Hard to get to the C concourse. In flight movies wouldve been nice, too.

", "Everything could be better. When boarding I watched orhers board with the same size bag as mine, and wondered if telling someone you can't hear gives them the right to inform you at the gate that your bag needs to be checked? However, once you factored in the luggage charges, the flight came to around $314. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. ", "Boarding, take off and arrival time. This became an 18+ hour delay.

Also the flight was at night and they kept the cabin lights on. After I bought something and she passed by, I saw something else Id rather have but it was too late by then.and she didnt list it as an option. At least delta has TV or United has snack options or American has decent leg room.

When the flight was delayed the pilot did come around and speak to passengers, which I appreciated. They ended the call. arrived to SA late at 10:15 pm. The plane was cold, noisy and the outside air currents were choppy. F-", "Me & my wife arrived 3 hours early for our flight.

You can then pick the flights that suit you best. Everyone was very accommodating and very helpful! Then it became a weather issue. Ridiculous lines. My gate closed at 4:20. We were scheduled to take off at 6:55 and boarded at 7. ", "Not a lot to say really from a positive, In Europe if we had to fly over 4 hours the airlines put on larger planes, this plane was small for a 6+ flight", "Small plane for a 6+ hour flight, food is . If you were on a basic ticket, you were only entitled to water and no food.

It shredded napkins the man dropped which a trained dog would not do. ", "The service was terrible. There were more issues when the flight arrived in Indianapolis. ", "From entering the airport, gate, and plane- nothing is more pleasant and efficient than Allegiant flights. There is only 1 airport in Grand Rapids, called Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford Intl Airport (GRR). ", "Nothing at all !!!! ", "Baggage came quickly. By the time we boarded, 90% of the plane was loaded and we were in the middle. ", "I bought a plane ticket and then had to pay for a seat on top of that, as well as exorbitant charges for bags, and we ended up paying far more than even the plane ticket for all the extra charges. ", "Flight delayed over 4 hours. Didn't give any explanation until it was the time we should have taken off. I'm 6'4", and I *barely* fit into the seats. During that time waiting to check our baggage, there were 3 arguments between employees and customers at 3 different times. Esta linea AMERICAN AIRLINES ES UNA PORQUERIA!!! In the end, I think they were all lying to us and they had no intention of leaving on time and just made excuses. Thanks for the heads up since we could've hung out more before heading to the airport. There is no power at the seats. Can't the electronic signs at the gates indicate the gate changes of flights? And expecting to at least be offered a soda, maybe a mini bag of salted pretzels if lucky (lol), I was SHOCKED to be told 1 soda was $1,99! I will never use this airline again and I encourage others to do the same. It took precious time to load passengers 1 group at a time while bags were checked. I get that. The plane is old and seats were very uncomfortable. No food. I was told over the phone I would have to buy a seat for my dress so I did that. ", "I'm always happy when I get a Delta flight that has the in flight entertainment. Unfortunately because of American Airlines I had next to no legroom. ", "Not much, it was great. Old planes with uncomfortable seats. Sat on the runway at our destination which I understand was not the airlines fault, but still not a lot of forthcoming information. Since it was due to weather conditions Frontier had an announcement on their website about what to do. I will never fly United again. sub standard, if you want to watch the onboard entertainment you need to do so from you phone or Ipad, you need their app installed first and flash player, if not your screwed. I didn't realize this because I have never flown frontier before. ", "They changed the terminal for departure three times. gerald mlive ninth grr springhill grr
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