The heavy-duty commercial vehicle is available as a 6x4 truck with a gross vehicle weight of 80 tons. This addition to the UD Trucks range leaves everything youve seen earlier trailing in its wake. document.getElementById( "ak_js" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2001-2022 Thanks for your support. Look under the front lid of the new Quon and youll find hundreds of new improvements. A heavy-duty hero of the road, and a champion at saving money for your business. Its also the reason for our unrelenting focus on low cost of ownership of your truck, backed up by our extensive UD Extra Mile Support.

Its a long-lasting, hard-working machine capable of getting the maximum work done, every single day.

Quester is the optimum tool for the job and we are the most dedicated partner to help you run the extra mile.

Ask for a quotation or send an inquiry to our official partners and receive a quick reply to your TruckDeal Inbox. Its a long-lasting, hard-working machine capable of getting the maximum work done, every single day. The entire chassis is subject to extensive tests in accordance with our global standards.

Do you want to be the first to know about the latest Truck deals? An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is available as an option. To excel on the things that make a difference for you. That is why Quester offers a multitude of distribution benefits.

Created and built by dedicated specialists, it has unique qualities and has been tested extensively for all conditions. Discover a truck that runs the extra mile in every respect. Questers Extra Mile Support includes service agreements, telematics, service reminder and other features that promote your fuel efficiency and uptime.

Nissan UDTrucks have been acquired by Volvo Trucks. This is where it all comes together. Choose the right truck at the right price. Stopping power is also augmented by spring-based parking brakes and an exhaust brake system. Powered by ES.JO. View our pricelist table and select a variant to view further specifications.

Thailand Pickup Truck Exporter and Dealer, Middle East Dubai Car Exporter and Dubai LHD RHD Car Dealer, Thailand Dealer and Thailand Exporter of 4WD Pickups, SUV and Trucks, Australia cars For sale, Australia Car Exporter. Its easy to download data such as distance, fuel consumption and sweet spot time and review the logs to improve your transport efficiency even further. They combine the efficiency and durability of a Quester engine with a first class selection of globally proven drivetrain components. For adequate braking, the GWE Tractor Head is equipped with a full air brake system with an automatic slack adjuster. You are. Differential rear leading double reduction, Differential rear leading single reduction, Differential rear trailing double reduction, Differential rear trailing single reduction. Find all UD truck models, price list, news and reviews. Its ability to carry high payloads in combination with high-torque engines and consistent operational efficiency makes Quester ideal for the mining and construction segment. UD Genuine Parts meet UD Trucks vehicle specifications, fit perfectly and deliver high reliability and durability to provide longer service life and improved uptime. In terms of operational efficiency, Quester sets a new benchmark. Whether youre on the road for weeks or home at the end of the day, you can rest assured that this truck will improve your bottom line. Click one of the below icons to start the browser download. Large-scale trailer-towing can be made easier with the UD Trucks Quester GWE Tractor Head. With this truck we wanted to provide you with a flexible platform that adapts easily for any heavy transport operation. Our courses in economical driving also teach you how to use the trucks Fuel Coaching System to get the most out of the engine for smarter, more cost-efficient driving. Tight schedules, stopping and starting, frequent entry and exit from the cab. Robust and easy to maintain, Quester can handle tough daily use on the construction or mining site.

Are you looking for new ways to transport more cargo every run? Quester takes you to places that other trucks cannot reach, and also to higher profits thanks to its immense efficiency and productivity. Urban and regional distribution is a demanding business for the driver, but also for the vehicle. Its why you get improved payload capacity, and why we have taken a lead on safety. Quester comes with a real-time Fuel Coach. Your email address will not be published. Or are you worried that your trucks dont have the capacity that your customers really require in order for you to guarantee safe and secure transport? Strong, durable, reliable, and easy to service, so you spend less time on maintenance, increasing your productivity. Whatever your specification, our solution is always efficient and enduring. The Quester has a reliable air brake with S-camhigh performance drum brakes. And Quester is a truck that excels on durability. Delivers more than you expect. In additionthe UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB) is availableas an option on the GH11. All rights reserved . In Thailand Volvo Trucks offer Light Duty Commercial Trucks, Medium Duty Commercial Trucks and Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks and they are available from our Thailand, Australia, Dubai UAE and UK offices. A heavy-duty chassis with high flexibility and quality. gemba This is a powerfulauxiliary brake that is quick to engage andimproves braking safety, resulting in higheraverage speeds especially in hilly landscapes. Drive it and experience the difference. Uptime. With Quester we have created a reliable and productive truck, built with proven quality components. The design of components comes from UD Trucks and Volvo Groups proven commercial-vehicle technology. With the Quester you can feel confident that you have a truck with payload capacity suited for your operation whatever your business. Here it possible to check the clutch fluid, washer reservoir and air conditioning filter. Complete advice for all components, such as the engine, gearbox (transaxle), brake system, power steering system and cooling system.

To perform well on a long run, a driver needs to be in optimum condition and supported by optimum equipment. Just subscribe with your email address and well send you alerts on the most incredible deals as they happen. See our newest vehicles, product updates and news about offers and more. Fuel efficiency. Due to the robust chassis and strong axles and well dimensioned components Quester has a competitive load carrying capacity. We have refined Quon CD with one key ambition: to deliver maximum transport efficiency. View UD Quester GWE Tractor Head interior, exterior & road test images. That means our powertrain have components with thorough real-life testing behind them. for more information. Questers spacious cab, designed for long distance comfort, reduces driver fatigue, with its well-planned driving environment resulting in safer and more fuel-efficient driving. The display shows the driver when to shift, brake or accelerate for maximum time in the engines optimum fuel efficient rev range. Quester takes you to places that other trucks cannot reach, and also to higher profits thanks to its immense efficiency and productivity. Discover a truck that runs the extra mile in every respect. The powertrain that delivers best-in-class fuel economy. A powertrain for the long run.The heart of every Quester is our integrated powertrains that perform optimally because theyre specially designed and manufactured to work together. Copyright UDTrucks - CIC.

Here the stressesare split between the hub and the axleallowing GCW as high as 80 tons in someroad conditions. UD Trucksfounders vision was Ultimate Dependability; trucks that are more reliable and efficient than others. The oil dipstick is conveniently located at the back of the cab. Just complete the fields below to get information from Dulys.

This guarantees high reliability, good economy and a long life. It begins with a durable and rugged frame that provides a stable basis on which to build on. Driver performance. With best in class fuel efficiency combined with a real-time fuel coaching system that shows the driver how to maximize time spent in the engines optimum fuel efficient rev range, you get quick dependable payback that will help you successfully achieve your business goals and targets. The hub reduction is available as an optionon the 6x4T/R and 8x4R. Currently only Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks are being offered. Choose your region and language to get the correct information for your area, Capacity: 15 litre, Capacity: 15,8 litre (+ oil cooler), Capacity: 16,8 litre (+ oil cooler & PTO), Capacity: 16 litre (+ PTO), Capacity: 14 litre, Capacity: 14,8 litre (+ oil cooler), Capacity: 15,8 litre (+ oil cooler & PTO), Capacity: 15 litre (+ PTO). The new Quester is a truck that runs the extra mile in every respect. And at the mining site, it keeps material moving at high volume to lower your cost-per-tonne.

It is an enduring and easily serviced truck made for the long run so youll spend less time on maintenance and more time working. privacy policy Engine service points are located behind the grill for ease of service. Quester has built-in fuel-efficiency.

Which is why the Quon CD delivers numerous best-in-class fuel efficiency features. Which oil should you use for your UD Trucks Quester Quester CWE 370 6x4R (2014 and after)? Required fields are marked *. Quester is a powerful athlete at your worksite. You may unsubscribe from these alerts any time. UD Trucks is part of one of the worlds largest producers of heavy diesel engines. [tdc_zone type=tdc_content][vc_row][vc_column][td_block_trending_now limit=3][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row tdc_css=eyJhbGwiOnsiYm9yZGVyLXRvcC13aWR0aCI6IjEiLCJib3JkZXItY29sb3IiOiIjZTZlNmU2In19][vc_column width=2/3][td_block_slide sort=featured limit=3][td_block_2 border_top=no_border_top category_id= limit=6 td_ajax_filter_type=td_category_ids_filter ajax_pagination=next_prev sort=random_posts custom_title=SEA MOSS RECIPES][td_block_1 border_top=no_border_top category_id= sort=random_posts custom_title=SEA MOSS BEAUTY][td_block_ad_box spot_id=custom_ad_1][td_block_15 category_id= limit=8 sort=random_posts custom_title=SEA MOSS HEALTH BENEFITS][/vc_column][vc_column width=1/3][td_block_social_counter custom_title=STAY CONNECTED facebook=tagDiv twitter=tagdivofficial youtube=tagdiv border_top=no_border_top][td_block_9 custom_title=LIFESTYLE border_top=no_border_top category_id= ajax_pagination=next_prev sort=random_posts][td_block_ad_box spot_id=sidebar][td_block_2 sort=random_posts limit=3 category_id= custom_title=SEA MOSS BUSINESS][td_block_title][td_block_10 limit=3 custom_title= border_top=no_border_top tdc_css=eyJhbGwiOnsibWFyZ2luLXRvcCI6Ii0yMCJ9fQ==][/vc_column][/vc_row][/tdc_zone], Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. UD Trucks fuel-efficiency training is an additional service.

The model range offers a vehicle configuration for just about any application in long distance transport with even more tailored solutions, such as a high sleeper cab variant, a wide choice of modern drivelines and a multitude of new cost-saving productivity features to make your vehicle even more effective on long runs. The system is simple to understand and easy to use. The trucks massive size is carried by a selection of Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines that can output healthy power figures of 280 hp up to 440 hp. Created and built by dedicated specialists, it has unique qualities and has been tested extensively for all conditions. Roof and side air deflectors are also available as options for reduced air drag.

Built to keep your promises. The new Quester UD Trucks is the result of Volvo Truck passion to run the extra mile in everything we do. Rough road toughness. It provides the features you need to build a successful construction business. Performed by UD Trucks dealer with access to the most up-to-date UD Trucks tools, UD diagnostic equipment and the product quality of UD Genuine Parts. Your email address will not be published. A truck tailored for the long run.

The power plants connect to either a 9-speed or 12-speed manual transmission. Please review our
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