Meaningful quotes from the article are featured throughout the piece in bold font, along with a large animation underscoring the difference between being an ally in the antiracism movement and being an accomplice. While the primary focus was informing and engaging FTC clients, BackBay also helped promote the content through paid and organic ads, third-party emails and paid search. In addition, Keyper Company surpassed its goal for the number of online Smile Assessment completions by more than 200%. The article is featured in the print and digital editions of Voices magazine, and the team plans to promote it via social media and email. Traffic to the piece mimicked the spread of the virus throughout the country. The campaign the agency created for Velodyne Lidar helped increase the sensor manufacturers overall media share of voice by 13% percent among its top five competitors. Keyper Company conducted AB testing on all their content to ensure the most engaging, informative content was delivered to fans and viewers. In addition, PR efforts drew 1.7 million media impressions from February 2021 to July 2021. To identify potential story ideas, Ciscos team scrolls through posts tagged with #WeAreCisco. By the end of the conference, #CiscoLive received more than 20,000 total mentions, 3 million impressions and reached more than 222 million people on its social channels. New developments in the information content industry speed by fastand keeping up isnt easy.

If you want a career that will challenge you, reward you, and really propel you to the next level, then now is an ideal time to join our team.. ADPs campaign numbers proved its popularity. University turns to Instagram to boost student groups. Insights from the persona research led to meaningful topics such as growing concerns about increased screen time, the impact of virtual learning on eyesight and the importance of early eye health condition diagnosis. To date, NYISO has published 18 podcasts with guests from across New Yorks energy landscape. An interactive microsite housed Sunrise Banks entire report while a limited number of 400 booklets were sent to stakeholders. They also were highlighted through search engine marketing ads and via a traditional media buy with Beckers Hospital Review. Throughout Cisco Live, attendees could see top social posts, share images and scroll through social content. Washington, D.C.-based homeless advocacy organization Miriams Kitchen (MK) formed a new comms team and produced a variety of interactive, in-house content that helped elevate its brand visibility, winning the team first prize in the Interactive Content category of Ragans Marketing Content Awards. 2020, attacked this urgent need for funds, ultimately distributing more than $32.5 million through 1,212 grants to 646 Meals on Wheels programs across the country. through mid-July 2020, BackBay and FTC collaborated to create content, develop visual aspects of those content pieces, distribute and boost content across social media platforms and pitch FTC thought leadership to media. Two projects show the reach and depth of this small team from Capgemini, a Content Marketing Team of the Year in PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. It didnt depend solely on the online survey; insights also came from interviews with industry experts from Fidelity Investments, Bachrach & Associates, Aite Group and more. The stories were spread through Intuits own social media platforms, as well as through paid media partners and video ads. Florida-based disability services organization Pine Castle gave its email newsletter a facelift, resulting in 43% more engagement and 23% fewer unsubscribes. By focusing on the effects of the pandemic on children, the team was able to draw a bridge between the research and Pacific Oaks roots in early childhood education. Northwell Health used a branded publication to earn trust and boost engagement. The video has nearly 50 million views to date. Kudos to NVEs Matt Molino, Ty Stafford, Catlin Callaway, Paige Southern, Greg Aldridge and agency partners Hunter PR, Starpower and PHD Media. For its ability to help a vulnerable population during a pandemic, it was named the winner of the Covid-19 Campaign category in PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. Ultimately, Power to the Plan, which captured insights from more than 800 financial advisors and clients, was distributed through eMoneys corporate website to approximately 530,000 site visitors and was sent directly to 850 prospects. It also educated the public on other drivers of noncommunicable diseases, including tobacco control, air quality and food policies. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a nonprofit, regionally accredited university founded in 1979. Deere planned to showcase the cutting-edge technology used to plant billions of seeds every year, highlighting how AI, electrification, GPS, connectivity and other technologies are crucial for farmers growing essential food and fuel for the world. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology used a blog to capture a wider audience that included prospective students. Overall, MRKTs promotion efforts for ABC News Soul Of A Nation garnered over 918.8 million impressions across all media and social platforms. She also had leadership roles in the Virtual March on Washington, which brought attention to longstanding racial disparities in the U.S., and the 2020 Davey Award-winning campaign #WEAREDONEDYING, which generated some 950,000 submissions and 121,000 total new contacts. Health-focused secondary education institution The Chicago School (TCS) reached tens of thousands of people through the digital promotion of its blog post, The great un-equalizer, winning the organization first prize in the Individual Blog Post category of PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. She also coordinated a detailed audit of more than 1,200 pages of the existing site, as well as the construction of a redirect and domain strategy for the new website. For its ability to drive results, it was named a winner in the Content Marketing for the Purpose of Lead Generation category of PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. For its success in building trust and supporting businesses, it was named a winner in the B2B Campaign category of PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. The campaign earned more than 284,000 views for the Employee/Employer Brand and Ciscos new virtual internship program. Apocalypsinggetting too serious, too soon. Intuit hoped the effort would drive 1,200 downloads from June 1 to July 31, 2021. The report included the banks Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion measures. Content was cross-promoted on social media channels, and also shared in patient emails and internal communications, as well as being available as a resource for media. Hosted 13 individual launch events globally plus supported 50 customer global watch parties. Since seniors are among the most vulnerable groups, keeping them well-nourished and safe amidst a health crisis posed quite a challenge. A July 2020 survey by Meals on Wheelswhich supports more than 5,000 community-based programs across the country addressing senior isolation and hungerfound that costs had risen for 97% of local Meals on Wheels programs, mostly because of the need for safety supplies, along with greater demand amid all the uncertainty surrounding COVID. Karen Menting, VP of HR at Parkdale Mills: I particularly trusted the information that was being provided to us through ADP. It wanted New Yorkers to know that Northwells experts were there when health concerns arose. ShelterPoints digital COVID-19 claims resource center and blog posts saw 9,500 user sessions in the first two days of its launch, satisfying the need for immediate help and clarity following some confusing legislation. Its Instagram strategy has won in the Use of Social Media category of PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. 2020 with narratives and messaging around how myopia can impact a childs future and may worsen with time. One employee spotlight graphic includes this quote from employee Harri Stenning: Weve scaled at record-breaking pace and are not slowing down. It became crucial for website visitors to see ShelterPoint Lifes guidance before taking further steps, so focal banners, content modules on the homepage and links on frequent entry pages drove visitors to two core resources: The continued release of more guidance and educational tools, helped lower ineligible submissions for regular benefits and meant turnaround times and call volumes were not drastically impacted. ABC worked with marketing agency MRKT to reach Black audiences, deploying publicity and influencer initiatives as well as earned media placements. The blog enhances the magazines efforts to capture prospective students. Other goals for the restructuring included streamlining metrics tracking and digital marketing activities and producing micro and major events. When the state of New York passed emergency legislation allowing for eligible employees to receive special COVID-19 benefits through their state-required insurance coverage, ShelterPoint was inundated with calls from confused customers, many of whom didnt even know if they were eligible for the program. Please see the following descriptions for more information on each category. Its medical team were trusted partners, always on hand to answer questions, address anxieties and clarify misinformation.

Instagram Stories, Ciscos most engaged platform, became another vehicle for her efforts to drive @WeAreCisco to higher goals. To mitigate a so-called claims tsunami, ShelterPoint needed to release important information quicklyand make sure that information was front and center for customers coming to its website for help. ADP equipped its clients with the tools and expertise they needed to thrive during a pandemic. Ciscos use of social media for recruitment and branding has been an industry standout for years. The marketing departments expansion is credited with boosting page views on TNAAs website by 32% in the first six months of 2021 compared to 2020, which included a 30% increase in views of job search pages. If you consent to us contacting you for this purpose, please tick below to say how you would like us to contact you: You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. With employees working in remote locations as the world coped with the pandemic, TNAA focused on bringing people together through communication, emphasizing its commitment to the wellness of its workforce. The last day of Employee Appreciation Week was a paid day off for employees. Thats why Pacific Oaks has been devoted for more than 75 years to helping raise children to be good stewards of their communities, with the necessary tools to ensure a hopeful, inclusive future.. The team won first prize in the Crisis Communications category of PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. The response: Wiley revamped his previously successful content marketing strategies and began testing new approaches immediately. One article from the Michigan Medicine blog tracked the viruss progress across the U.S., garnering half a million page views.

People wanted to take action but felt constrained because of social distancing and stay-at-home mandates. The team writes, As Black women in America, they had stories that complemented each other in many ways, but they also provided unique perspectives on their personal experiences, what has happened in the world in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and what we can do to move forward as a nation for the better.. In April, Capital Ones corporate communications team began spreading smiles. She and her team are a Content Marketing Team of the Year in PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. In 2019, Michigan experienced more than 2,300 overdose deaths, so the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services worked with Vital Strategies and Luceo Images to create a multimedia campaign in response. Credit to these team members: Christine Kegelman, Jackie Foreman, Annie Ronquillo, Cindy Armstrong, Ella Beth Southall, Jill Kerr, Bridget Phelan, Isabelle Keegan CHK, Arlyn Abelson, Laura Weisiger, Clare Mortenson and Anne Stroud. Meals on Wheels struggles to keep delivering during the pandemic. These efforts resulted in first prize in the DEI Communications category of PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. Teams interviewed the employees and used the material for employee spotlight graphics, mini-blog posts and video vignettes. The growth of MK from an organization that served only breakfast in 1983 to one that plays a critical role in the fight to end chronic homelessness is reflected in its video content today. The various business units all had their own idea of what good content looked like. Meals on Wheels continually shared the amount of revenue that was sent to the frontlines. Aprils article focused on tornadoes, which tied in with current weather events. An informational campaign by Vital Strategies and partners prioritizes care. The task: clear and engaging communication on a frequent basis. Their collaborative efforts resulted in reaching 200,000 people, double the original goal. We received a lot of information from many sources, but for me, the most credible information was what was provided to us through ADP., The Weather Channel and State Farm Insurance joined forces to educate people about safety and preparedness. In it, he becomes the hero he wanted to be, and his memory lives in. To streamline everything, Sasnett established weekly office hours and a regular schedule of content check-ins to help stakeholders edit their content and develop new content ideas. Then its front-page news, as we saw with recent outages in California and Texas. Congratulations to the team of Ashley Cooper, Brian Distad, Jake Schild, Becca Hoeft and Katie Murphy. The newsletters success is by design: When the Pine Castle team met to develop the new publication, it evaluated the previous iteration on its readability, image quality and brand consistency, among other things. In addition, OneTrust launched a new work anniversary celebration program and hosted an employee appreciation week in the final week of June. Power to the Plan also was used as the basis for a presentation and a panel discussion featuring some of the experts quoted in the book at the 2020 eMoney Summit, reaching an audience of 1,100 attendees. The platform invites them to share everything from work moments to tech projects, fitness accomplishments, community projects and beyond. After aggregating inbound questions, fielding requests and conducting market research, ADP tuned in to CEOs and leaders from finance and human resources. The Chicago School garners 82K social media impressions with COVID-19-related blog post. Deere quickly realized it had to plan for a different kind of eventa virtual one. The campaign drove overall online revenue up 631% over the prior year and online gifts increased by 468%. Topics included accountability and justice, mens health, Black media speaks, Black men speak and more. From February 2020 through May 2021, the campaign received 21,733,362 unique pageviews, marking a 54.5% increase year-over-year. Its INSIGHT print publication has proven to be a valuable medium for sharing expertise and news about faculty and community members while also bolstering the brand. Intuit sought out Mint usersMintersto share their personal stories. Participating student groups saw an increase in Instagram followers, as well as a rise in signups for email lists and dozens of new members recruited. Kudos to the team with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. (For example, three 15-liter jars absorb 14.5 kilograms of CO2, the same amount as a 250-kilogram adult tree.) It also earned a win for Product Launch in PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. Beyond amplifying the opinions of thought leaders within NYISO, it includes the perspectives of outside stakeholders. Versions of the campaigns Humanity is Winning video were shared at the NFL Draft-A-Thon pandemic recovery efforts. Reporters saw barn doors open. In the wake of the George Floyd murder, Sunrise was quick to open a dialogue about race. produce a curated-to-original content ratio of 80 to 20; elevate readership by at least 50% before year-end; and. Ninety-two percent of coverage incorporated at least one of Intels key messages, and the coverage globally was nearly all positive to neutral in sentiment. Its media plan shattered industry benchmarksit netted an average acquisition CPLPV of 21 cents5x better than published benchmarks. While theimmediate negative effects of the pandemic on children remains a moving target, the article draws on the knowledge of experts at Pacific Oaks College to analyze and predict long-term effects. Extending far beyond Ciscos walls, the We Are Cisco blog targets potential talent. These efforts by the global communications team also resulted in a 77% improvement in global trust, with the Trust Net Sentiment score rising to 84% in Q2 2021. courier marketing mail appoints boss adnews For its success in creating accessible, digestible content, it earned the winner title in the Branded Podcast category of PR Dailys Content Marketing Awards. Its hosted by Kevin Lanahan, a veteran energy industry leader and former journalist who currently holds rank as Vice President of External Affairs and Corporate Communications at NYISO. Miriams Kitchen lays groundwork for strong video content with comms team restructuring. Goulds ongoing lobbying has led the UK government to implement policy changes to get 2.5 million underpensioned women saving for their future by 2025. Dotted Line needed to understand its target audience, so it developed Charlotte Ceefoa persona representing the CFOs responsibilities, key tools, objectives and challenges. Intuit also turned to user-generated content to build awareness and prompt downloads of the app. The campaign includes the real emotions people have about misdiagnosis and the isolation they feel, as well as the frustrating challenge of having an illness that the medical community is unfamiliar with or doesnt recognize. Here, perspectives and ideas from healthcare and psychology are featured alongside campus news, trending blogs and career advice. dumb rankings mumbrella dominance

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