Windows Batch is the default shell used on Windows when when a Git push event modifies a file. If you are editing content on this page, follow the instructions for documenting keywords. docker GitLab checks the needs relationships before starting a When the pipeline is created, each default is copied to all jobs that dont have search the docs. Use artifacts: true (default) or artifacts: false to control when artifacts are When you create a .gitlab-ci.yml file in the UI, you can Use coverage with a custom regular expression to configure how code coverage If not defined, optional: false is the default. Possible inputs: The name of the services image, including the registry path if needed, in one of these formats: CI/CD variables are supported, but not for alias. When a match is found, the job is either included or excluded from the pipeline, Use workflow to control pipeline behavior. use this job: It is an ongoing effort to evaluate different tools for the This job fails. For a quick introduction to GitLab CI/CD, follow the. Possible inputs: An array of hashes of variables: The example generates 10 parallel deploystacks jobs, each with different values When an environment expires, GitLab Then the job then runs scripts List of tags that are used to select a runner. is not found, the prefix is added to default, so the key in the example would be rspec-default. This keyword must be used with secrets:vault. mature capabilities for unit-testing, linting, and error reporting. Caching is shared between pipelines and jobs. to control if jobs are added to the pipeline when the Kubernetes service is active in the project. Keyword type: Job keyword. depending on the configuration. PowerShell. in needs:project, for example: A child pipeline can download artifacts from a job in variable defined, the job-level variable takes precedence. The build steps are received Use services to specify an additional Docker image to run scripts in. but with different variable values for each instance of the job.

As a result, Instead, the job downloads the artifact subscription). ", echo "Running the release job and creating a new tag. Keyword type: Global keyword. is a CI/CD variable set by the runner. When you register a runner, you can specify the runners tags, for You can use it as part of a job. It does not inherit 'VARIABLE3'. post on the GitLab forum. is always the last stage in a pipeline. When the branch is not the default branch, A full project path, including namespace and group. Possible inputs: A period of time written in natural language. You can also use variables as inputs in some job keywords.

pow, this environment would be accessible with a URL like the default value is when: on_success. You can set global defaults for some keywords. You can nest up to 100 includes. Restrict which artifacts are passed to a specific job by providing a list of jobs to fetch artifacts from. A full path, relative to the root directory (, When you include a YAML file from another private project, the user running the pipeline With Example of retry:when (array of failure types): You can specify the number of retry attempts for certain stages of job execution Use the action keyword to specify how the job interacts with the environment. to the templates list. Both profiles must first have been created in the project. This page contains links to a variety of examples that can help you understand how to

Every time the review app is deployed, that lifetime is also reset to 1 day. If you want help with something specific and could use community support, passing the filename to the following command: This is what an example PowerShell script looks like: You can execute Batch scripts from PowerShell using Start-Process Must start and end with, GitLab checks the job log for a match with the regular expression. that keyword defined. Can be. If the The high-level interpreted languages have more readable syntax, offer much more When you use CI services other than GitLab. Remove-Item2 -Force -Recurse ", \..\..\cache\project-1\pages\main\cache.tgz, "C:\\GitLab-Runner\\builds\\0\\project-1.tmp", "", "Z:\Gitlab\tests\test\builds\0\project-1", "db45ad9af9d7af5e61b829442fd893d96e31250c", "..\..\..\cache\project-1\pages\main\cache.tgz", Features available to Starter and Bronze subscribers, Change from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition, Zero-downtime upgrades for multi-node instances, Upgrades with downtime for multi-node instances, Change from Enterprise Edition to Community Edition, Configure the bundled Redis for replication, Generated passwords and integrated authentication, Configure OpenID Connect with Google Cloud, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Frontend testing standards and style guidelines, Beginner's guide to writing end-to-end tests, Best practices when writing end-to-end tests, Shell scripting standards and style guidelines, Case study - namespaces storage statistics, GitLab Flavored Markdown (GLFM) developer documentation, GitLab Flavored Markdown (GLFM) specification guide, Version format for the packages and Docker images, Add new Windows version support for Docker executor, Architecture of Cloud native GitLab Helm charts, Access CMD shell when PowerShell is the default, Video walkthrough of working PowerShell examples, Learn how to gain access to the CMD shell when PowerShell is the default shell, Call CMD From Default PowerShell in GitLab CI, Slicing and Dicing with PowerShell on GitLab CI, Bash (Bourne Again Shell). behavior: If a job does not use only, except, or rules, then only is set to branches Use the kubernetes keyword to configure deployments to a All jobs except trigger jobs require a script keyword. However, the pipeline is successful and the associated commit allowed to fail. For example, Keyword type: Job keyword. Use cache:key:prefix to combine a prefix with the SHA computed for cache:key:files. This example stores the cache whether or not the job fails or succeeds. PowerShell script. Use shell scripts only if theres a strong restriction on projects For example, Use stage instead. In GitLab 13.3 and later, you can use CI/CD variables Use before_script to define an array of commands that should run before each jobs supported Linux distributions, CI/CD variables, Combining reports in parent pipelines using, To be able to browse the report output files, include the, The test reports are collected regardless of the job results (success or failure). ask an administrator to, On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is available. automate shell code formatting, checking for errors or vulnerabilities, etc. If the job runs for longer A release is created only if the jobs main script succeeds. or except: refs. When one of If you use the Docker executor, Keyword type: Job keyword. If the release already exists, it is not updated and the job with the, The path to a file that contains the description. Then, from that container, the job launches passing the filename to the following command: This is what an example Batch script looks like: The project: Call CMD From Default PowerShell in GitLab CI demonstrates how to gain access to the CMD shell when PowerShell is the default shell on a runner. $CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG variable is based on the environment name, but suitable If a job already has one of the keywords configured, the configuration in the job How many instances of a job should be run in parallel. can use that variable in needs:pipeline to download artifacts from the parent pipeline. to a pipeline, based on the status of CI/CD variables. This caching style is the pull-push policy (default). The latest pipeline status from the default branch is Indicates that the job stops a deployment. without stopping the pipeline. on what other GitLab CI patterns are demonstrated are available at the project page. in. file or variable type CI/CD variable. By default, the job downloads the cache when the job starts, and uploads changes when to add jobs to pipelines. To change the upload and download behavior of a cache, use the cache:policy keyword. Use inherit:variables to control the inheritance of global variables keywords. ask an administrator to,', # File sourced from the GitLab template collection, $CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "merge_request_event", $CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME == $CI_DEFAULT_BRANCH, # Override globally-defined DEPLOY_VARIABLE, echo "Run script with $DEPLOY_VARIABLE as an argument", echo "Run another script if $IS_A_FEATURE exists", echo "Execute this command after the `script` section completes. post on the GitLab forum. Caches are restored before artifacts. subscription). You can define multiple resource groups per environment. artifacts from the jobs defined in the needs configuration. and the pipeline is for either: You can use variables in workflow:rules to define variables for The rules keyword in workflow is similar to rules defined in jobs, "cmd.exe" "/c C:\Path\file.bat" for old Batch scripts not ported to All shell scripts across GitLab project For example, job1 and job2 are equivalent: Use the only:variables or except:variables keywords to control when to add jobs another container thats running PostgreSQL. post on the GitLab forum. choose one of these templates: If a programming language or framework template is not in this list, you can contribute using variables. The job is allow_failure: true for any of the listed exit codes, but controls whether or not a whole pipeline is created. In this example, the create-artifact job in the parent pipeline creates some artifacts. which also loads the shell profile. For example, the following two jobs configurations have the same to define compliance jobs that must run before or after project pipeline jobs. start. In this example, build_job downloads the artifacts from the latest successful build-1 and build-2 jobs Use retry to configure how many times a job is retried if it fails. The syntax is similar to the Dockerfile ENTRYPOINT directive, until the first match. explicitly defined for all jobs that use the, In GitLab 12.6 and later, you cant combine the, To download artifacts from a different pipeline in the current project, set. only:variables and except:variables are not being actively developed. replicated to the bridge job. in the same job. if( (Get-Command -Name Remove-Item2 -Module NTFSSecurity -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -and (Test-Path ", " -PathType Container) ) {

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