Above all snakes should be treated with respect, generally none of the aquatic species are poisonous nor do they inhabit high grass. While we try to arrange accommodations with en-suite bathrooms, this might not be possible on this particular trip on all days, especially in the high mountain. Those landscapes are connected by colourful meadows unrivalled in their biodiversity and intersected where crystal clear streams carved beautiful valleys that far from the cities are home to the highlanders (malisore) who defy the forces of nature since centuries. The Kosovarian town of Peja can be reached from Pristina, the country is connected by international trains to Macedonia (Skopje) and Serbia (Kraljevo). Average walking time per day is at 6-7h relatively high, those preferring shorter walks should adapt the route accordingly. These cookies do not store any personal information. The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of Balkan Natural Adventure and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union. We are briefly crossing the border to Montenegro, to return again in the Albanian side, walking on the side of a former military base. Accommodation in a traditional guesthouse in Vusanje and dinner. The hikes variation extends to the top of Mount Hajla, a beautiful crest on the border between Kosovo and Montenegro. We already have a huge library of pictures and more arrive every day with your help, the website should also include a board where people can exchange information. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In Albania and Kosovo permission is granted electronically and free of charge. At the moment there is no other way to address complaints, concerns or improvement suggestions other thanthe official Peaks of the Balkans website. Though you will climb four countries, it will be o[], Peaks of the Balkans August Open Date Join us on one of the most diverse walking trails in the world, the Peaks of the Balkans. Booking a self-guided tour with a company you win from the expertise of the company in finding the best trails, safer bookings, fewer headaches on the admin front, contact if you have an accident, and last but not the least you help the local economy. Doberdol is a village connected to the world only by small tracks, and it is not reachable by car. From Bor summit, follow the ridge north-west and head down from the saddle where Kolendarsko lake lies.

", Peaks of the Balkans 2022 Join us for a beautiful trek in the spectacular Peaks of the Balkans trail. Enjoy five days in the Peaks of the Balkans in a self-guided tour visiting top highlights of North Albania, Country:Albania |Duration: 5days Activity:Hiking | Difficulty: Moderate Availability:June October. Afternoon break near the Lake of Plav.

Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Not only the famous Albanian hospitality but also the much feared blood feud are closely related to the unwritten highland law code called kanun. In the next kilometers to Doberdol, the terrain is mainly flat and through the patches of the beech forest.

Picnic lunch in the way and overnight in Kosovo. Hotels and guesthouses are subject to availability. Allow at least two days to cover the 1200km distance to Montenegro. If you walk the whole Peaks of the Balkans route, especially outside mid-June to mid-September, be prepared to independently spend a night outside in the mountains (food and shelter). Only in Montenegro and on a limited base mountain rescue service exist. Check some offers from our partner companyBalkan Natural Adventure. The herds need to be protected from the very real danger of wolves and other wild animals, for this reason the Sharr shepherd dog is bred here. We only had a few spare hours read more between arriving by bus in Tirani from the north and grabbing our hire car to move on to Ohrid. The tour combines the amazing wild nature with the generosity of welcoming locals and Sheppards. Unfortunately there are always some black sheep, those are mostly taxi drivers which charge non-locals high prices or recruiters waiting at bus stations for unwary travellers to offer transfers and accommodation.

Country:Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Duration: 10days |Difficulty:Moderate Availability:June October, The third is the pricing. After the breakfast at the Guesthouse, the Gurnas Waterfall is the next attraction. *Hikers can now cross borders in theses mountains at unofficial crossing points, but they must get special permission in advance from the Border Authorities in the respective countries (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro). All starting points are accessible with public transport, in Montenegro and Kosovo the lines are served by coaches with a fixed timetable, in Albania shared minibuses (called furgon) operate similar to the Turkish dolmus without a fixed timetable but the option to jump on/off wherever you like. A complimentary private transfer will pick you up from Podgorica or Tirana airport and bring you to the valley of Theth. A border cross itinerary that pass through three countries. Wild animals are very timid as they are being hunted, you would be very lucky to see a wolf or bar though they still exist in bigger numbers. You can read his Mail on Sunday article here. Could it be a better place for a picnic lunch?

This part of the mountains is under strict protection, as they are also home to the glacial lakes of Sulbica plateau. Though we in this site offer a lot of information contacts for police change. Contact us in English via welcome@zbulo.org. These are the most southern Roman Catholics in Europe the Albanian Catholics have moved to these mountains to preserve their religion from the Ottoman rule. We suggest to cut the map in A4 tiles and to laminate them weatherproof. Picnic lunch and coffee break in a remote Bar. albania In 2007 mine clearing was officially completed and the track is free of them. This beautiful stretch will give you further insight into mountain life in Kosovo as you will pass several more villages along the way. Bread and locale produce like milk, yoghurt, cheese, honey and raki can be purchased from the shepherds or villages. We had a really wonderful day. From the crest, one can see the mountains extending through all three counties. We have tried to choose accommodations that offer friendly service, clean and comfortable rooms and local flavour. You will walk mostly on footpaths and mule paths. Apply at least two weeks in advance using the forms provided by each country. We will leave Tirana at 5:00 am to drive toward the Koman Lake when the ferry departs at 9:00 am to the other side of the lake, Fierza.

Most offer walking tours only in their respective country but lack cross border trips. Tirana is never, frankly, going to be a tourist hotspot, but for those with time to spare and looking to use it interestingly in Tirana I would warmly recommend Andi.

Meals as specified in the itinerary: dinner on Day 1; three meals on Days 2-8; breakfast and picnic lunch on Day 9; breakfast on Day 10.

e.g. Two nights in Doberdol, the most remote part of the trail Climbing Gjeravica the highest Peak of Kosovo Option to hike the highest Peak of Montenegro the Zla Kolata Taljanka the best view in the Peaks of the Balkans, Go to the booking page read the full itinerary. Read more. Before the tour, you can have a skype conversation with our destination manager who will brief you on the tour and let you know about all the trips details and specifics. Mountain bike tour in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, Ski touring Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, South: Hidden Valley Trek (spring & autumn), Peaks of the Balkans / Via Dinarica Border Crossing Permits, Shkodra, Albania: 90min drive from Mother Theresa International Airport near Tirana, 75min from Podgorica airport, transfer from here to Theth (3h drive) or with the Koman Ferry to Valbona, an interesting alternative is the Kelmend, Peja, Kosovo: 90min drive from Adem Jashari International Airport of Pristina, start your walk in the Rugova Canyon, 45min drive to village Reka e Allages, Plav, Montenegro: 4-5h driving time from Podgorica airport, Munich (Germany) Salzburg (Austria) Ljubljana (Slovenia) Zagreb (Croatia): many scenic stretches through Alps and along the Julian Alps, Zagreb (Croatia) Belgrade (Serbia): flat stretch, spend your time sightseeing Zagreb and take the night sleeper train. Overnight in Theht. We will provide you with GPS tracks for all possible routes, and you can call our 24/7 local assistance phone number anytime. Copyright 2022 The Natural Adventure Company. The police in Kosovo started to send patrols (2014) to exit points (Liqenat) to control applicants. Expect to meet snow on altitudes above 1800 meter until the end of June (especially northern facing slopes), in contrast water source in the karst areas can run dry as soon as August. Pay attention not to end up in an area without mobile phone coverage and exposed to weather conditions without having confirmed that hosting is available.

Due to the character of the trails walkers will arrive after their closing times and usually leave before they reopen.

We will face plenty of concrete Bunkers, the most common Albanian souvenir from the past. Height lines are difficult to read and accommodation noted where it doesnt exist, one trusts in the entrepreneurship of the local community. For walking the whole route three permits are required, each has to be obtained from the border police of the departing country. Free time in Shkoder and return in Tirana in the evening. The trail avoids the classic peaks of the Balkans trail as the situation in the mountains has changed since the trail was established. It is where they bring their cattle for 4-5 months per year. Payment peculiarities are described below. Next to the aforementioned hubs Tirana, Podgorica and Pristina, consider using Tivat (Montenegro), Dubrovnik (Croatia) or Corfu (Greece). The tour includes Gerbaja and Taljanka peak which according to many a hiker is the best view of the Accursed Mountains. The Lenght of Trail: 11.4 Km Elevation Gain: 570 m Elevation Loss: 750 m, After leaving the guesthouse, we walk for a cold and refreshing morning shower in the cold lake of Hrid Jezero, known also as the The Lake of Good Luck.

Even though it is not obvious meadows are owned by local families, they will happily accept and receive guests. This intense 11.2-kilometre hike offers some of the regions most breathtaking views, passing several glacial lakes. We continue our trip by entering the Montenegrian border and hiking for a few kilometers in the sides of Zla Kolata. The Peaks of the Balkans map of Huber can be purchased online, at local visitor information points and book stores, some hosts store it, too. Country:Albania & Montenegro Duration: 6days|Difficulty:Moderate Availability:June October. Standards vary, in Theth and Valbona, the points on the Peaks of the Balkans route which are most frequented by foreign travellers, one will find professional hosts and also ensuite double rooms. You will be welcomed to step as a visitor but leave as a Local!

Pay attention when walking across karstic sun-exposed rock fields or at the transition areas of forest. While the original route as described on the website might be the most efficient for those choosing to travel independently without transport and sleeping in a tent, it is not the most beautiful or best option for everybody else. This trip is available from June until September. From Slovenia the mountain range runs first parallel to the Adriatic coast south, upon reaching Albania turns inland and abruptly ends in the flatlands of Kosovo. Most of our guided tours last from 7 to 15 days. The self-guided tours can be organized independently, however during the process there will be some issues hard to be tackled by someone without experience. As remote those valleys may appear, they always been at the crossroads of nations, on caravan routes which are still in use travellers reached them and occupants such as Romans and Ottomans left their traces. We will arrange all formalities for you in this regard.

The Halo Trust based in Gjakova can supply more information and answer detailed questions http://www.halotrust.org/where-we-work/kosovo. One can choose between a myriad of different routings according to personal preferences. Andi and his sister showed tremendous knowledge, engagement and enthusiasm both in advance of, and during, our tour. Weather is best in July September.

how many people, preferred type of room (double bed or twin beds), specific requirements etc. The Lenght of Trail: 20 Km Elevation Gain: 1050 m Elevation Loss: 1100m. The day starts early, to continue further in this Via Dinarica itinerary. HIGHLIGHTS Gjeravica the highest peak in Kosovo surrounded by g[].

It is an epic walk along shepherd paths and footpaths winding through alpine scenery up to 2300m above the sea level, with a diversity of breathtaking landscapes, varying from green valleys to crystal-clear mountain lakes and rugged peaks.In case you would like to enrich your experience by joining an international group with an English-speaking local tour leader, you can check our guided itineraries here and here. The path passes along the craggiest part of the Accursed Mountains or Prokletije (Albanian Alps), which was a forbidden zone during the Communist era, so nature is entirely preserved. Also Jezerca, at 2694 meter the highest peak of the 600 kilometres long mountain chain, is located here.

Marks are rectangular flags colour coded white-red-white, red-white-red or circular with red rim and white filling, on few occasions you will also see the small metallic sign and stickers with the Peaks of the Balkans logo. Walk through untouched Accursed Mountains lying in three Balkan countries. Up-to-date travel advice on Albania is available here, on Kosovo here, and on Montenegro here. For your own safety you should make sure that your guide takes care of the necessary cross border permits. Pay attention as theres no indicator whether you are on the PoB or another route, the same standard is used on all paths. Trails are not sufficiently marked and bad weather can make orientation otherwise very difficult.

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