They are dependable and caring and naturally aware of how other people are feeling. I may not know everything an INTJ knows, or even know their strategies, but I would I think enjoy playing a game of Chess with one of them some day.

Its what I love to do. that the kitsune is the Trickster, in Japanese culture. Te-Si-Ne-Fi (ESTJ) Ni-Fe-Ti-Se (INFJ) You may also see them competing with the ESTP whether that be juggling knives, or freaking out other people by pretending to cut off their hands. Vampires can be very manipulative in their quest to get what they desire and have a way of luring people in. ISTJ the beauties and workings of Nature. (also done this).

Zoe Washburne from Firefly.

Due to the rising tension that the ENTP spots, they may make a sly comment which will start the ESFJ off on starting said competition even though few words are spoken about such a thing, that or a rant. The tertiary-Te monologue: I will employ the most straightforward method that exists in order to make my goal, dream or impulse come true.. INFP. They are commonly said to possess some form of magic or other I acknowledge the authority of the Te-doms, P.S. ESFP: Their ability to have fun without a care in the world, as well as their skills in performing arts. ENTPs who use Fe for manipulation. Si= introverted sensing. What is its worth? I honestly sometimes wish I had their level of energy. If so, where and whats your username? what is its use? The auxiliary-Se monologue: I want to go live out the experiences that I have determined to be the best or most enjoyable and see what happens as a result.. As an auxiliary function, Ni manifests as an understanding of how one ought to go about accomplishing his or her goals, based on a keen intuitive perception of how various courses of action are likely to unfold. The mature tertiary Fe user will search for a means of incorporating the needs of others into their personal plans and actions. Pass. Undines are the Elemental spirits of Water, they are beings of pure love and intuitive awareness.Being composed of only their natural element, Elementals can be quite As far as their concerned, they know all about the food maps, what foods work with other foods, and heaven forbid someone add in something theyre not used to yet into the mix. INFP: As cooks their food will highly vary in taste depending on their mood, if theyre in a bad mood the food will kinda be your typical normal home cooked meh meal. mere fantasy, while others suggest the writing was intended to be taken They will also know just what you need as that after party cure when youve finally become sober again that or they havent stopped with greasy food all night. Its what you enjoy. 14. As a Native American symbol of creation, the Thunderbird marks the

The reason why ghouls make for the perfect ISTP is due to their incredibly adaptive nature. Fairies are referred to as the duine sith People often seek their counsel when in need of a knowledgeable response. ESTJ - The SEDUCTRESS: an enchantress, she gets her way. She often has burning eyes of red dressed in green with 12. What type will you always follow for? of all elemental attributes. There are several Women in White in Supernatural and is notably the first creature the boys hunt in the very first episode of the series. are believed to be echoes of an ancient Gaelic pre-Christian pantheon. I for one do not mind that my mind is permanently etched in the clouds at least a part of it, I enjoy having a sense of wonder only certain other types will ever get. INFJ: What they make, needs to have meaning behind it, they dont enjoy making things just for the sake of making things, unless there is something behind it. Yes. The hunger is never satisfied and they are left always wanting more. This took a long time so feel free to just pick a couple: @neon-lake,@infablep, @princeofseleucid, and anyone else who wants it! The dominant-Si monologue:I prefer to plan the majority of my life around the traditional or tried-and-true methods of doing things, as they have proven to be the most reliable.. However, despite being associated with ancient deities of the earth, the They are Probably INFJ. When that happens, take a step back and think. Shes the girl with moxie. The changelings act based on how they believe children act, which makes them seem very robotic and almost eerie. 18. She is a wonderful listener, and a joy to have around, this heroine takes care of everyone. Do you just not get along with any type? Fearless, hes a daredevil, or an explorer. may have originally been the tutelary gods of forests and villages, and He doesnt buckle under to rules, or and he doesnt go along just to get along. What type are you most drawn to in fiction? The dominant-Te monologue: I will achieve my goal by any means necessary.. dragons were, and in some cultures still are, revered as representative Tortured, secretive, brooding, and unforgiving. various religions and cultures around the world. They are said to be the replacements for children who have been stolen by monsters. As a dominant function, Fi manifests as a moral compass that points its user toward the direction they ought to explore next, based on how they feel about the information at hand. Not really. I think I know someone of each type at least as an acquaintance but I dont think I know any INFJs or ESFPs very well. Never registered, only read. The inferior-Si monologue (prior to maturation): Out with the old, in with the new! Check out @princeofseleucid, a new MBTI/Enneagram blog!

In some cultures, they are also said to be capable of human speech. ENFJ: Their ability to love and care for all those around them, youre in a bad mood? the notions of feng, a male bird and huang, a female one, so according

Were you that dork who immediately typed all their friends? The inferior-Te monologue (prior to maturation): I have many goals I want to accomplish but often have trouble tangibly setting them into motion. ENFP: They saw this one thing done by this one guy or girl, on tv this one time, and/or their friend, thought it looked like fun and wanted to try it for themselves. 4. So here are all the possible stacks. Think Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins. become polite, kind, and helpful. Each witch that Supernatural has shown is always an alpha and they seem to always get what they want. together under the dragon label. Basic Building Blocks- The cognitive functions (basically how people function and work). Hes noble, tenacious, relentless, and he always sticks up for the underdog. Marry ISTJ (duh), Fuck ENTP, Kill INTJ (for the greater good) If you would fight me please contact me and tell me why, kthanks. If were doing Fiction then Walter Mitty, Charlie (The perks of being a wallflower), and Raven Queen (Throwing a female in the mix because I can! Please Im an INFP, I can get along with any type as long as they dont step on my freedom morals or values. ENFP, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, and ENTJ. ISFPs have a strong sense of right and wrong, and stick to a strict inner moral code. ISTJ: This type is your typical, traditional, recipe follower. Im good. Its not a secret - ESTP Honestly? As such they may try and make it as fun and strange as possible while also making it taste good, the weirder the better as far as theyre concerned, may or may not take note of some of the INFPs stranger creations for inspiration. It not only can solve them but enjoys it. As an inferior function, Fe originally manifests as the user being reluctant to dabble with or express emotional concerns, as the user cannot logically make sense of many of his or her own emotions and therefore doesnt feel confident in moderating them. They have the ability to see outside of their own world, and understand many different perspectives, much like the ENFP. ENTPs are very clever and have a way of getting themselves out of whatever trouble that they find themselves in. As Si matures, the user will find themselves steadily more able to determine when traditional methods are useful in accomplishing their goals and when they are not, and will begin to feel comfortable integrating tried-and-true methods into their experiences as they see fit. 15. Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, James Garner/Mel Gibson in Maverick, Don Johnson in Nash Bridges, Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy. Griffins were thought to be

It wants things to make sense, hence why it analyzes. ENFP: If there is something new and exciting to cook, you can be sure that the ENFP is going to be on the front lines to try it. They sometimes have a very unique sense of humor and like to play tricks on people, also like the ENFP. Si-Te-Fi-Ne (ISTJ)

I guess my firm belief that people can self-mistype is the only one people have ever gotten mad about. INFP: Their creativity and Imagination as an INFP this is a trait I admire in myself, as well as other INFPs I know. They enjoy spending time in nature and getting lost in their own worlds, much like the INFP. Adaptive in the sense that they could easily adjust to any person they take on. He might be a wanderer or an outcast. I dont consider that wasted time. to capture, except by a virgin, whose purity would allure them, often to This combination indicates

I also put a high regard in our sense of values and morals, which in a sense drives our action. cultures have varying stories about monsters that have been grouped One of the sweetest cooks out there whos food is probably going to make you fall all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside, with heavy spots of nostalgia all around. F*ck the system! The peculiar qualities common to men of genius are As a dominant function, Fe seeks to identify what is moral by identifying what those around them value, and then to enforce those values as a measure of keeping the peace in their external environment. 13. Now the Perceiving functions (P) are Ni, Ne, Si, Se

As a tertiary function, Te manifests as the ability to source whichever resources are necessary to make the users desire a reality. If were talking verbal once again ENTP, I just dont know what they have against me Even though its just the one. The banshee is seen as a

Basically everyone sometimes kind of annoys me though. I have a foot in both doors but given the choice- Im Ni all the way. What type do you secretly have a crush on? separation between the heavens and the earth. 17. First off: The online tests are not accurate. As an auxiliary function, Fe manifests as the urge to apply ones understanding of a given situation in a way that will satisfy the needs and desires of others. these spirits are said to gather around the mind of the dreamer, the The auxiliary-Ni monologue: How can I use my intuitive knowledge about how things are connected in order to achieve what I want?. Irish banshee is the Eevil or Aeibhell (meaning beautiful) or Eevin or Even stupid things that dont really matter, it enjoys playing with it. Theyre also extremely knowledgeable, wise, and magically powerful. Pretty much every myth and legend has already been confirmed. Dragons are often held to have major spiritual significance in You must have one J and one P. If you have a J Dom then you have a P aux and vice versa. They are both very affectionate and caring. Its random and brilliant and can sometimes annoy people. Its not good but it happens. ISTP Both Wizards and the INTP crave knowledge above all else. They will down to the letter follow the recipe to a T, often uncomfortable with those around them who are more free. Upon spotting ENTP who likely starts off various competition by word manipulation the ENFJ will likely shoot the ENTP several dirty glares, this was suppose to be a nice time of baking not one of chaos and havoc. Have you ever wasted your life on a typology forum? strength, military courage and leadership. as the people of peace. Once they have a goal in mind there is nothing that can stop them from achieving it. buried beneath. Hes physical and daring. It use the facts and observations and make them personal, then later it will use them to create ideas about the future through (Ne). 14. INTPs have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and like them, Wendigos have an unquenchable thirst for human flesh.

25. Also you cant have a J function and another J function in your top functions or have two P functions in your Dom and Aux function. Wendigos are also known to be a spirit that possess humans in order to convince them to eat human meat. treacherous and merciless. 24. At work, he likes cold, hard facts, thank you very much, but hes also honest and faithful, and wont let you down. In Indian art, male yakas are portrayed either as fearsome warriors or as portly, stout and dwarf-like. One idea not a bunch. Think William Shatner in Star Trek; Harrison Ford in Sabrina, or Marlon Brando in The Godfather. 17. If theyre poor (heaven forbid) they will know the best cost effective items to get for maximum taste. You mean the solitude creatures who are known to heal and help the pure of heart but kill the unpure? Now let me pass some around to the class. powerful spirit casting her spells as a queen of the fairies in South Technically the INFP only appears to be awake, so as to fool the teachers into believing that they are in fact asleep, and stuck in a distant dreamland elsewhere. Se-Fi-Te-Ni (ESFP) While Sis mind is in the past, Se is all about its five senses and what its experiencing right then and there. Fi is the exact opposite. I admire this, because it also motivates me to try and achieve my own dreams just a little harder each day. Not only that, but they much like the ENTJ will know how to make a profit from their own food should they so desire. 10. an ascended emblem of power and supreme chief among the Native pantheon of natural spirit energies. 17. 8. What type do you secretly have a crush on? 25. Ghouls are similar to shapeshifters, they can become whoever they want and alter appearance based on that. springs, wetlands and brooks. Much like ISFPs, ghosts can be very shy and desire to keep to themselves. It is never satisfied with one topic because with it everything seems to connect. ISTJ: Their insane organizational skills, knowledge of subjects, and sense of sarcasm, as well as their love of books. Theres the math of it, now for what it all means. Ni= introverted intuition, Hes bitter and volatile, a crushed idealist, but hes also charismatic and street smart. Think Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits, Peta Wilson in La Femme Nikita, Demi Moore in Ghost, Halle Barry in Monsters Ball. 11. derived from the Old Irish ben side. Now everyone uses four of these functions, or to be more precise, everyone uses one F function, one T function, one S function, and one N function. This is the person who besides inviting every single neighbor in a 2 block radius to house parties, is seen as the general cook of the family. Excitement, hes an adventure. forelegs of an eagle, including talons. I dont know how they have this energy, but it can be contagious. The line It tastes just like my mothers cooking probably originated from one of these types. Se= extroverted sensing, The more familiar native Nations of Um obviously I am the mom friend. He might have been born to lead, or perhaps he conquered his way to the top, but either way, hes tough, decisive, goal-oriented. or to be poisonous, such as in the Old English poem Beowulf. They will likely always try and go one step further, make an even better improvement, open up several food chains, make sure those food chains become better than other food chains, or at least competitive to other food chains, but why be competitive when you can rule over the best? Im an ENFP; you just try to resist my enthusiasm. Fe= extroverted feeling, I choose to believe in the ideal of duality, but Im biased. I am attracted to strong people, and nothing screams strong to me as much as an ENTJ. Which creature do you align with? As a dominant function, Se manifests as the desire to engage fully with the sensory aspects of ones environment, without any restraint or pause for analysis. For this reason, the wedding dresses worn by Chinese brides are Id physically fight an INTJ because Im pretty sure I could use inferior Se against them to devastating effect. 18.

greatest secrets revealed by God to mortals, perhaps suggesting that the The tertiary-Ti monologue: Where does this new hunch or piece of information Ive acquired fit in relation to what I already know to be true? They enjoy foods that are fast, fun, and easy to make, after all when youre always on the go, from one spot to another, the food will have to be as quick and spontaneous to make as you are. Thats this man. They are logical and wise beings, and often spend a lot of time inside their minds. They also don't try to kill the humans they use for blood. It deals with abstracts and possibilities; from one idea it can generate a million sneers and a thousand more ideas. also claims that the procedure for making the homunculus is one of the reputation of power and discernment, unicorns were believed impossible Because of these quick ideas they are great at brainstorming and throughly enjoy it. You know the typical manly type of food, so meat they enjoy all that juicy meat and bringing it to utter perfection. Hmmm as true to my INFPness, any type that has and follows a true sense of justice and morals to the best of their ability. As a dominant function, Ni manifests as a keen perception for the meaningful connections that exist between the thoughts, concepts, events and occurrences in the Ni-users environment. winchester mbti infj estj zombies zombiesruineverything proprofs
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