Protection from sexual abuse and exploitation (PSEA)remains a critical priority, particularly for women at risk. Meanwhile, the everomnipresent Covid-19 pandemic remains a threat. I'll give you a family, I'll give you an address. In 2015, when the war in Syria was reaching its zenith, some 390,000 asylum seekers crossed from Serbia into Hungary and ended up at Budapests Keleti railway station. Together they shepherded students from their Greek Catholic school to safety, a mission that took them several days. Orban then introduced a series of anti-immigration pushback laws, and refused an EU request to find homes for 1,294 refugees. Were prepared to take care of them, and well be able to rise to the challenge quickly and efficiently, he added. She now lives with her two sons of 4 and 14 years old with a family in Budapest. So this war has struck a chord in our heart, he told Al Jazeera in between phone calls. Volunteers register each person and organise onward transport. We have wifihere. Elderly residents of the town push forward with hot tea and meat sandwiches. Some people are in contact with their husbands and sons who are actually fighting in the war, so they are on video chat and messenger all day.. Beregsurany has a population of about 600 people, the majority of whom are elderly residents.

Thanks to a partnership with one of Hungarys telecom companies thatprovides free sim cards, refugees can make unlimited calls with their loved ones at home. We are glad that somebody is helpingthem, she says. To respond to the scale, pace and complexity of the situation, UNHCR has declared Hungary a Level 3Emergency, the highest possible designation. Were prepared to take care of them, and well be able to rise to the challenge quickly and efficiently, Orbn added. Syrian and Afgan refugees shout slogans and hold placards during a protest rally to demand to travel to Germany on September 2, 2015 outside the Keleti (East) railway station in Budapest. A lot of the kids being on the road for so long, they all picked up either some upper respiratory infections or gastro-intestinal flu. I am here, my son is here.".

Painting by Ukrainian artist Tanya Shymko who fled her hometown Kyiv after the Russian invasion of her country on 24 February 2022. Marta, a refugee from Zaparovhye, checking supplies in a storage room of a refugee shelter at 9, Madridi Street, Budapest, 1 April 2022. Today, the first pointof arrival in Budapest is the Kbnya fels station, some fivekilometreseast of the city centre. Overseeing this military-like effort is the towns mayor, Istvan Herka, a man with snow-white hair. The centre, nicknamed the "Madrid Road Refugee Hostel", isrun by the non-profit organisationMigration Aid. Courtesy Tanya Shymko, Instagram @tanyashymko. afghans arabs Budapest, 1 April 2022. Hungary, like Poland, has been accused of selective sympathy given its opposition to any European Union open-door policy that benefits those fleeing conflict, poverty and oppression from beyond the continent. Meanwhile, the police announced that two border crossings would be open for extended hours. This was one of the first things we tried to establish, says Eldi. In July 2016, Orbans nationalist government passed a law that legalised pushbacks the practice of pushing asylum seekers back across borders without due process. Daily newsletterReceive essential international news every morning, Keep up to date with international news by downloading the RFI app, Protestors rally in Hungarian capital in solidarity with Ukraine, Putins visit turns Tehran into 'the global capital of diplomacy', Facebook condemned in court for offensive posts about murdered French-Irish girl, UN warns of more frequent heatwaves into at least the second half of this century, Russia's Putin searches for allies in meeting with Iranian and Turkish leaders, Revamped version of Indias national emblem met with scorn and outrage, France hosts UAE leader in a bid to diversify energy supplies, Italy's embattled PM Draghi visits Algeria for gas talks, US judge reneged on promise in Roman Polanski sex case, transcript reveals, EU to tighten Moscow sanctions; Zelensky sacks security chiefs, India to gallop past China as worlds most populated country by 2023, Few policy breakthroughs at G20 meeting amid divisions over war in Ukraine, Snags afflict Indias early warning systems for natural disasters, Biden lands in Saudi Arabia, country he vowed to turn into 'pariah'. We knew immediately people were going to come through here, so we ran down and turned the heating on in the town hall and started to carry pots of tea to the border. Hungarian volunteers at a storage room in a shelter for Ukrainian refugees, 9, Madridi Street, Budapest, 1 April 2022. Eldi Mrton, a software engineer who runs the Migration Aid shelter at 9, Madridi Street in Budapest. Ko adds that hes tested some 70 people who were about to go to countries that require a certificate. But Flkel Rbert, an activist with the One Million for Free Ukraine Group, organisers of anti-Putin protests, plays it down. We offered the flat, then the sofas in the living room, then a neighbor who was about to refurbish his flat, which was empty, agreed to take in refugees and we put inflatable matrasses on the floor," Gulyassays. We started to chat and I found out that theywanted to flee and we offered them the flat.. Ukrainian refugees in a Migration Aid shelter watch a daily report sent by the mayor of Zaparozhye with radiation levels of the nuclear plant, Europe's largest, which faced occupation by the Russian army. After the war broke out, we received a reservation undera Ukranian name saying they would like to have a place to stay for one night, relates GulyasJanos, the CEO of a Budapest-based communications company. She is now waiting to get a visa for the UK.

Shelter for refugees from Ukraine in Budapest, run by the non-profit Migration Aid. This week, the number of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine is approaching the 5 million mark. In the main room, refugees sit at long tables behind computers, some of them in concentrated conversation. I do think we should help everyone, but I guess you dont realise how important that is until it arrives on your own front door.. Take them there'..

The group was picked up by a German charity who had driven 12 hours to take them back to the city of Munich. And thats beyond this little dormitory of ours, he says. She lives in the shelter with her 9-year-old son and now helps out with the volunteerswho process big stacks of nappies, instant noodles, biscuits, toilet paper and other basic necessities. The shelter is run by the Hungarian non-profit Migration Aid. I think both the population and the government realises that now we cannot repeat what we did in 2015 because now it is really time to help, Salat says. Our lives intersected all the time. "And the older people, on the other hand, would come to me with high blood pressure. While authorities and local communities have taken a welcoming stance to those fleeing hostilities in Ukraine, the high number of arrivals has strained existing capacities, making information provision and identification of vulnerable profiles more challenging in the context of a mass influx situation.

Since then, Salt has beenchauffeuring refugees from the border to refugee centres or to improvised halfway houses such asGulyas'flat. Im a little nervousbut ok. When news broke last week of Russian President Vladimir Putin starting a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, members of the community met in the town centre to plan for an expected influx of Ukrainian refugees. 2022 Copyright RFI - All rights reserved. There was an announcement that they need some people to volunteer, to get this place ready, says Eldi Mrton, a software developer. When we heard about the war, we prayed with our sisters for peace and it gave us comfort, said Blahoslovennio, who is in her early 20s. We ran into a full myriad of different illnesses, he says. Collection and help points have been established by authorities to provide assistance to those arriving to Hungary and inform on measures to apply for asylum and temporary protection.

Tanya's husband stayed behind in Kyiv making protective gear for soldiers and, after hiding for four days in an underground station that functioned as bomb shelter, she and her kids travelled by train. She has been at the town hall every day since last Thursday, making hundreds of meals and sorting thousands of donated items. Were doing everything we can, said Lukacsine Posze. Among the people arriving in Beregsurany were Maria Blahoslovennio and Maria Vseblaha, two nuns from the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. Beregsurany, Hungary Minibuses carrying people who have fled the war in Ukraine do not stop arriving in Beregsurany, a rural Hungarian town near the Ukrainian border. But Hungary hasnt always been this welcoming to foreigners who faced war in their country. But then, the government of Viktor Orban who won a record fourth term in officeon 3 April was quick to put in place harsh restrictions, refusing onward travel, closing off the border with high fences of barbed wire, and running patrols of some 3,000 border hunters to join 10,000 police tasked with keeping refugees out of the country. Admitting the government did issue anti-immigratoin laws, he says that people did help and support refugees from Syria, recalling that he himself went to the Budapest station to help out. We had to help in any way we could, and our community is rising to the challenge every day.. On 24 February, the sound of explosions joltedTanya Shymko and her family from their sleep in their flat in Kyiv. Two 18-year-old volunteers,Tth Miska and Balsz Fodor, who decided to volunteer after feeling"the impact of the war, help with the luggage and assign rooms in the upper floors.

Late on Thursday, EU interior ministers gave unanimous backing to a plan to grant temporary residency to Ukrainians fleeing the war. Shelters and reception centres have been launched across parts of the country where refugees arriving from Ukraine are referred to short-term accommodation in government-run facilities or with volunteer networks. For the Hungarians, the impact was immediate. Everything moves like clockwork. I came here and just kind of stuck around and now I managethe place.. There, police ask refugees to get out of the train, and they are bussed to temporary shelters, the largest being the one inBudapest's state-run Olympic Centre. Hungarian authorities face mounting anger from thousands of migrants who are unable to board trains to western European countries after the main Budapest station was closed. UNHCR and partners are present at border crossing points, help and collection points as well as in urban areas to provide information on rights and available services, identify vulnerable refugees and refer them to relevant services, and to monitor and reinforce reception conditions. [EPA-EFE/WOJTEK JARGILO POLAND OUT], Print Email Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Telegram. They said: do you have a car? I said: yes I do. They said: then do this driving work for us. Just months later, the flow of Syrian refugees into Hungary had come to a virtual standstill. The mayor of the town sends us daily reports about radiation levels, says Marta, showing her cell phone with messages in Cyrillic script.

Migration Aid shelter Budapest, 1 April 2022. Artist Tanya Shymko fled her native Kyiv after the war broke out. Tanya thought it wouldnt last long, maybe "a day or so" before she could go back home, but five weeks later, shes in Budapest with her two sons, Vlad, 4,and Sasha 14. We know these people who are fleeing. Since hostilities began on 24 February 2022in Ukraine, over 522,100refugeesarrived to Hungary directly from Ukraine or via third countries, the majority women and children as well as older people and those with disabilities. A lot of them look really depressed.". Beregsurany residents, who tend to support Hungarys anti-migrant policies, open their doors to growing numbers of Ukrainian asylum seekers. While many refugees move onto other European countries, some 5,915individuals have applied for temporary protection status in Hungary as of 23March. The moment one drops off a group at the town hall, another quickly takes its place. It was very scary, we took our children and some things, and went to my sister's house.. A high proportion of arrivals are also being recorded at Hungarys six border crossing points with Romania, whereat least 191,250people from Ukraine have transited through. The war is very close to Zaparozhe, and we are glad to be here. What can Europe learn from Orban's victory in Hungary's elections. 1 April 2022. From 21 March onwards, authorities decided to move the refugees away from Budapests main railway stations.

We advocate for effective and principled humanitarian action by all, for all. Most of them were Muslims, escaping, ironically, brutal urban bombardments that may have been carried out by Russian planes supporting Syrian strongman Bashir Al-Assad. Zarapozhye is home to Europes largest nuclear power plant, now under the control of Russian troops. On the second floor of the building is the practice of Benny Ko, a retired doctor from the state of Indiana, USA, who thought he could at leastdo a little something to help alleviatethe plight of the Ukrainians. A Hungarian police is patrolling the border between Hungary and Serbia, 2015. Hungarians from all walks of life jumped into action to help the people from Ukraine. 1 April 2022. RFI is not responsible for the content of external websites. Speaking to Al Jazeera on Thursday, he said it was his countrys ability to tell the difference between who is a migrant and who is a refugee that led to the eastern border staying open. Madridi Street. Their first portof entry arecountries that border western Ukraine. Inflatable mattresses in on of the rooms of the flat of Gulyas Janos, CEO of a communications company in Budapest, who provides free shelter for refugees from Ukraine. Smaller outlets,such as the four-story building at Madridi Street in Budapests 13th district,are run by volunteers. The European Court of Justice has ruled the move violated EU law. I think many people felt they should do something. Since Russias full-scale invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, this sleepy village has become a hive of activity as thousands of people sought safety from rockets and bombs. A fire was reported but radiation levels don't seem to have increased. Hundreds of Hungarian people were also there to provide some help for the poor people from Syria, he says. According to migration specialist Elzbieta Gozdziak, writing for the Brussels-based Migration Policy Institute, Orbans government called on voters to defend Christian values and Hungarian national identity in order to stop Hungary from becoming a breeding ground for terrorism. The content you requested does not exist or is not available anymore. They're all donations from Budapest shops and citizens. Ensuring that people of concern understand their rights, can access assistance, and can communicate any risks or report instances of SEA to humanitarian actors is crucial. Tth Miska, the 18-year-old volunteer, saysHungary and Ukraine have a "mutual history, whileSalat adds that more than100,000 Hungarians live in Ukraine. Further efforts are needed to reinforce communication and legal counselling to ensure those arriving are fully informed about procedures for applying for temporary protection and asylum, as well as the rights attached to different legal statuses. To cope with the stress caused by the war, Tanya, an artist, paints flowers in bright blue and yellow the colors of the Ukrainian flag. But overall, she feels fine. Overall more than 1.2 million people have crossed Ukraines western borders according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a number that is expected to grow in the coming days. Audience ratings certified by ACPM/OJD. We cant possiblytest everybody who comes in.. All along the 135km (84-mile) frontier, volunteers from across the country have travelled to the border region to help with the impressive humanitarian effort. They got those for a discounted price from a sympathetic camping shop. Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. From there, many people continue their arduous journey west, but not after a pitstop in refugee centres in Poland, Slovakia, Romania andMoldova. 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In the aftermath of todays military attack, unfortunately, we can expect an increase in the number of Ukrainian citizens arriving in Hungary who will probably request asylum, Orbn said Thursday, after a meeting of the national security cabinet. The Hungarian Defence Forces expect up to 600,000 refugees from Ukraine, and are ready to accept tens of thousands,Hungary Todayhas reported. They'resomething like relatives for us;they are the same people. Picture taken in front of the Battyhny tr metro station in Budapest, 2 April 2022. They were 12 and 17 years old and have been taken into shelter in Budapest, Hungarys capital. It's buzzing with activity. But requests kept coming in. Beregsurany is a stronghold of the Fidesz ruling party led by Orban, and the residents tend to fall in line with government policies on key issues such as migration. [Prime Minister Viktor] Orban did the right thing by keeping the border open. Orbncondemned Russias military actionsagainst Ukraine and said police and military would be deployed to the border as many Ukrainian refugees are expected. A group of refugees with heavy bags just arrived, looking exhausted. Ko practices in a small room lined with shelves full of Covid-19 test kits, band aids and medical equipment. On Thursday, many Ukrainians in the Transcarpathian region close to the border stormed shops and gas stations before setting out towards Hungary,Telexhas reported. I just went to the train station where refugees arrived en masse during the first days of the warand asked how I can help, says Salt Gergely, an academic who works as head of Chinese studies at the Pzmny Pter Catholic University in Budapest. One woman, Marta, is a refugee from Zarapozhye in easternUkraine. He felt backed by a referendum (for which turnoutwas 39 percent)rejectingBrussels' power to have the final say over the matter. And there are a lot of people in Ukraine that suffer more than us. However, it has not yet been revealed how they plan to accommodate the refugees. Refugees were convicted of illegal border crossing, held in detention, sent back or fined. Many are in need of urgent medical care, including persons with chronic illnesses and those with mental and physical disabilities. In the past few days, two unaccompanied minors arrived at the Beregsurany crossing, Imre Szabjan, the head of the emergency department at the Hungarian Charity Service Association of the Order of Malta, told Al Jazeera. Orban has previously said his people didnt want any migration and referred to those seeking help in the EU as Muslim invaders. Were here. She produced a series of paintings featuring flowers in the colors of Ukraine's flag. 1 April 2022. If they test positive, they have to be isolated. In one of the storage rooms upstairs, women gather together to sort out boxes filled with household supplies. Faith has an important role during times like this and there are priests across Ukraine to help people if they need it.. Earlier in the month, there were reports of a fire near the reactors.
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