Mind you that the road to Mgura is not paved. We have four centers that offer horse rides in the surrounding woods and sleigh trips during winter. There were not so many things to do apart from walking around this tiny and tranquil village to breathe in a healthy dose of fresh mountain air and discovering the shepherds hut, all while being accompanied by some of Mguras most adorable canine inhabitants. Weather will get much warmer next week and snow will be just, A true Art-Nouveau hidden gem, #Oradea is beautiful & welcoming any season and, arguably, one of the best Europea. An information board along the trail revealed the range of wildlife calling this mountain area home. We settled on the idea of arriving in Bucharest, immediately taking the three-hour train to Brasov, spending time seeing Bran Castle, and then hiking from Bran to the village of Mgura and spending time in the park. After consulting the map found in the cabin, I decided to aim for the Shelter 7 November, located on the mountain ridge. It is one of Romanias most popular national park with miles of trekking trails, thrilling mountain biking paths, and countless spots for rock climbing.

So, in summary, we spent about2.5 hours in the parkfrom getting out of the car to getting back in. (km, difficultly, time) that I will be able to plan out trip? The Piatra Craiului Mountains (German: Knigstein, Hungarian: Kirlyk-hegysg) are a mountain range in the Southern Carpathians in Romania. As an admitted fall foliage freak, I was in heaven. Some I cant name but others were common garden flowers that youd never think of being Wild. As we finally reached the starting point of the hike, I took one last chance to savor the refreshingly cold mountain water from the fountain before bidding farewell to this challenging and equally wonderful Piatra Craiului mountain. Discover More Tours around Piatra Craiului Mountains. Hi Dorit! The highest peak in this mountain range is merely around 2200 meters, relatively modest by Romanias standard. [2][3] The mountain range is located in Braov and Arge counties; it is included in the Piatra Craiului National Park, which covers an area of 14,766 hectares (60sqmi).[4]. Well, spare a thought for the guy sleeping in the shelter, exposed to the full force of nature. Tourism is one of the park administrations main management objectives. More information on each can be found in a map of the national park. To access the trail, we drove a few minutes to the Fountain Botorog, where we parked the car for free (oddly, we were not asked to pay to enter the park at any point). Instagram: visit.zarnesti The backdrop scenes filmed here for the movie, Caves, Meadows, Rocky steep walls, Spruce forests, Caving, Hiking, Horseback riding, Horse carriage / sled strolls, Rock climbing, Wildlife and bird watching, This week's #Romania pics: a last glimpse of winter. Based on my research and personal experience, Id definitely say that mid-October is your best bet. Your email address will not be published. Life is sleepy there and farms that seem to be taken out of a fairy tale are peppered across green hills. Although the parks visitor center is on 150 Toplita Street as per theirwebsite, we (accidentally) stopped at another tourist information center in the heart ofZrneti, locatedhere. We downloaded the map for Piatra Craiului before arriving. As for me, I was just enjoying my well deserved snack up there while congratulating myself for another peak bagged. We went in mid-October specifically October 13, 2018. TripAdvisor: Zarnesti Visitor Center The best view to enjoy today #fundata #romania #romanialandscape #descoperaromania #myromania #romaniamea #iloveromania #romaniapitoreasca #romaniateiubesc #romaniamagica #keydestination #vara #adventurelife #magicalmoments #touristspot #igtravels #adv, Vf. The trail turned very steep very soon. Surrounded by snow covered peaks, the little villages and farms seem straight out of a fairy tale. There are steep limestone walls, especially on the western slope, on the so-called western wall in Piatra Craiului. The Law 5/2000 enlarged this area to 148km2 (57sqmi). Lovely Greens Guide to Natural Soapmaking. Born and raised in Indonesia, bitten by the travel bug since moving to Europe. General Berthelot nr.

The gorges are a good place to see wallcreepers and alpine swifts, three-toed and white-backed woodpeckers and Ural owls in the forested areas. Thanks!!! We carried on further through the forest at the other end of the open field to finally reach the place where we would overnight, the wooden cabin of Cabana Curmtura. Id never seen it in the wild before and its mentioned in the books as a salt substitute. I gotta say that theyve got it ALL wrong.

There is also a detailed map of the park, also available in the 3D format, with the help of Google Earth. Lightning rattle the cabins countless times. After making it through the forest part, suddenly came an opening. The blue sky of the day was not a guarantee of a tranquil night. What helped us get back on track was the appMunii Notri, which has maps of several mountain regions in Romania. This picturesque mountainous region is my favorite in Romania, the country Ive called home since February 2018. Thankfully a steel cable was there to help me across, which I held onto with my dear life. Also, the tourist route is marked, and we also have Braille boards for visually impaired visitors., The Piatra Craiului National Park is home to numerous wild animals. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Browse ideas for growing a beautiful garden filled with useful plants, soapmaking ideas, and ways to create a natural plant-based home. From here, the national road DN 73 branches off to the road on Valea Dambovitei through Saticu de Jos and Saticu de Sus, from which several hiking routes lead to the western slope of the Southern Ridge. One of the reasons we wanted to visit Romania was to hike through some of the national forests wed read about in our Lonely Planet guide. I like that. At present, we have 42 marked mountain routes, whose maps can be also be downloaded in a GPS format on the phone. Or so I thought. We have a 10-minute documentary film, showing the entire process of making this kind of cheese. This post is dedicated to my leaf-peepers and chill hikers out there searching for some guidance (I literally Googled easy hike in Piatra Craiului National Park before visiting and didnt find many specifics, so hopefully this will help somebody out). In places patches of ice were still on the ground and if you shouted, your echo would sound through the hills. Bucharest (Traian Vuia) - www.otp-airport.ro/index.php Also, there is a unique trekking route in Romania, crossing the Piatra Craiului peak, which makes it well worth the effort.. Its funny to hear peoples thoughts on Transylvania: many people imagine it as the spooky land of Dracula, a region covered in a perpetual eerie mist and darkness. Stunning photos, and thanks the tidbits on flora and bears! Because of its proximity to large population centers, the Piatra Craiului national park can be easily reached. The small town ofZrneti doesnt seem to have much going on, so I wouldnt recommend staying there. After all, we were directly below the looming mountain. Youd be forgiven for thinking that this was Switzerland, but with a fraction of the price. Zrneti is the most important town for visiting the national park. The traditional villages of Magura, Pestera, Ciocanu, Sirnea, make for interesting starting points for the routes on the eastern slope and for getting in touch with the traditional Romanian way of life. Radio Romnia Internaional, str. We advise to get food and supplies in Zrneti before heading to the mountain or Mgura. Its gonna be quite a trek to our first stop, the mountain hut of Cabana Curmtura. Its name is translated as Kings' Rock[1] or The Rock of the Prince. For a weeks trip it ended up being the perfect way to see as much as we could and enjoy spending time outdoors. Some parts were downright dangerous, where hikers had to skim along a narrow path between a rocky wall and a precipitous drop. We scaled this truly unique Romanian mountain during our trip in Romania in late May. Were already discussing our second trip to the area and have also been encouraged to visit Bulgaria as well handy since our travel book covers both countries, Hello! High on a cliff face near the village of Petera are two cave openings. You can find all the information you need on the parks webpage, at www.pcrai.ro, a page that also has an English version. Such as pleasant feeling to lie down on the grassy field in front of the cabin or relaxing on one of the picnic tables outside while enjoying a heartwarming cup of herbal tea with a mountain view. Hiking and traversing the Piatra Craiului mountains, Scaling and zip-lining the Seven Ladders Canyon, Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) Low budget guide to camping sites and food supplies. All rights reserved. So much that the dog that strolled around the cabin earlier sought refuge inside the cabin, frightened. One slope was practically purple with the blossoms of Crocus. The park is relatively easy to walk and there are hiking markers that you can follow for each of the trails. The head of the Piatra Craiului National Park administration, Mircea Verghelet, recommends tourists to start their visit with the Parks Visiting Centre. The descent at the southern end leads into a karst landscape of deep gorges and pitted slopes where water penetrating the rock has carved a series of caves. Mircea Verghelet tells us more about it: We have a growing population of mountain goats, that have changed their behavior due to the fact that hunting is forbidden in the Piatra Craiului National Park. What is the route/trail you did in the park? However, the shape of this mountain is what makes it unique. Address: 12A, Dr.Tiberiu Sprchez Street, Zrneti, Braov county "Prpstiile Zrnetilor" gorge is one of the most visited sights in the massif. The two-day northsouth ridge trail is both challenging and rewarding.

Surely not long after a red dome appeared, the conspicuously looking Shelter 7 November perched on the narrow summit. The villages of Magura, Pestera, Ciocanu and Sirnea are starting points for hiking routes on the eastern slope. One has high ceilings and meanders about 100 metres into the hill. This tourist center looked legit it has the official logo of Romania tourism and offers info on a variety of activities, including but not limited to Piatra Craiului National Park, so this may be a good stop if youre interested in other activities in the region. In 2003 the external limits and internal zoning were created. My friend and I will be visiting the area this next weekend, and I wondered if you know the name of the trail you did? The two-day northsouth ridge trail is both challenging and rewarding. Nestled on a slope facing an open valley below with dense pine forest all around, it was quite a memorable place on a memorable setting. It was discovered that people had made this place their home between 10,000 to 30,000 years ago. Tickets can also be purchased via all mobile telephony networks, through SMS or directly on the National Parks webpage., In Zarnesti, we talked to Stefan Balogy, head of the National Center for Tourist Information and Promotion: We are trying to attract families to visit the area. There are grass lanes and dirt roads to walk on through the park but some of them are so eroded that they can really only be called trails. We have ticket machines at the parks main entrances, one in central Zarnesti, at the Post Office, where there is also a tourist information center, one at the park administration office and another one at the Plaiul Foii chalet. On either side of the narrow trail, there is a huge limestone rock formation. Thats the best thing about traveling off the beaten trackseeing real people and places. Mountain chalets We took a different route, going on a slight detour through the Prapastiile Zarnestiului gorge, an area popular with day hikers and mountain bikers. We even saw elderly people along the way! As of last year, we have started developing cyclotourism. To get to Mgura, the most convenient way is by private transportation since there is no public transport available. Coming out of nowhere, all hell broke loose. There are also two endemic species of spiders, 270 butterfly species, amphibians and reptiles, 110 bird species (50 listed in the Bern Convention and 6 in the Bonn Convention), 17 bat species, chamois and other large herbivores and also many large carnivores (wolves, brown bears, lynx) living in the national park. My love for finding use for wild plants and herbs started with these books. The area is a favorite with mountain climbers. A couple of hiking trails lead to the national park from Zrneti.

Just as the incredibly steep way up, time to navigate through the steep descend, trying not to lose my footing. Your email address will not be published. Its a popular place for hiking with a wide range of trails of varying difficulty. Liliecilor Cave is sometimes home to endangered bats (we didnt see any) but years ago the floor was excavated. The path to the top was relentlessly steep, where I at times had to scramble up the rocks. Copyright 1994 - 2022 by RomaniaTourism.com. We didnt see any other people or animals but we did spot the track of what we think was a wolf. From there we diverted off on a rougher track that took us straight up and through a narrow gorge. The mighty Piatra Craiului mountains is a mountain range in central Romania, located a stones throw away from the town of Bran with its worlds famous Draculas castle. Thanks to the app, we got reoriented and headed back toward the trail. Learn more about the Lovely Greens book and sign up for the FREE newsletter! Tel: +40368 003376 After a break and quick lunch at the hut, I set out to scale and conquer the rocky spiny peaks of Piatra Craiului. Blue sky and birds chirping welcomed us and accompanied our way back down. Zarnesti Tourist Info Center from ROMANIA writes: If you are planning for a hike in Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania, we recommend you to stop first in Zarnesti city. The first protection of this area started in 1938 when 4.4km2 (2sqmi) were declared as a "Nature Reserve". Mircea Verghelet: Practically, it is a museum of the massif, where tourists can get info on Piatra Craiului, on the flora and fauna species in the park, on local traditions, and even on how to prepare sheepskin cheese in fir tree bark, which is a traditional product in the area. It too was gorgeous. Trying to figure out it there will still be snow if I visit in early April, Hi Sarah, the pictures were taken about a week before I published this piece so that puts it about mid-April. The whole range is included in the national park Parcul Naional Piatra Craiului (Piatra Craiului National Park). Halmeag Horseridersinn Merlelor - www.merlelor.com/frame-eng/frameset_home.html, Sinca Noua Horseriding Center www.equus-silvania.com/en/indexe.htm, Fagaras Fortress - www.RomaniaTourism.com/Castles-Fortresses.html#Fagaras, Rasnov Fortress - www.RomaniaTourism.com/Castles-Fortresses.html#Rasnov, The medieval old town of Brasov - www.RomaniaTourism.com/Brasov.html, Bran, Cheia, Dambovicioara, Magura, Moeciu, Pestera, Podu Dambovitei, Satic, Sirnea, Zarnesti, Nearest airports located in: The highest elevation in the massif is the "Vrful La Om" at 2,238 metres (7,343ft). Oh my gosh. We crossed the stream that than through the gorge about half a dozen times before it met up with the park road again. Facebook: @visitzarnesti A bunch of other hikers were already occupying the top, and one person was sitting inside the shelter with his sleeping equipment, looking ready to spend the night up there. This was simply a place to seek relaxation and silence. Podu Dambovitei is the point of approach from the south. Train schedules: To check the latest train schedules for domestic routes please visit the website of the Romanian Railways: www.cfrcalatori.ro The site has complete information about domestic train schedules and fares. My next route would prove to be the most the exciting part, traversing the ridge. Take a first stop at the Tourist Information Center ( located in the city center next to the Bus station, 4 km away from the entrance in the Piatra Craiului National Park) for good information about hiking trails in the mountain, buy here a hiking map or try visiting the Piatra Craiului National Park Visiting Center (Also a Tourist Info), on the way to Plaiul Foii area, to learn more about the park. The next day we set out on a drier morning for a days walk around the area. It was quite alright and not too exposed they claimed. Web: www.PCrai.ro. Usually, tourists venturing to the alpine and subalpine area are sure to see mountain goats and, if they are lucky, even bears and wood grouses. Do you have recommendations where I can find good information and maps of the area? He tells us that todays destination is unique in Romania: It is a special area as compared to other massifs in our country, since it is the only one reaching a height of more than 2,000 meters, with limestone being the main rock. Instagram: visit.zarnesti Address: 12A, Dr.Tiberiu Sprchez Street, Zrneti, Braov county In response to our request for a relatively short hike, the woman at the visitor center recommended doing part of the blue-stripe trail.

(This post istitled an easy hike in Piatra Craiului National Park, after all). Well, it shouldnt have taken their word literally. Definitely not for the faint hearted nor those with shaky feet. Not gonna lie we briefly got lost at this point, lol. The really unique part of the blue-stripe trail is that it winds through a canyon. We got really lucky because this seemed like the PERFECT weekend for leaf-peeping. After traversing more than 1 km of the ridge, a path started to lead me back to the cabin. Also, paragliding and moto-paragliding, which we have also been offering lately, are becoming increasingly popular.. I hope you enjoy this easy hike inPiatra Craiului National Park! So I nearly whooped when I spotted Coltsfoot later in the day. Some 270 butterflies species, 110 birds species, 17 bats species, many large carnivores (wolfs, brown bears, lynx) can be observed in the park. Thank you for sharing your experience Candace! 60-64, sect. Required fields are marked *. The locals assured us that its rare to see one but even so. The drinks and food they served was perfect for after a long day of trekking. TripAdvisor: Zarnesti Visitor Center We present you with a total of 20 hiking trails around Piatra Craiului Mountains all youve got to do is pick your favorite and get going. If you are planning for a hike in Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania, we recommend you to stop first in Zarnesti city. Weekend in Gijon: Sip Cider, Stroll, & Swim. It wound down to a park service road that cut through high limestone cliff faces. Transylvania is actually a wonderland in the fall: reds, oranges, golds, and yellows stretch across the countryside as far as the eye can see. Enjoy your future trip :). In the national park area about 300 fungi species, 220 lichen species, 100 different mosses, 1100 species of superior plants (a third of the number of all plant species found in Romania), 50 Carpathians endemic species and also two endemic species for Piatra Craiului can be found. The park is about a three to four-hour drive from Bucharest (where I live) and less than a one-hour drive from Brasov. Higher still we climbed and eventually come out into grassy meadows dotted with wildflowers. For them we have several special routes of one to two hours, and also long routes that take 10 to 12 hours. This is also the most visited tourist attraction, due to the fact that it is easily accessible. The ridge is regarded as one of the most beautiful sites in the Carpathians. I felt like the weekend before would not have been as colorful and that the following weekend would start to be more bare. Once the forest cleared and we entered the village area, the postcard perfect view of neatly lined pine trees, rustic shepherds hut, and mountain chalets with immaculately trimmed lawn spread over green rolling hills greeted us from the distance. It was beautiful to read your words about your trip. Take a first stop at the Tourist Information Center ( located in the city center next to the Bus station, 4 km away from the entrance in the Piatra Craiului National Park) for good information about hiking trails in the mountain, buy here a hiking map or try visiting the Piatra Craiului National Park Visiting Center (Also a Tourist Info), on the way to Plaiul Foii area, to learn more about the park. Would you mind posting the exact route? The traditional villages Mgura, Petera, Ciocanu, and irnea are interesting starting points for the routes on the eastern slope and for getting in touch with the traditional Romanian way of life. Sheltering one of the largest biodiversity of wildlife in the country, the national park is home to about 300 fungi species, 220 lichen species, 100 different mosses, and 1100 species of superior plants (a third of the number of all plant species found in Romania). A big open green plain halfway through the mountain greeted tired hikers like us, with the rocky peaks visible in the distance. After following it for another half an hour it dwindled into a narrow track that wound up through the forest and into the mountains.

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