Three Posts Morganton Jute Table Runner. If your style is more boho, the You & Yours Macrame Table Runner is an easy way to bring that vibe to any table, any time of the year. Available in 12 colors ranging from muted to bright, you can dress it up with eye-catching placemats and or a bold centerpiece, or just leave it as-is for a more casual look. A long wooden bench or sofa placed on top of decomposed gravel creates a horrible mess (we know this all too well from personal experience), while a thin-legged wrought iron chair is apt to catch between decking or sink into soft soil. This table is modern and sculptural, perfect for apartment dwellers with a midcentury or Scandinavian-inspired sensibility. The Clayton Court set has subtle, decorative touches that add to its appeal. And after researching dozens of sofas and loveseats and lounging on several, we recommend Blu Dots Cache Sofa and Neighbors The Loveseat (which you can also buy as part of a larger set). For another option, World Market offers a similar product in gray and with drop leaves. If you can find it at a reasonable price (around $800), we think its a good option. So she knows what it takes for good outdoor furniture to survive in all kinds of weather. It comes in three sizes so it can dress up most rectangular-style tables, and affordable enough that you won't mind only using it a few weeks out of the year. We scoured the Internet to find the best table runners available online, assessing quality, style, andease of cleaning.

Just wipe it down with a damp cloth, soapy or notor pull out the hose for a tougher job. Keeping things compact without sacrificing style, this pretty option has elegant curves and a tasteful two-toned look. If you buy something from a Curbed link, Vox Media may earn a commission. But unfortunately both stock and pricing has remained inconsistent. And it doubles as a colander and serving dish.

The material is lightweight, stain- and UV-resistant, and exhibits exceptional tensile strength (which keeps the simulated strands tightly woven). Meanwhile, furniture designer Aaron Van Holland noted that acacias abundance makes it one of the more affordable options widely available. So if you dont mind a more-compact set, we think this is a good woven-resin all-weather set. This attractive eucalyptus set has a round table, rather than the square or rectangular kinds that seem more common in inexpensive hardwood tables of this size.

This table, measuring at about 28 inches wide, is perfect for folks who just need some surface area. The apparent strength and durability of this aluminum and plastic dining setoffering support up to 331 pounds per chairare offset by reports of improperly attached or loosened slats, possibly attributable to poor-quality screws.

Our initial research in 2016 rounded up 33 dining sets representing a promising balance of cost, features, and design. One of our dining set picks, the IKEA pplar, also comes as an alternative set, which includes a bench with two armchairs. If youre looking for something modern thats easy to move around: Cambridges Nova 7-Piece Rectangular Outdoor Dining Set is a modern, sleek, lightweight aluminum set. Some materialslike woodrequire annual maintenance to keep them looking good, while others can weather the elements for years without any upkeep. You and Yours Macrame Table Runner, The Best Macram Plant Hangers to Display Your Plants in Style, Best Crochet: We've updated our Privacy Policy, which will go in to effect on September 1, 2022. The two comfort-molded stools hang to conserve space.

If youd rather a table runner that lies completely flat, you can use a low-heat iron on the runner to smooth it out. He has been writing about home goods and solutions since 2006 for design-focused outlets like Apartment Therapy, Lonny, Metropolis, and Design Sponge, carrying with him several years of experience as an industrial designer.

Most pieces are treated with rust-resistant coatings, and our research found that few people experience any rust problems within the first few years of buying a new set.

The Loveseats polyester rope back provides some springy support when youre sitting down. Or it can be used as an extra layer on top of a tablecloth to set a formal holiday table, for example. Before choosing a table runner, make sure you measure your table and purchase accordingly. Lindsay Boyers is a writer and nutritionist based out of Massachusetts. One reason for resin wickers popularity is its easy upkeep. Sizes:16x108 inches|Material:Linen |Care: Machine washable. That depends on the length of your table. Start lightly to avoid excessive surface abrasion.

So to extend its life, keep your set in a shaded section of the yard, under an umbrella or shade sail. Eggcups help you become the kind of person who leisurely enjoys a soft-boiled egg for breakfast under the Italian sun. If your table is wide enough, and your table runner is narrow enough, you can set the table with a runner going down the middle that has enough clearance for placemats without overlapping. For outdoor seating areas, consider one (or several) standalone umbrellas with stands to provide shade. Sizes:14x72, 14x108 inches|Material:Jute |Care: Spot clean. A contemporary take on the classic picnic bench, this slat-style three-piece set in acacia wood is modestly sized and priced. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. While it looks dainty and delicate, its machine-washable and durable, so you can easily clean it without worry. Head right this way for dining room ideas you can steal from some of our favorite home tours. One dining set we testedthe Mercury Row Nikoletawas perfectly suited to the smooth surface of a concrete patio or a wood deck. Use code TAKENOTE to get the extra 15 percent off. And this setup can damage nearby garden or patio features as people move to and from the table.

Its not sold in stores, so we were unable to examine it in person. If you have a level, hard surface and like a midcentury modern aesthetic: Novogratzs Paulette Outdoor Table + Bench Set stands out for its midcentury-inspired design (plus the choice of four colorful accents), an easy-to-clean-and-maintain synthetic-wood surface, and powder-coated steel hairpin legs. Love the sleek rustic-industrial look? But its not as supportive as the Cache Sofas back. We also like Articles Latta Dining Table and Manna Dining Chairs, if you want a mix-and-match dining set. So its essential to decide on how many people youd like to regularly host (along with space constraints). Subscribe now for unlimited access. But remember, you can always mix and matchinterspersing chairs at the ends or on one side of a long table and adding a bench to the other. Linen runners are a casual yet statement-making addition to any table, and Williams Sonoma's Linen Double Hemstitch Table Runner creates the perfect friendly vibe. Saro Lifestyle Juneau Table Runner, Best Budget:

Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-Piece Patio Dining Set. Looking for other affordable furniture like sofas, coffee tables, and more? Its also durable and wears well, thanks to scratch- and weather-resistant finishes. If you want a no-fuss patio set, steel is a great choice. We made trips to Home Depot and IKEA to examine sets in person and witness how shoppers reacted to them in the stores. Our favorite, the Saro Lifestyle Juneau Table Runner, has an understated look, is machine-washable, and comes in six sizes. The Clayton Court set has a larger table than the other steel sets we considered.

We also like the chairs rounded-back look.

We originally saw this eucalyptus set on sale on for $480. If you often host larger groups, dining sets with bench seating offer more flexibility to comfortably fit six to eight people; we also think bench-style settings are inherently more fun and informally intimate, especially for kids. Sizes:16x54, 16x72, 16x90, 16x108, 16x120 inches|Material:Cotton |Care: Machine Washable. We independently review everything we recommend. With its powder-coated steel frame, this woven-rope chair feels built to last, and it comes in four earthy colors. Look for one that is as long as your table, with at least an extra foot of length so that the overhang drapes at least six inches on either end. Williams Sonoma Linen Double Hemstitch Table Runner, Dress up Your Table With the Best Linen Tablecloths, Best Modern:

*At the time of publishing, the price was $0.

Daniela Gorny is a supervising editor covering home goods, linens, and furniture at Wirecutter. our process. The legs of all the pieces you choose should work with the surface area where you plan to place your furniture. Consider contrasting materialslike metal furniture on a wood deckand colors or shapes that draw from your indoor decor. Outdoor lounge or conversation sets are fashioned after living room couches and sectionals. With a faux-cane-back design, Targets rust-resistant, finished-steel-frame outdoor dining set is subjectively more stylish than most outdoor dining sets in the sub-$1,000 price range. The following guidelines should help you narrow the options and avoid buyers remorse. The metal table is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and comes in a number of bright fun colors like the yellow shown above, plus orange, blue, red, and green.

To gain a better understanding of the balance between scale, accessibility, and intimacy within a patio setting (or any outdoor space), we recommend studying landscape designer Lauren Dunec Hoangs excellent photographic reference. You can usually find her walking her dog and exploring the hilly trails of Los Angeles. To find furniture with the right proportions and shapes, visualize how you want your outdoor area to lookas youd do with any interior room.

Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times. If you like the look and feel of wood, this acacia set is a stylish option at a fraction of the cost of higher-end teak models. However, several reviews mention that the wood seemed of low quality and easily warped and peeled, despite regular wood conditioning.

Slats pull out from the side of the table to keep the leaves folded out. It also comes in a teak armrest style (which has no side cushions, just a wider wooden armrest). Since then weve seen the price climb to over $600. This ultra-budget set from Walmart looks decent and comes with cushions. Just like resin wicker, any plastic resin is susceptible to becoming brittle and eventually breaking with excessive UV exposure. You can cover the hole in the Clayton Court table when youre not using a patio umbrella. If youre looking for something with the casual charm of a picnic bench: Hampton Bays Walnut Cove 5-Piece Steel Outdoor Patio Dining Set is a modern, steel dining set with a faux-wood look and four casual benches instead of chairs.

An apartment deck calls for something entirely different than what youd use on a capacious concrete patio. For something more budget-friendly, we recommend the Solino Home Linen Table Runner, which is made of durable linen and comes in 16 colors and nine sizes. The metal dining sets and sofa frames you encounter may be made of steel (bring along a magnet while shopping to check for steel-made parts), cast aluminum, or even stainless steel. To avoid bothersome (or even dangerous) setups, think about your furnitures feet and material, as well as the surface everything will sit on.

Blu Dots Cache Sofa and Armchair in Sunbrella Charcoal. Similarly, a roll of painters tape can prove quite handy for previewing the footprint of a patio dining set or sofa across its intended space. After hours of research and weeks of testing, we think Treasure Gardens Market Umbrella and Articles Paima Umbrella Base are the best patio umbrella and base.

Vifah Malibu Eco-Friendly 5-Piece Wood Outdoor Dining Set. Aaron and Claire Van Holland, furniture designers, House Van Holland (M.F.E.O. It may be budget-friendly, but the Solino Home Pure Linen Table Runner is anything but cheap. After making room for a sofa and place to sleep, it can be hard to squeeze in a proper place to have a meal or even entertain. IKEAs wood pplar Table and 4 Armchairs.

That included interviewing five landscape designers and a pair of furniture designers, as well as scouring hundreds of reviews for dining sets and outdoor lounge furniture. If you want a wicker set and dont mind a smaller table: Christopher Knights Home San Pico Outdoor Wicker 5-piece Dining Set has a round, 40-inch-diameter table, which felt a bit small for four people, compared with tables in other sets we looked at. This easy-care, machine-washable 100 percent pure linen table runner is handcrafted, so no two are alike.

And while it only comes in one size, you can cut it down to fit smaller tables without it unraveling or fraying (although doing so will void the warranty). ), interview, April 8, 2018, Calvin Abe, landscape architect, principal, MIG, phone interview, February 4, 2017, Andy Balderson, landscape designer, phone interview, February 5, 2017, Russ Cletta, landscape designer, phone interview, February 8, 2017, Maggie Lobl, landscape designer, phone interview, February 8, 2017, Naomi Sanders, landscape designer, email interview, February 5, 2017, Veronica Hoodless, sales associate, Fishbecks, Pasadena, California, interview, February 17, 2017, Jesse Mezger, manager, Patioworld, Pasadena, California, interview, February 17, 2017, Jesse Bawsel, manager, Armstrong Garden Centers, Pasadena, California, interview, February 17, 2017. The popularity of this modern answer to traditional wicker furniture has exploded in recent years, with slick, basket-like textures found everywhere from rooftop bars to beachfront resorts to suburban backyards. All of the designers we consulted cited teak as the gold standard of wood for outdoor furniture, noting a well-made teak piece could last for decades.

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